I Found An Awesome Gun In The Creek!

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While out exploring the other day in my kayak, I came across a gun case that had washed up on the muddy bank of the stream. It was heavy, and I was hoping it wasn't just full of mud, but was FULL OF GUN! 
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Shark Face
Secret black market dealing? The deal was cancelled so the guy threw it in the creek or fishermen were hunting for dangerous animals in the water
My dad has a gun case exactly like that one
Go down on the texas an Mexico boarder you'll find guns of all kinds. Might even find money.in bags.I found a nickel plated 44 mag.and a mac 10.
Elmer J Fapp
i also collect murder weapons.
you'd be surprised at what you can find wandering around Detroit's abandoned housing sections. at this point i have a woodsman's pal machete along with some weird satanists knife and a fully functional blued steel single chamber break action shotgun. can't wait till i find more things
Opeysan the van man
Cool find. You and i both know every comment about murder is a lol you're most likely correct about it falling off a kayak. No one would ditch a murder weapon in a closed case lol.
My guess is someone wife got pissed at them and chucked that and more of the guys stuff into the river. Seen it happen first hand with bran new power tools and ladders and yes his revolver from his work van. She would've ran the van into the river too if not for seawall lol.
Liked and sub.
Thanks for sharing
Silvia Lazaro
harry pot
In case you find a gun.
Chase Huckabee
Maybe it wasn't a murder weapon... Somebody could have been hunting and dropped it off there boat
cris pod
È giusto più grande di una pistola
Andre Smits
ditis popo
Wow this predicament looks very staged ,..he proudly knows every detail about the weapon I guaranty you.....lol :-)
Goaty McGoatface
Hey Chig, you said this is an over-under 22 over 20 gauge .. does that mean that it will also fire .22 caliber bullets from the "over" barrel? if so, that's really cool, and I want to get me one of those! Versatile!
Lei Hipolito
cool river find more treasure
Randy Hendrix
Only in America? Lol.. You forget there were two World wars in Europe. There's a hell if undiscovered shit
Mohamed Poling
Can you shot it
Either full of mud,.....or full of GUN. LMAO Nice find.
Anthony Martinez
This by all appearances seems to be not made up good find!
Matthew Mcmaster
I think he put it there
Extreme Monster Fish with Captain Scott Manning
Awesome Video !!!!! I just subscribed to your channel.....Check mine out and give me a sub...Thanks
Distorted Fate
Holy cow that's one heck of a find!
Holladay Bible Ministry
Wow!!! Had a dream about this.
Lester Laoagan
How sad that those items that do not belong to the waters are found in the river. It is excusable if those items are not intentionally thrown or dropped by accident but if they were intentional, those people who threw those things are irresponsible because they don't have regards to the environment & it causes water pollution.
How many bodies does that have on it
Dave Eden
yep somebody left there -for you too pick up!!
Hope you called local authorities and made sure it wasn't a stolen firearm. If it is the mere possession of it can cause you major headaches.
You would have reported that to the police, right? I was a juror in a murder trial, that was only possible because someone had reported a couple of rifles he had found. True, it wasn't in a creek, but still...
Mahyo Xa
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Mahyo Xa
Lisa Magnarelli
Thomas Margolis
Are the histrionics needed? Interesting finds.
could have been used in crime
I work a job that has me walking alongside a few creeks and lakes. Part of me wishes I could find stuff like this.
Cool Killer
In guessing it's stolen,aren't u suppose to report it to the police?
He's a real YouTube, he didn't cut it as he was opening the case in the beginning :/ 😂😂😂😂
Ting-Fu Chen
after clean , gun can use ???
Awesome, you are now the proud owner of a Murder Weapon with your fingerprints all over it....
Guns u find in river, pond or whatever probably got bodycount
Captain Billy
Kaleb Tanner
That is cool that you found a gun
Robert Arsenault
Did it clean up well enough to return to firing condition?
I don't watch you for like 3 months and your at 700k+
Bethan Smith
Ben Doggett
you're going to get charged for murder because of some gun you pick up in the river.
Faron Honest
the ol Awsome creek gun story
Armida Alcocer
this makes me happy but sad because i know that i will never find a gun or civil war items ☹
Amazing 101
Where are you at?
Edward White
I've found 2 guns in the past year.....turned them over to law enforcement, which, believe it or not, is THE LAW.
You cannot legally keep a firearm which is found. Sheriff told me I could claim a Ruger Semi-Auto Pistol I found if it was legal (not reported stolen) and if a registered owner could not be found. Owner did report it lost and it was returned to him. The other weapon I found, a semi-auto assault rifle, was stolen and used in a home invasion robbery. That being said, "Finders / Keepers" does not refer to firearms, unless you are looking to add a Felony to your record.
levi the gamer 2.0
wd40 it
Ali Amerءطبرربف
أنا أمير أعطني سلاح😶😶😶😠😠😠
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