I Found An Awesome Gun In The Creek!

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While out exploring the other day in my kayak, I came across a gun case that had washed up on the muddy bank of the stream. It was heavy, and I was hoping it wasn't just full of mud, but was FULL OF GUN! 
My gear:
Olympus TG 4  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Cressi Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Zookki GoPro  http://amzn.to/2eze2oM
Magnets  CMS  http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y

Cooper Buitenhuis
learn grammer
how this crab get inside sealed case?
I hope it doesnt explode in my face. Put's finger on the trigger :-)
Tanner 87
that could be a murder weapon
Aaron Thomas
Looks like it fell off of some hunter's four wheeler crossing the creek and has been washed further and further down the stream.
Masqueca Gada
I think the local police or the FBI would be very interested in some of your finds ! :)
Eric Harris
I like how libtards calling something dangerous found first off a murder weapon when i lose a Hair String is it probably a murdered persons left DNA ? theyre answers probably yes
Jd Stuart
probably a murder weapon why would it be in the middle of nowhere
gator 8
Livin in a van down by the river.Motivational guy.Chris Farley.. see ya chris
Will Boyd
Had a friend who's home was burglarized and guns stolen. The thief threw the guns in the local to creek to hide the evidence. According to the police, that's not uncommon.
Ahyaan Faizal Usman
is it real
kid vlogs
so cool 0:52
Ciara Sinclair
Jacob Greene
robert carey
seems a little fake to me especially when you say you find lots of guns just saying
Jerimiah Lambert
what do you do with the guns?
Jack Remkes
were did you find the gun i like it
Valentine Dupont
Research base independent ymdnmka cookie ease rest civilization transfer exclusive.
Dusty Dison
why do morons find the best stuff
Ender Skies
A day by the river in Brittan: "Ohh I found some coins and old buttons."

A day by the river in America: "I found a gun."

God bless the USA.
Jamie J
I think it's a gun
Kaleb Jones
He was dumb enough to keep it......That could be a murder weapon
ill be the first to say it hey dude thats my gun you got there xD
Merle Morrison
did you ever get this working?
Gen X Murse70
What's the update on this gun? Were you able to restore it?
Daniel Madden
first thing you do is pull the trigger just for fun!
Jurious !
Bad ass
great find ,well done...im glad you didn't pull the trigger before you checked
Jordan Medlin
That's a savage arms 20/22, I have one myself
Jaden Ainsworth
are u sure its not a murder weapon
Emily Hill
I was going to joke that only in 'Murica could this happen.....
Trenton Bushnell
I hope to god he gave it some tlc. I hate to see a gun in that condition just abandoned!
dj cool
I love your videos, I subscribed
cajundrummer boy
who calls craw fish a crawdad
diggin pooch
that is 1 of the coolest finds awsome see this is why i have subscribed watch and click like to every video you upload nice 1
I want that Shot Gun gimme that
Dom Hollinshead
It's a musket
Dom Hollinshead
There's a gun
Foster E
Full of mud or full of gun
Ken Karnes
Have you ever have had the Serial number ran by Law Enforcement? If not, you really should.... It would be interesting to see who it belonged too... It's not really worth anything otherwise
Michael Groome
Brandy wine creek?
Lanve Roxas
hey.thats awesome can i have it
Angelo Greenway
what if someone therew a bazooka loaded😁
Jay V
I've always wanted one of those 20 over .22 's
David S
This guy live in some warzone or gangland? Every video I ever see him post is of a gun he found lol 😂
Trentin Kelly
dude sick
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