I Found An Awesome Gun In The Creek!

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While out exploring the other day in my kayak, I came across a gun case that had washed up on the muddy bank of the stream. It was heavy, and I was hoping it wasn't just full of mud, but was FULL OF GUN! 
My gear:
Olympus TG 4  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Cressi Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Magnets  CMS  http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y

AcolyteOF Fire
i hope you told th authorities, they need to run the numbers on that thing
Anonymous 1
You find them all over..
Forrest Hayes
Yes, everyone is correct. All murders use break open combo guns for their murders, then put them in a case before tossing them into a creek.
Melissa Squarek
Give me one
Alexis Gorrell
what you founded was a Savage arms over under 22/20 that is worth money.
King Patato
I live in Greece
daniel reyna
this dude is going to go to jail for ten different Crimes that he didn't commit
Mr. Bass
only in my dreams can I find a gun in a creek...
a murder weapon.
is a SAVAGE superposed up 22 magnum caliber and down a 410 shotgun caliber
i lost this winchester while scuba diving back in '56. go ahead and keep it.
Don Dada 787
I hide that thing and couldn't find it.
Brian Jones
I don't think that gun was in the water for a very long time.Less that a year maybe.It was actualy in pretty good condition.very much salvageable.
Brian Jones
It appears that the hammer is in cocked position.
Brian Jones
Dude the hell with the gun.Why did you throw that craw dad AKA craw fish away?That's some good eating if you got enough.And this creek.If theres one there are more.
FIlemon SAlinas
It a gun omg
donald coxe
that's made by Savage. I have many over under savages in many different combinations 22/410..222/20ga..30-30/12 have etc.. that one's probably from 70s ..the older ones either had the break release on top and on the side .the trigger guard models were the newest type made..cool find though.you can always Google the serial number thru the fdle web sight and find out if it was ever reported stolen or not..
"only in murica can you pick guns out of a creek" thats a self aware murican right there.
Péter Lőrincz
Instead of helping to get rid of the evidence, you could just give it to the local police, and help investigations...
Lance Uppercut
I was excited just watching
Next time "Hurry up "!!!
The suspense was killing me.
I so wanted the case to be waterproof why the fuk would it not be lol
Dearnest crain
savage model 24 22/20ga
Cindy Reed
Finally found someone else that doesn't pronounce creek as "crick"
jack mama
Derpy Sarlacc
Did you ever restore this masterpiece? It looks to me like a savage model 24 in case you couldn't figure out the manufacturer.
clean that up and you have a usable Savage Model 24
Andre Klinge
have fun cleaning that.
Kelemen Bálint
How the fck
Can everyone please check out my first urbex edit i made it for my friends :) im gay
Have you ran the serial number to see if it was stolen?
.22/.410 , i had one as a young man . great gun . fun and cheap (back then) .
theres a fair chance that can be made to fire again . maybe .
oscar boutsou
Too rusted to be repaired ?
Alfonso Ramos
It was probably used to kill someone. Then they dumped the whole thing.
Dakota Willison
so, I'm watching this. and it's cool, you found a gun case. then I hear " I find guns all the time". "probably fell out if a canoe or boat and they couldn't find it. happens all the time." wtf? how irresponsible do you have to be? granted, in these situations I can't imagine the gun working or even being loaded, but if it was and a kid found it? I believe him to..
Jeff Campbell
It's a Savage 24 Survival Rifle
robert reed
the last thing you want is to be in posession of a murder weapon or stolen
Alejandra Lopez
Can you show your guns on a next video please
and did it work?
Dude keep on finding that great stuff! and Don't let the know it alls on here stop you. Most if not all of them have no clue what they are talking about. and Need to read up on Salvage LAWS! Before advising you. Have Fun Be and Stay safe. and Keep up the Great work.
Rjones04 Elite
YouTube logic

Every gun ever in water is totally a Murder weapon
Let's just go on and deal with reality
Samoht Eel
This makes me want to quit my job and just go anywhere and everywhere. find nowhere and make it my own.
sgt. Nickel
Just like xmas.
Timothy White
what did u do with it? did u clean it up and use it?
Timothy White
i have that exact same gun case
Maxi Surft
wehre are his
Roblox Armies
lucky his not black LOL
Johnson Publicoe
This gun killed Jimmy Hoffa. I have proof!!!
Urbex Denmark
Nice vid. Maybe you like to check-out my channel :-)
Cooper Buitenhuis
learn grammer
how this crab get inside sealed case?
I hope it doesnt explode in my face. Put's finger on the trigger :-)
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