I Found An Awesome Gun In The Creek!

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While out exploring the other day in my kayak, I came across a gun case that had washed up on the muddy bank of the stream. It was heavy, and I was hoping it wasn't just full of mud, but was FULL OF GUN! 
My gear:
Olympus TG 4  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Cressi Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Magnets  CMS  http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y

levi the gamer 2.0
wd40 it
Ali Amerءطبرربف
أنا أمير أعطني سلاح😶😶😶😠😠😠
what state does he do his exploring in? like where is he in this video?
Does anyone really believe he didn't put that gun there himself?....Please!😄
Why does everyone assume that a hunting shotgun found in the river is a murder weapon? This isn't the type of gun you would generally use to kill someone. It's made for small game. Add that to the fact that it was in a case, there is pretty much no doubt this fell off a boat. Now, if you were to find a handgun under a bridge, you can probably assume it was a murder weapon.
Wow, I guess those "tragic boating accidents" where conservatives lose their guns actually do occur occasionally in the real world.
Aussie Coin Hunter
How wicked is that and yes only in America
The flame 5609
Shrek shot some one and hid it in his swamp
Game Interviewer G.I.
Scotty Papa
No one uses an over under hunting rifle/20 gauge for a murder and leaves it in the case and thrown it in the river that's stupid lol they would want it destroyed
Zach Johnson
I love it, short and to the point
I guarantee you not only in America can you find a gun in a creek roflol.

America, always jerkin' itself off no matter what.
Is it legal to keep it?
Possible Tripy
You need to be careful cause that could lead to murder weapons..
BF3 forever Greene
Bet My Name Spooked You
Man just yeet the bug into the shadow realm
Dinhlu Luong
Hit the ground running
Bill Claussen
You lucky dog, er, chigger!!!
Kaydenc Coyne
Âu Trần Viết
Dennis Pfeifer
Apparently, someone was canoeing and flipped over. Probably going squirrel hunting somewhere down the creek somewhere that had limited access by auto. Nothing wrong with the firearm, just needs a good cleaning and re-blue rusted areas. Lucky find.
thanks for wiping off my prints.
reyes robledo
its America* pal not murica
David Berry
old stevens model 22 or Savage 24..cool rifle/shotguns..that prolly fell out of a boat or a canoe..
Frank Trinidad
you keep it ? is it legal ?

i have find an old WW2 german rifle... i was not authorised to keep it. even with all the paper-law-things, it was a no way. the city museum get it . i only got an "thanks" for have find it.

i guess my country is not the same as your :p
Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy
It was probably used to murder someone and then dumped in the river. Did you report it to police so they can check the serial number?
David G
highly doubt ts a murder weapon, considering its in a case.
Führer des Benutzers
Looks like a Stevens single shotgun. Not sure which model though.
tom fat ass
i don't believe u ....u put it there. ...
Tiffany Barnes
I subscribed
CFA Help
I'm pretty sure I have that same case. I want my gun back.
matt bennett
i have that exact gun, Savage over under 20G .22. hammer selector switch and swing gate on the but plate that holds a few extra shells. great gun
There will
Orestes Trivellas
I own that exact same rifle case.
Robert Brooks
Every day is Christmas for you 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅
this dude found that in a creek and decided ''hmm its time to touch it with my bare bands''
In Cognito
so you threw the gun in the river after your... argument...wheres the bodies?
obviously a discarded nude weapon
Sherry Lynn Hill
it is a for ten
Shouldn't you take it by the police first so that they can run the serial number? If it's a modern gun that is.
Josh Gray
Love the Video I like this one also. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCofYvgEyREaEpd-EFZzNTCA
AW- SkyTurk'ajm
adam silah buluyor ya way mk
ignorante e un fucile non una pistola e comunque correggi il titolo
It killed JFK!!! Just kidding. The CIA doesn't dump guns in a river...
Captain Howdy
it will clean up fine.
likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore
People do not throw guns away for nothing, they are expensive. You should have called the police, it could have been used in a crime.
las travesuras de orne y fabri vlogs
waaats ?????
like si vienes de doc tops
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