How To Buy Dip Underage!

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Jarred Goossen
My birthday is 5/25 to
Caleb Spurlock
im 13 and started dipping last year and my dude buys it for me
Owen Hannagan
Or online
Kaden Gherman
I need some of that
Outlaw Gaming
Hell im 14 started dipping Copenhagen wintergreen when I was 13
Sergio Magareno
I was drinking when I was 12 oops
steve messenger
We call it a sleave
William Owens
I started dippin at 10 years old. so open a can a put a mutha trucken pinch in. Copenhagen. I bought my self.
This is funny as fuck because I got fired from a job in high school for selling dip to a minor 😂😂😂😂
sonny monroe
Sucks that you have to be 21 to buy dip now I just turned 18😂
Barbara Pellerin
blood bone
"I'm not underage" wink
LaShay Sky
Good thing I know my Stores men... xD
Jordan Bartlett
R u a racist because I saw a lot of confederate flags in your intro
Jordan Barger
I felt something red in my neck after the intro
Dip really ain't that bad
Kasey Sims
Dip is bad for u
Unbudging Planet
I am only 13 and I dip Copenhagen but sometimes I pack skoal this helped man thanks
Brandon Amado
My baseball couch gave me dip when I was 15
Brandon Amado
Log is 10 and 5 is roll
mwitdaskillz gaming
Is he racist
Dennis Lorden
YFMB 520
i do dip for a while know starded about 3 years ago im 16 now
RamPage Remex
I dip and I'm 15
Shadow Reaper67
10 can is a silo 5 can is a log
Edgy Cuck M E M E S V1
Fuck niggers
Mr.DannyBoy 25
is this guy mexican?
I call it a log
If I attempt to buy could I get a ticket?
AP bassing
well i happen to live in CA
Dylan Nicks
Cops love this video
Thanks that worked! I just managed to buy a cheddar cheese nacho dip
Blake Little redneck boy
I'm 12 and I Ben diping for 7 years that's the real truth
Blake Little redneck boy
My berth day I'm may 11th
Levi Meeks
I start dipping when I was 7
Kyle Barn
That wall looks like you won a lifetime supply of cat food
Robert Whittaker
Sharon Truax
HotSauce GD
so how was your cousins pussy last night?
Dylan Pritchett
I was 14 when I started
callum williamon
I use to use my brothers id and it worked for nearly a year
XxXPsychoXxX xxx
I call them sleeves
Kanye West
Im 100% sure he voted for trump and hates all other races not are not white American
Weeboo SpongeBob
Ladies and gents , I think we found us the final product of 10 generations of incest.
Jaqai Banks
I wonder if he dislikes black people.
Kristian Blake
I started at 12 and I'm 14 I have friends that get it for me
What is dipping
Blake Limesand
Whys this recommended I don tip or smore or watch these videos
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