How To Buy Dip Underage!

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Malaki Young
Hay outlaw I’m 14 wanting you to send some dip to me in goodland kansas 223 East first street
XxsniperElite 15
Can you do a vid on all the different types of chew I'm only 16 and legally can't chew but anyways lots of first timers would love to know what to start out with and no don't say only skoal lol.
Eric Ace
I started when I was thirteen and still do to this day.
Harrison Murray
They are logs in North Carolina
Diana Carter
You can get mouth cancer
Diana Carter
You should not dip
Austin y
12 from 18 year olds
Adrian Thomas
Hunter Elizando
Gabe Mills
Son of a tit monkey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I️ almost fell off my seat when he said that
Gabriel Obrien
I callem sleeves
Nicholas s
do you ever get jugs of dip?
Mikey Holmes Jr.
We call them sleeves
Logan Rhodes
Thanks for the vid man I'm a 13 year old kid and it's hard for me to get dip
Zack Irvine
Wit a gimp u are

Barrels 4life
I dip and I'm a girl I do it with my bf
Lucky Clover
Been dipping since I was 16 now 17 turning 18 in February. I have two tumors 1 on my left kidney and one on my liver that could fatally burst Don't do underage dipping
helen mccoy
it is a log
Weston Kingston
I love your videos outlaw
Nate Parrish
You are suppose to be a rollmodel
I call em all logs
Just one question though. Why would we even need this shit?
cjw 853
We have the same bday
Vapor Aficionado
I went into my local gas station which I've gotten dip from multiple times without id finally carded me and this new employee said "sorry sir I cant sell you this without a valid id its my job" I said your a clerk at a fucking gas station. Not the head of security for the pentagon. Fuckin bitch.
Vapor Aficionado
Ayy rabs Lmfao
nate land
by how looking he should hit 775,000 subcribers tonight
Gavin Scott
14, and I’m 15 right now
garrettt guthrie
It's called a sleeve
sheep hurder
That gta5 camo overcoat thoπŸ˜‚
edgy_as_huck _
Anyone else use the ends of cigars as chew or grind it for snuff?
Tanner Freed
Awesome video
Jake Valis
I’m 19 but have to watch it again cause my state just rose tobacco age to 21?
Austin Hendrix
Packing that fat lip
JohnPaul Warren
I'm such a badass I'm dipping in school
grass man
no one important
i say rolls.
Mckenna Walley
I call em sleeves lol
R.I.P LA CAPONE Team 600
This guy 100 percent fucks his cousin
Jj Marshall
How many cans of dip is behind you
Zachary Stephens
14 my buddy got it for me
brian brown
I use to get my friends grandpa to buy me dip or buy a can off an older friend. I got my family to buy me alcohol. I drove my car before I got my license, because you don't need a license to own a car.
will brennan
I call them a log
Zane Thompson
My birthday is 5/25 too
Ryan Sawicki
Brezzo Nemo
Wtf is this
Eric Lehman
you are the epitome of white trash
Larkin Baker
Hey outlaw my birthday is may 24
Johnny Worst
i started when i was 14 and i dont dip i use snus cause im swedish and snus is much better
Sean Johnson
I mite try that
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