How To Buy Dip Underage!

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Trevor Landrum
i dont watch this kind of shit

why is it recommended to me
justin hall
Flying Grayson
How much more country can you get lmaooo
The Spade Greaser
I'm 14 and I dip 😂😂
thats how i smoked cigars when i was in high school lived in a small town that never carded at the corner gas station
Wonder how many people here vape and won't get cancer later on their lives
jack hollingshead
Um want it to look better have a shell pop out
bobby strack
Is it easier to buy dip underage if u go thru a drive thru instead of the counter?
Cody ******
Tristen Smith
This guy has an earthquake he's screwed
heh you americans must be 21 to dip? :D I'm from czech republic and you can get cigarrettes or alcohol or whatever when you are 18 :D actually in most stores they will sell it to you and don't even ask for id you just have to look old enough and that is everything you need :DD on and we can fuck at 15 :p :D
SCP-049 The Plague Doctor
dip is snuff
Raider Gamer
send me a can of Copenhagen
Nick O'Brien
Rip bandit
luc melanson
Actually everything he said here is true.
brotherhood_ mojave
I was brought here by a johnny rebel song

There's no god here
Elise Stephens
can you send me some dip
Elise Stephens
can you send me some dip
julian reyes
"they all speak different types of languages " LMAO yeah cuz there all indian hahahaha
cough...mouth cancer.
Anthony Styne
i tryed longhorn and i throw up but then i did it agean
Anthony Styne
13 me and my friend jake stole from his dad 😂😂
Jake Valis
2 is not needed. Every town has a sketchy place that won't card you. What I find is if your 17 and have license just show that. Chances are they won't check the date they'll just check that you have an id
lodoggamer 324
can all y'all subscribe to me
This guy looks like a Democrat voter
Riley Butcher
lol I could dip in school cause noone knows what the fuck it is
Stephen Stout
Evan Dyals
my birthday may 25
redneck Dipping
The store that me and my parents go to the cashiers there are very chill with us so if theres no one else in the store they just let me get it myself. I'm a little too young though (I'm 11 lol)
Tyler Roberts
Tommy perkins Bikevids
We call em logs
Cam Nelson
Molly is made with bath salts so technically they do store bath salts 😂👌
Jake Yaek
started driving at 13. this year. My dad game me the keys and said follow him. I followed him about 30 miles that day maybe 40.
Gunnar Starleaf
this was interesting...
Jack Schafer
I don't dip but I watched this to get cigs underage
Rayce Hockman
can I ged Copenhagen long cut Wintergreen please outlaw I got your hat today f**** what the f*** is a called f**** meet and greet today and it is July 8th 2017 so hope he came in at Wintergreen song the b** your biggest fan man
Shelby Brewer
I don't dip or ever plan to but I whatch outlaw bc he is hilarious 😂😂
im 12
steven Bridgers
he has way too much dip
Jacob Price
I call it a sleeve
owen bonson
I chew and I am 8
Dillon Babb
I say log
Rae Rants
he is so fucking redneck
Lethal Motion
2:12 its a roll!
Lethal Motion
Holy shit... look at all those tins !
Erik Jones
All steps work with beer and liquor too.
in germany we dont Dip. We Just smoke the shit
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