How To Buy Dip Underage!

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Carter Hinkle
He's like a retarded 8 year old
Do people dip for the same reason people vape?
Cindy Lamb
I was 8
Ian Alward
Same like bruh come on
Haha we just stand outside of the store and ask random people, if they say no we leave and come back in a few minutes. If we keep trying we can almost ALWAYS get a good ol can of dip
🔥 H.O.G 🔥
I keep rewatching this idk why
Op Gaming
I'm 12
Brown Ranch Customs
I turned 18 this week, so I went in to my local Stripes truck stop and asked for a can of Redseal straight. she didn't ask for my ID 😈😈. so that's now my dip stop
Franklin Nichols
my mom buys mine lol
Caleb Murphy
You are so awesome
Isaac Soto
Wot in tarnation
Marvin Barrera
deos this guy hate mexicans
Sam Builder
Am i the only one who thought "dip" was hummus or something like chip dip?
Christian Smith
Log is what I call it
ray vlogs
john bjarnhage
You are not supposed to spit every minute. You are supposed to swallow
Jake Brown
outlaw! my birthday is May 25!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets pack a lip together on the 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tested it and I puked. It didn't taste that bad but then I got nauseous
Nate Smith
How does he have all those cans
Tanner Houseman
how do you mail stuff to outlaw?
Back Woods Bowman
you have the same birthday as me
Vincent Herrington
gay af
Sammy Coca
Copenhagen wintergreen
Brian Throneberry
all those cans yet you still spit lol
Key Rieb
I started smoking when I was 13 and as of how I get it I had a friend who's dad smoked and it was prom and we left to smoke a hole carton and now I am still smoking
when i was 10 i walked into a truck stop and bought grizzly dip sry they were out of copenhagen and walked out it was good pls reply
tyler reynolds
this is dum
Bad Ass Bubba
i was born in 98!! 2 11 98 im almost 20 now.
Cherokee Dobbs
my b day is may 28
country boy 43
I sneak it with my fronds and smoke
country boy 43
a can you send me a can of peach skull
christopher werth
At our school we have a guy that's 18 and he buys dip for us for 10 bucks a can then every can afterward it's 5 bucks a can
Tylet Bingamon
I love dippin and I 16
Mikai Anderson
Kullen D
WTF is this
Zakary Bloyd
Michael Saad
I started dippin at 14, i'm 23 now.
Justin Singleteary
Austin Scott
I was 17 when I started dipping and I was very sneaky no one caught me
Daniel Howe
well damm that coupon would be good for me
Jeremiah Francis
i call it a log
Scott Benninghoff
My dad is a fire firefighter
michael clark
Breana Strickland
People in the 5th grade got caught with weed and went to juvenile
Micheai Bains
Gus Chapman
I was 12 when I started dipping. my friend was of age so he got it for me
Jorge Zuñiga
I started smoking cigs and drinking beer since I was 13 now I'm 16 and man I remember some good old times with that shit I got my cigs and beer by asking a homeless man or woman to buy me and my friends some beer or cigs and we gave him the money, after he gave us the cigs or beer we would give him change or even 10 dolars
Redneck Dipper291
Making the best vidja's on YouTube 👌🏻
Tayler Mayfield
Me and my older bro dip and I also smoke cigs, but fuckin Outlaw is fuckin funny and awesome. By the way I am 17 and my older bro is 18.
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