COCO Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

Mélissa-Anne Frigon
I can't wait for this movie to come out! I'm not mexican but it must be beautiful to see your culture expose in a movie!
Dragon Kirby
This was announced before book of life with a simular concept but different story

Can't wait to see
Sundae Icecream
Trump would not like this movie.... jk
Rosario berenice Hernandez zarate
quiero verla completa😜😜
peace hawk
Disney is taking concepts of others people movies.its wrong
Carol jimena Sánchez Vega
I'm so proud to be Mexican
Mandy Mariposa
Everybody is comparing the movie to Book of Life I wish there were hundreds of Mexican characters and movies to compare it to.
another movie of dead Mexicans

Excited af
Williamcat xD
like si te da pena lo que el perro sufrio solo por un hueso 😔
team coco brought me here.
Mexican culture is so nice, if makes me want to go there but Im sure I dont like Mexican food
maybe it was just the queso but I dunno..
John Chris 656
this is just like the book of life
Aguilarx Aguilarx
1:16 los elotes no se desperdician 😡🇲🇽
Since there's a movie about Mexicans now. How about Asians? I would love to see Pixar produce one about Asians.
Kempo Cornelius
I don't know why but i really don't like that the dead have googley eyes... maybe because i'm so used to the traditional Mexican style and art that have them without and more designs on the skulls but i kinda wish they went with that more.
Brenda Carretas
I liked to see Pedro Infante here jajaja <3
Adrian Collins
If only Disney were funny.
adeline schuyler
i've been in love with the latino culture since i fell in love with in the heights! I can't wait for this movie!!!
not surprised another stolen idea this time from the Book of Life
Sarah Craig
The Book of Life was pitched to Dreamworks, not Disney. DREAMWORKS. And Dreamworks rejected it. So TBOL ended up being made by different people entirely. Disney, on the other hand, got the idea on their own before The Book of Life was ever being pitched at all. The only thing I think is rather sketchy is that Pixar tried to trademark "Dia de los Muertos" (the day of the dead) which is such a shitty thing to do. I mean, could you imagine if someone tried to trademark "Christmas" in the same way? There'd be so many people throwing a fit about how it's an insult to Christians and Jesus. Meanwhile the day of the dead is somehow considered fair game to some people.... just because it's Mexican? I dunno man, that doesn't sit right with me. But at least the movie looks good.
Shannen Canton
isn't it kinda creepy how a human bone was kind of just lying around
Savyunicorngirlgamer Princess unicorn
Book of life!!!!!!!!!! Except now he's a little boy
Beary! Bearyyy!!
I have to watch this I'm going to Mexico today yay!!!
Nyrline Garcon
The dog reminds me of the little chipmunk in ice age. The one who's always chasing the nut.
Arcade Tjandra
In case anyone is wondering, that's Mexican hairless dog: Xoloitzcuintli. Glad they even put the small details.
Hannah Nimez
I'm getting Scrat the squirrel vibes from this dog 😂
Kat Nightengale
I feel sad that Mexico is being portrayed by this holiday
Com'n this isn't Book of Life. It is clearly Kubo lol.
poor dog!
Renzy Rob
I think that dog is familiar to me :/

Finding dory....... :/
the boy looks like marco from Star vs Forces of Evil o_o
Reminds me of eddy from lion king.
LPS Princess lover
its like the movie Book of life
I'm in love with the COCO
Isn't this the trailer that played in theatres?
Wolf Dragon
xoloitzcuintli yes mate
Hazel Tade
Is Dante a xolo?
Vishnu Vijayan
wowo ]
Squiggles Mcmuffin
Dogs don't eat bones.Disney,actually get something right for once.They chew them,or they would break their teeth
Yoshi Forever
I think ever since Inside Out they have a comeback

Inside Out- Awesome
The Good Dinosaur- Good
Finding Dory- Awesome
Cars 3- Possible As good as cars 1
Coco- Hell Yeah
The Increblies II- It better be good it's 10 years too late
Toy Story 4- Please don't end up like ice age
warning peta might not like this
2 things, goofy animal sidekicks, meh. and Im kinda put off by the skeleton designs.
some kind of "dog" with a luchadore mascara.... really? fuck this shit man LOL
Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman
lol .
P Grapefruit
Can't wait to watch, it looks so well animated
Astil Manuscript
Adiós elote :'c
sean carmody123
Why does the dog remind me of Gerald from finding dory
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