COCO Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

Would've been hilarious if the guitar broke
super dylan gamer 360
this is like book of Life
Roses should be blue
Anyone wonder ehy human bones were in the trash?
Francisco Gutiérrez
Pixar took the real sense of the "Día de los muertos" , Im rather impressive with this animation.
I dont think this movie Will be similar to the book of life.
Alex Bauer
this is funny.
Dragon Master EX
It's just like the book of life
TERESA abundez
pixar. llego a patzcuaro michoacan y tzintzuntzan
Ibrahim Legarreta
Disney change the name to something else coco seruisly conan O'Brian
the close up animation of the kid and Ernesto playing the guitar makes me nut 👌👌👌
Asriel And Chara
Asriel And Chara
And yet another Mexican themed movie in 2017
Marcos Arriola
The less lucrative film pixar
Magmaman_ Rosauro
Does anybody know how long is that dog's tongue?
Mayank Shukla
change the name , assholes. Conan is COCO
Super Andrew Gaming
Hows that possible 0:52
Oompa Loompa
that's when spooky scary skeleton knew, he fucked up
eos katherin vanska nazareth
this dog is a tipical dog of Perú .
Jhon Ven Rod
1:16 my life ended. 😭😔
yaint nibbas
Heard about Coco a while back with very low expectations for some reason. Seeing this trailer made me do a 180. It's fantastic!
Francesco Porro
What he is not hector The Spirit skeleton? 01:31
Gloria Samson
In the words of Mama Odie, "Oh, this gon' be good".
Are we not talking about the fact that the dog probably got his entire ass burned off?
Laura Usai
Can you people stop comparing it to The Book of Life? The ONLY similarities they have (please read Coco's plot) are Day of the Dead (i mean it takes during that time) and the music. Why is it so bad to have two Day of the Dead movies? Honestly???? If you people are getting mad about them having similar themes, aren't literally almost all of Disney's movies about princesses? (While Pixar is owned by Disney, they have separate ideas/films.) Can we just praise Pixar/Disney for becoming more diverse over time? Like with Big Hero 6, and Moana???? You need to chill and wait for the movie to come out. THEN criticize it. Stop comparing it, you know it's probably going to be good and make you cry.
Rafael Ortiz
Am in love with the coco
Dávid Lubianker
Never underestemate the power of the music of a Disney movie..
swagkitty 123
it's like the book of Life
The CuriousPanda
This is the result if The Book of Life (or whatever it's called), Paranormal and maybe ratatouille had a kid
that dia de los muertos short about that girl and her mom would've made a better movie...
that dia de los muertos short about that girl and her mom would've made a better movie...
a pixar movie... yep, that dog is gonna fucking die... >_>
This is the biggest fucking rip off of Book of life...
lanyia burgos bunny
the dog is so cute
Nils Robert Hughes 06A
Peps in Amerika god luck wathing it
Davos Umbra
what song at 2:00 ?
A Voice
is it me or did that Dog look like Donald Trump with the Banana on its head
Mexican Kubo?
Thomas Thas
Johhnn Cennnaa
ViVi Hearts
Donald trump sucks D
mixiecat 101
can't you do my little pony the movie 2017 trailer
Dude what the fuck don't drop the elote
Everyday Films
Who here thinks Donald trump is going to ban it in America because it's about Mexicans
David Miller
I think I'll like this better than the book of life
baltor 27
That dog is a xolo its a great dog i have two xolos They are amasing family dogs
That skeleton is creepy as fudge. Those eyes though.
Comic sans
NO theres already a movie about a kid with a magic gitar kobo
Terence Buyante
To all the dogs in disney i like that black dog hes lit as fuck!
BeautyByIndia 00
Aww that dog doe
David Chung
Forgive my immaturity but 4:20 LOL
Samuel Crane
Look, I've just been bored with movies about Mexico that is JUST about the day of the dead for the last century.
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