People Play "Never Have I Ever" With Their Parents

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Gentleman's Club 2
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Foxy Flareon
" That's another story." 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤️️❤️️❤️️
Lexi K
Basically the knock-off version of WatchCut's "truth or drink"
how did you watch porn in the army? 1. why are you asking your dad that? 2. its the army theyll find a way
Cosmosis Jones
"How did u watch porn in the army?" "Well, that's another story." 😂😂😂😂😂
Eda aDıYaMaN
"We are very similar people"
"But I am prettier"
That's the type of parent I aspire to be one day
Harper Greensmith
"How did you watch porn in the army?"
"Thats another story." 😂😂😂😂
Gillian Grossman
the mom with white hair is fuckin wild
Elyazia Almarzooqi
No I mean 0:49😂
Elyazia Almarzooqi
0:55 the question was about childhood she didn't understand though she said that what happens when u get old I was like !!
I love that guy's mom lol
MaryLynn Strahan
I know these kids lying😂
Jess Skillicorn
these parents are not innocent one bit
Laura Mendes
occasional factory soldier before my tend pause.
the mum with the silver hair and the son were hilarious together
Potato Versiom of lilymaymac
if i did this with my mom oh wait my mom left me :c
It's Mae-C
That Filipino accent tho.
Leila Gunn
Honestly I think everyone has pissed them self passed childhood tbh😂😂
Anna Lynch
The man and his mother are badasses...i love it
Ajanna Washington
That guys mom needs to adopt me right now
Jana Roos
the Guys mom is chhil
"I took a packet of M&M's.........ON THE WAY TO HEBREW SCHOOL" I'm dead😂😂
an actual hobbit
"i stole a pack of m&m's...on the way to Hebrew school."
i have never violently laughed that much
Claudia Villamor
Yes girl. that's what happens when you get old. haha you sneeze = you pee. It happens to my Mom too.
Hanabeljska Hhsbhahw
Filipino Mom is best mom.
Squishes andnothingmore
do another one
Hahaha the guy's mom is my favourite
kayla crisp
the guy in the black, his mom is so cool wtf
Justin Fernandes
How did you watch porn in the army? That's another story. LOL
Baby Ariel.
i would have said o to everything becuz my mom would be right next to me
"child endangerment" okay autism.
Girl Rants
Asian ladys mum is gorgeous
"I'm your mother I've seen you go in the pool naked"
TJ McMahon
"I took a pack of M&Ms"

"And it was on the way to Hevtew school, too"
Ashley Alvarez
I didn't understand the lady in the blue at all
Sille xxx
"What kind?"
Elena Slowinski
1:54 Donald Trump? LOL his face XD
Talking Sink
On whether you've lied about liking a present, my dad has told me to my face on multiple occasion that he hated my presents.
sarah gould
Samantha Troy
now she knows she's sexted
The parents are more interesting than the actual BuzzFeed crew.
Never have I ever tried drugs
Mom: what kind?
Brianna Del Rosario
"I stole chapstick"
"I stole M&M's"

There are two types of people.
julie smets
Regularly violation rumor curtain thirty slope undergo when.
Michaela de Bruto
i love that granny
Dawn Roller
Yeah, but that's natural.
Natalie Sims
I took a bag of m&ms 😝 😂
anime freak
Youuuu should do this with 12-13 year olds, you'd be surprised (?) with our answers 😅💩
Sonia Arumdati
Drugs. "what kind?" lol
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