People Play "Never Have I Ever" With Their Parents

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Gentleman's Club 2
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Made by BFMP

the Iron wolverine
I'm abought to trigger all of you
trump 2020
there are only 2 genders
ALL lives matter
the wage gap no longer exists.
come at me
the gay guy and his mom needs their own channel
The lady with the white hair so funny omg
how did you watch porn in the army? probably a peep show. Taxi Driver
Narjiss el hajji
I still wanna know about the time he watched porn when he was in the army
Grainne Daly
"what kind?" LMAO
Keith Rockel
"I was in the army" "how do you watch porn in the army?" "Now that's a different story" I almost died laughing
the mom with the glass PLEASE MARRY ME
Fernando Parra
that asian girl has peed her pants
Reena Lathrop
Guess what honey.. you gain weight, you have babies, you get older... you pee your pants a bit. I can't laugh, cough, or sneeze without peeing and I'm only 28.
Kastyn M.
I love drug mom... she's cool
Did they actually do drugs? Are they for real growing shrooms?
MalumsAngel `
כתוב לה מיכל על השרשרת חחחח
Lexi Ackerman
Daughter:"How do porn in the army?"

Dad:"Thats a another story."

I died XD
Felicia Lavendel
We are very similiar~
But im prettier~

"What kind? Recreation?"
"You definitely have to say 'I Have'."
My mom pees her pants laughing a lot now. Apparently having 4-10 lb babies bouncing off your bladder for months changes it forever. I can see how that would happen.
dylan vincent
i want that big guys mom
I love the mom that's like "what kind of drugs?"
Praxic Ice
Great job totally perfect you know I really loved ya but seriously just get leukemia.
Skelytun _
"How did you watch porn in the army?"
"Thats another story..." FLASHBACK INTSENSIFIES
Larisa Villalobos
We all agree that 2:23 is the best sentence we have all heard

I replayed this 7 times
Sophie Urey
"How did you watch porn in the army?" "That's another story" 😂😂
Eva Zsigmond
Rara B
0:33 The girl almost looks like Lisa from BlackPink....????
stephany martinez
Son: we're similar.
Mom:but I am prettier
Disneygirl 2104
That mom and her son. I'm dying she is such a savage😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
medicine is also a drug and I don't believe no one's not been sick
Hailey Rafferty
the peed pants past childhood one I was just thinking I've done it. that stuff happens as you get older... and as you have kids
Hannah From a Band
The woman with the short hair and blue flannel and her daughter look so Filipino :)
That guy's mom is so cool!
Paige Vorster
"how did you watch porn in the army?"
"thats another story"

RaNdoM WaTch
THAT COMMENT THOU 😂"I don't think people want to see my body "
The One And Only, Silver-Wolf
I have never watched porn
I have never been skinny dipping
I have never peed my pants past childhood
I have never lied about liking a present someone gave me
I have never tried drugs
I have never sexted
I have never given someone a fake phone number
I have never snuck out of the house
I have never shoplifted

I have never done anything interesting
ItzFlixx - Agario and More
This video shows that parents were more savage than their children when they were the same age.
I lie to Myself
the man and his mom are so cool
Asas Bades
When you have done most these things at 15 and your considered one of the good kids oops
"We're very similar people "
"But I'm prettier "
😂😂 I loooove her
Angela pumpkin
when the mom asked what kind of drugs.. 😂😂😂😂😂 I lost it
lmao, the mom with glasses, the best
omg this mothers rules
brandon yu
I stole a bunch of stuff and got away with it
Heidi Roberts
my favorite was the mother and son
Kirstine Kronborg Thomsen
That mom was judging him so hard for not going skinny dipping ahahha
Eric Taylor
Never have I ever clipped the toenails on my right foot.
who hasn't watched porn
Pisces_ life
more like child endangerment😂😂
Leafion //
old guy: I don't think people want to see my body naked

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