If the Dragon Egg Hatched in Minecraft - Part 1

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►PART 2: https://youtu.be/Rsz2xn6bykI
Have you ever wondered what is inside the Dragon egg in Minecraft? When you defeat the ender dragon, it leaves behind an egg... but it has never actually hatched. It's finally time to find out what really lies inside this mysterious egg with this short 2-part video series. Prepare to be surprised...

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Actors: luigieight, Mikey_MC, SgtBlockBuster, creeper321448

Pink sheep is here.. things are about to get weird

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Creselda Aragon
they use morph mod
Grayson Gailey
I think it is a huge ender dragon because I defeated it. And that pooffed.
energy craft
if you pause the video in 4:37 pink sheep has a triangle on his mustace #iluminaticonfirmed
If Pink Sheep lost his mustache
Lyana Belova
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Gabor Varga
If Pink sheep was ugly
Chris R
Filip Djordjevic
if Pink schep dies
StarAniceYT Trains, games and more irrelevant stuff
c'mon sheep, your not fat
Fernando Delcid
its a dagon anyway tell pink sheep that he fuck old doll last night
The Gamer Kid
wait a second, pink sheep can only count to 43. Then how can he know the number 600?
I can hatch the egg in Minecraft. Really, I can, in MCPE.
Who saw the Dragon Egg at 0:30 in the bottom of the office in the window?
Adrian Alvarado
If there were no players in Minecraft
If this hits 149 replies, I WILL JUMP ON A LAKE.
If pink sheep killed herobrine
Amos Ramkalawan
Sam Khosravi
Comment-strong as exploding TNT
Like-strong as pink sheep
Sub-strong as purple shep
jelly husky
if pink sheep had no mustace
Cheri Agharese Odeh
this is when purple shep hachedd from an ender egg
If pink sheep was a baby
john Oaker
0:24 You better sleep with one eye open, boy
Jennifer Yeager
if there was not a sign out
Ryan Roblox And More
You should do Dragon Egg vs 120k tnt
BlackLeg 13
The guy who punched the dragon egg looks like the hater wife
If everyone has unlimited iron
MeowMeowzGamez :3
Wait he said error he's a ROBOT!
and kids this is how this thing was born
SofiRebel Gaming
....1 year later....i was so dumb...
so....purple shep is 1 year and 2 month old
Gustavo Contreras
the ender dragon does hatch by killing it then put 4 end stars around the end portal made out of bed rock
Too_F4ST2010 And Friends
0:53 I almost thought our Legendary Prankster Gangster Died!!!
Logan Evans
The command block must be the rarest. Wow.
Ace Sabarillo
purple shep you suck
shikha pandey
If everything was poisrn
Aport Carlos
If exploding tnt has parents
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Sans The skeleton
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toy university
you do realize it does hach, right?
Gamers Kerenz
Purple shep
Bouncy Slime
lolololol im pink sheep lololololol
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Zefdog 227
Sean Parada
what if spears were added in minecraft
I think that pink sheep is a dude depending on how serious or joke-like this sheep is
Did I just find the origin of purple shep?
Under Text
1:56 XDDDDDDDDD lol ur sitting on it
pikachubella gamer
if there was only chesse
mike rhodes
oh no the tnt is going to blow
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