Lil SlushyCat
At number 5 the girl in the back didn't want to be shown in the picture she was shy
Ace animates
that girl got a samurai guardian angel luckkyy
Park Chanbaek
New Gen Music
im gay
Juan Villamia
4:16 Man! the ghost dabbed like a boss!
Mic The Gamer
1st it must have been a towel or a trash can 2nd those look like rocks 3rd it must been a doll 4th maybe she was wearing a coustume 5th I DONT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS
Valerie Montanez
I can't help but laugh at these "paranormal" photos where instead of centering themselves or the subject they were taking a picture of, the picture is taken in a way to make sure that this "paranormal" thing is able to be seen. The picture will either be off center or the people in the photo will make sure there's a gap in between them. I especially hate when someone says, "there was no one else there when we took this photo". I mean, really? You can hardly believe anything people say, especially on the internet, but I'm just supposed to believe you when you say there was no one else there?
So funny that all these foto's are noisey and grianey/distorted...
Johann Solmerano
In the first picture it is just a black towel that someone left or a t-shirt
Johann Solmerano
In the first picture it is just a black towel that someone left or a t-shirt
bing retiro
my country is the philippines
jean-jacques Ludot
creepiest thing is song
jean-jacques Ludot
2:43 not a gost, a normal person
jean-jacques Ludot
towel on the wall, not ghost
Exo Skillz1280
does anyone notice that other peace sign to the left on #5 that creepy yoooo
Iqbal Iqbal
i like it this scary videos alone at 2am in some were alone
kam. Junior
There is a man in the right corner video in 1:17
Lanz Motionless
4:10 "i am groot"
Uchiha Itachi
just me??
Uchiha Itachi
who else didn't find it scary at all?
So far, in the photo bomb pictures that I have seen, all of the original photo bombers are demons. They ruin photographs and are showing off. Now, people are copying this rudeness and arrogance. This would not have been acceptable for people to do a few decades ago, in the 70's. Things have changed a lot in the U.S. This country has gone from wonderful to stupid, rude and hateful. That is a specific fulfillment of prophecy. Watch out because His judgment of Modern Babylon is coming soon. It has been staved off because of the prayers of His people, but we can't do that forever. Consider today whom you will worship, God or money.
Sagnik Chakraborty
The first one was a black cloth hanging on a water tap or hanger type of something and was not a ghost.
Rencelle ORTIZ
God dammet
Rencelle ORTIZ
Arvie The Cockroaches
fuck you lang naggagawa nag
Nike Pro
The music makes the video more scarier.
Amy Andrews
I like trains. :3
sıqɐuuɐɔ :
Any ol bs picture is a ghost picture
__elbo0osh__ 47
It's 4 am wtf I'm doing to myself
Jagged Edge
#3 At least the ghost child is polite
Erick Chaser
WTF SCARY!!!!!😱😱😨
Gabriel Alaniz
wow, what are the the odds the photobomb one had a more scarier type of person there.
Wesley Leach
There's one over on the right looking at the water
Maira Khan
yes jin is real but is also a editing if the place is horror so why u visit
Please Kill Me
The innocent girl drowned in the river. Now she's called a demon?
Devadutt Sunil
Tracy Blake
you are the best
COCO _von_b
Ghost are spirits who dosent know that they died I have to call ur angle inside and say hi I have a ghost here can u plz pick her or him up ❤
Rainbow Mustachio
#5 Why Do People Take Photo In The Bathroom?
Jackie Zayco
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat its so scray i am not slepping tonight
ivy agustin
the 5 thats my school. is so creepy thats why there is a ghost in our school
[PH]TeeMax CnR
Arshiya Shaikh
who has checked their selfies after watching this?
kenianeboo baula
number 5 is a fucking hose
laksh elsa
I don't think it's true
why did i click this
Sean isaac Motas
pinalabas iyan sa misteryo
Laceyplayz Games
Who is talking
Landon Samaniego
Adrienne Yosef Peralta
Nice vid mAn
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