SCARY: Westjet Boeing 737 almost crashes into water @ St. Maarten

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Check for the whole story // Only a few feet missing and the Boeingjet from Toronto could have crashed into the water. A shocking moment for all of us at the sunset bar on Maho Beach, St. Maarten. The incident happened on 03/07/2017.

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Nathan Robert
do you think the gpws was screaming pull up? or is that when they have the gear retracted?
if it did crash everyone would just sit there and be like "oh my" "ohh myy gooedddd" "holy shit" and not do nothing XD
Aw Clement
that plane is a boeing 737 max if you see carefull the wingtip
Corey Fields
It's just a go-around. Happens more often than people realize. High winds, wanted to try the approach again. No big deal.
Aiming Gamer
I guess you could then call It wetjet
if you pause it and compare and look at the water you can see the down burst of air.
Stuart Hughes
that was a close call..
The CatMan 2000
Honestly, the plane had to be about 100 feet above that water. maybe 90 or 80. I honestly think they could've saved the first approach with a little pilot skill magic.
Tru Groovin's MASTER
If you ask me the pilot done a terrific job, there was still quite a bit of space between the plane and the water, which means the pilot recognized that shit was going south quick, and aborted landing, then it looks like he or she nailed #2 perfectly, that runway would have to bug you out just a little every time you approached and landed, Kudos to the crew !!! And no I'm not a pilot but I play one on TV.
It was without doubt wind shear!
Sir Lancelot
As a Pilot who has flown this approach - no excuses
Kenny G Choonit
The infamous 737 cross wind shear problems. Boeing make a new jet already.
Sentinel HDD
I feel like the pilot was trying to put on a show for the beach spotters and failed.
Must have sucked to be passengers
Voyages et simulations
Hooo Dawgehh
Howard B
why so much hate? many dislikes?
Mohit Lall
check out the date
hw cud it be 3 july 2017
Randip Singh
it says this happened on 03.07.2017. we are not even there yet.
Keith Bramstedt
I don't think that's a 737. It looks like a 757.
MudPuddle and GamerBlitz
That's how low planes at that airport usually go -_-
sail cryer
Entertaining reading all the comments- pilots and wannabe pilots all getting so passionate. Bottom line- they almost stuck it in the drink a long way from threshold. Who cares what was actually going on in that cockpit!!! Bet they embellished the story to the chicks at the bar that night to get their tackle wet. Awesome Vid!
Ba Tak An
Pilot was about to amaze people on the ground. heyy. its st.maarten right?
oh we have scolded them. go around!
Kane Brady
This is an everyday scenario at almost every airport on the planet.
Good editing. Love the side by side. I need to spend some time learning how to do editing like this.
Microburst, and that is very dangerous
LasVegas Aviation21
Alejandro Berrios
Mal ejecutada la senda de planeo primero , y después fue correcto..
arvid gunardi
i had 3 failed landing attempt once, then it landed on an alternate nearby airport. that left me a traumatic experience ever since.
Dodoria Subenga
you all saying it's was just a go around.That's just because they didn't really crashed.
It was late and very low.
Ayf Loo
Holy sheet
Steve Wil
first one is me on flight simulator x
Absolutely incredible flight under "minimum'
seems the pilots has a "steel eggs" :)
The plane is not in take off configuration
Summiya Ali
Baby shark
i n
the plane can still land. a bit power up and land
A Person
lots of work all the way to roll out.

Ajax Airlines The Proud Bird With The Cast Iron Tail !
guess that me when trying to land a 747-400 at fsx
Captain: Actually fuck this.
Tony Pops
Plane was most definately in toga mode already the cfm 56 engines spool up fast but not that fast.....
Just Another Arrogant Internet User
Don't worry guys, everyone here is clearly an expert pilot....
Cito Browne
That first approach looked like the approach that KLM Boeing 747 did at st Maarten a couple of years ago
Kyle Rider
That's what go around are for. And in the first approach the weather was way worse so that's probably why they were having a little trouble. Good job pilots
Franklin Holbrook
WINDS were bad
Dear God...that's a standard approach to minimums...nothing dramatic about this whatsoever.
Wilson Encinas
Alguien que hable español me puede explicar el video??? Porfavor
Clorox Bleach
When you have auto land on.
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