SCARY: Westjet Boeing 737 almost crashes into water @ St. Maarten

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Check for the whole story // Only a few feet missing and the Boeingjet from Toronto could have crashed into the water. A shocking moment for all of us at the sunset bar on Maho Beach, St. Maarten. The incident happened on 03/07/2017.

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Commander Xorph
He must've taken Elsa's advice and Let It Go ...sometimes ya gotta just be procedural and vigilant instead.
A.C. love
He just wanted to show that livery, more. Frozen?.. Have'nt seen the film..
One of the trickiest airports in the world, not enough info - click bait.
Kushal Dave
god save that plane
Wade Higgins
we have so many pilots here.
Kieran Taylor
should have done a crosswind landing
Tigershark Airlines
Guy Genbrugge
On the site "flight awayr" they told the media that they(the westjetplane) was coming through a very cloudy passing and was surprised by the hight they were on at that moment!!!!Due to heavy wind spells not surprised!Where are all the warnings when something is happening at that moment?Scary isn't it?
Zadore Z.
Juan Sánchez Contreras
Estuvo cerca, muy cerca.
For sure the pilots must have seen from the PAPI:s, that they are approaching too low. The turbulent wind may have caused that, and go around is then standard operation I suppose? Was it really close call, who knows, but at least it doesn't look like one.
Roger Villa Real
que alguien traduzca por favor, no entendí nada
Rob H
lmao, thats nothing....just search youtube for some of the landings there.
Luca Giamei
my original theory as to why it was so low was a mucroburst but thinking back it's impossible...
Gazzani Silva
Wowww...looks like windshear indeed! Scary moments there! Great video! Liked! Greetz
John Pierre LeBlanc
Oh, please. That was a routine go-around. You obviously know f***-all about aviation.
Doug Hanchard
This approach is textbook. IFR procedures, breakout of clouds, windshear, go around.

It is possible they did not line up to the outer marker at the appropriate altitude, but I doubt it.

SXM requires a low approach in the first place.
Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos
Go arounds are normal, but this airplane was well below the minimum descent altitude required for this approach.
Wow look all of these pilots in the YouTube comments.
Kevin Lester
doesnt look like they almost ceashed. misleading
CJets Aviation & Spotting
I have been on that plane before
David Hunter
Roman Mazur
This is normal approaching on this runway.
OhJaniceWhyOhWhy Williams
0:49 the plane casts a shadow on top of the water.....that is low.
Ay hombre
nothing wrong with a go around!
Foi por pouco, hein? rs
OMG... NOOOO... Oh, well. Wasn't even close. Few feet... Try few hundred feet.
Douglas Ulyate
TNCM needs to get an ILS, or failing that, an RNAV approach. However, kudos to the pilots here, they did what they were trained to do. Go-arounds are really not that unusual, and it was the right thing to to here under the circumstances.
Gergely Szabó
That's far from crash.
Goro Majima
The pilot must have gotten scolded so hard by Bitching Betty, Pull up!! Pull up!! I said PULL UP YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!
Joe Devine
How is that an Incident? The approach became unstable, and its parameters were exceeded, so the crew performed the mandatory go around.
I came here to see pilots argue about what went wrong.
Stig Stigler
What a whiny title. "Almost crashes". Just want some views eh?
not impressed
Joe Dufour
Let the internet experts have their say!
Donnell Robinson
Pilot flew the hell out of that Jet! Awesome skills! 🙏🏽⚔️
K Louden
i like my planes, like i like my women...both with tight cockpits...insert lulz here
Chris Connor
I really like this video and discussion but one thing no one is talking about is the ENTIRE PROCEDURE: A missed instrument approach on RWY9 with hold pattern which is clearly diagrammed in the radar chart at the beginning of video. I've never flown anything even close to as technical as a 737 but it is apparent this is a computer flown approach and hold but it is the pilot's discretion to go missed. Altogether, this is what instrument flying is all about, making good, timely decisions. No one knows what happened when the pilot popped out of the clouds and was approaching MDA. I don't know if there is CAT I, II or III at this airport, and everything happens very fast. This ended well and everyone learned.
Pilot: "Did you see her Mike, the hot one in the Pink Bikini!!" Copilot: "Damn, you're right, she's hot bro!! Let's find her tonight at the hotel!" Pilot: "Hellz Yeah!" Pilot: "Ok, better go around!"
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whoops, did we forget to adjust our altimeter setting?
Peter Fan
But did you die?.jpg
Elizabeth Augusta
I was born and live in St.Maarten..... that is an completely normal approach. they have to come in low to make the runway.
Good reaction from pilots
Nat Turner
it's possible the pilots were not familiar with landing approach procedures for Maho Beach which can be quite challenging!the first approach was obviously too low for that far out!
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