SCARY: Westjet Boeing 737 almost crashes into water @ St. Maarten

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Check for the whole story // Only a few feet missing and the Boeingjet from Toronto could have crashed into the water. A shocking moment for all of us at the sunset bar on Maho Beach, St. Maarten. The incident happened on 03/07/2017.

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Mrs. Phyllis Stephens
OP...Who posted this bullshit. You are an Idiot. Fucking Retard Idiot. This is a normal landing at this airport..before you waste you life away by posting bullshit CLICK BAIT BULLSHIT...Get a life bitch!
anthony w
... that pilot is hating that his almost-ditching was caught on film .. I bet he got called into the office when he got back! lol
Самуил Шпеллер
Wind shear
William Carpenter
Very very good that they didn't try and "salvage" that approach. Go around and give it another go.
TheDazzlingFlame Roblox
Its Totally Knts Is Beyond 150.
Mike Nylen
down draft
V1 Rotate
Those pilots did the right actions necessary to prevent westjet's first major accident, good for them
Angel Luvene
it´s because the airport is near the water. nothing wrong
Chuan Yeat Hon
Keyboard warriors detected
ok internet pilots with 3 hours of flight time in fsx teach real certified airline aviators what they did wrong
Rob Lowery
Took 45 min to pull the seats out of the crews ass cheks
Silviu Tudorescu
Almost crash!? I don't know how much familiar you are with airplanes carriers but i see no "almost" crash landing here, it's more realistic so say a "missed approach" and even that, they actually did the safest move here by aborting the landing ;) Canadian pilots are among the finest and qualified crew you can fly! ;)
Tom thx
wind shear
Eric Zhang
And after this incident tourists still stand under the planes and try to touch their wheels
Antonius Moroinius
good job pilots
Shadez Entertainment
WestJet was about to turn into WetJet.... xD
nearly would've been a 2nd Hudson effect
Winese Savage
Great and rare catch buddy!
its like my first landing on FSX :D
Spencer De
Considering we never saw the moments leading up to the very start of the
video, and taking the weather conditions into consideration, we might
be witnessing an AWESOME RECOVERY from a micro-burst...?
Dennis Haughton
Their vertical speed may have been a bit excessive & they may have not realized it. I can only imagine that that particular airport in St Maarten is not the easiest airport to land. I'd love to fly to St Maarten one day. It looks so beautiful there. Love that airport.. always watching videos that people post while being there.
FYI, i am a pilot and aircraft mechanic. If the 737 landed in the water, its not a "CRASH LANDING". too many people who know very little about aircraft associate everything with the word crash. second of all, it could not take 45 minutes to go around. it would have run out of fuel. An aircraft only carries enough fuel for the trip plus another 35 minutes more for diversion. a go around only takes a few minutes
Martin Schaeublin
What a stupid title, just choose for clickbait!!
Hasib Hossain
"Pull up, sink rate, pull up!"
Michael Gillette
a downdraft that impeded on his runway approach perhaps?
Jean D
I was hoping it could have maintained altitude for 10 seconds more and decapitated some of those annoying people on the beach.
Jet Gardner
Oh bullshit, I've been there on vacation and that's NORMAL because the end of the runway is at the ocean, and missed approaches are common because of the short runway and the mountains at the end of it. THUMBS DOWN
Bird Man
What did he set his QNH to ? Quack Quack
When I see this all I can hear is Charlie saying, "What were you doing there?"
Oh god it doesn't look like there were survivors
Hyperion Prime
Pete Watson
I suspect shear and the 45 min. timing for the second approach was about waiting for conditions to improve. Got gas? Might as well wait.
And people still think it's safe to stand on that beach?
POF 415
Wow that was close 😨😆
the headline is bullshit
Mohd Kamal
im not a pilot but i think the heavy wind and heavy rain cause this to happen..
Hi This is no close call. It is just a descent rate more tha usual mostly due to windshears that you have very often on final approach of costal airports. The pilot was in control because you see both engines were rather full thrust with flaps I think at 1.
So well managed/
Best regards
Nothing wrong with the first approach the pilots were checking out the bikinis on the beach.
Cathy Cathy
OMG, just OMG
DoDoZ Plays
jesus! has there ever been a major incident at this aitport ?
Looks like there may have been gusting winds out over the water as is evident by the deck umbrellas as the jet makes the first go-around. maybe a microburst judging by the way the jet was positioned at the beginning of the clip, almost like it was recovering from a downdraft.
Aurelijus Paulauskas
almost doesnt counts
Hey, ATCPilot! God 1 million clicks on this bait? Guess what? I GOT ADBLOCK! MWAHAHAHA.
Glad the pilot aborted that first landing attempt. I don't think he/she would have made it successfully.
CPT Wee tu lo
A go around is always an option.
YYC Flyguy
Seems to be a lot of MS flight sim pilots talking shit on here. The flight crew recognized their error and made a successful go-around. What's the problem??
Ed Flores
"In the event of a water landing...."
Brandon Terry
if im not mistaken, TNCM is all visual, no ILS and its a bit windy too. wind may have pushed off glide slope...
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