Ryan Ryan
if people on the ground were clapping, imagine in the plane
Flugzeug Dokus
Why was the second approach 45 mins later???
Andy Cheng
Sadly, the beach is no longer here
Brody Nguyen
Nice job by the piolots
Matthew Lindsey
it to bad that is all gone
Ash Scott
I'm a better pilot than all the pilots in these comments. In fact, you know those guys who teach pilots how to pilot? Well, I teach THEM. In my professional opinion, what went wrong here was that that big plane nearly hit the sea.
Audrey McMace
aborted landings are a big deal they take up airspace, valuable airspace needed for other departures and landings
Ahmed Shamis
1:07 ceiling is at 3500feet pretty low huh
Rainbow Dash Swag
Wait, Is That Elsa From Frozen On The Tail?
Life_Amazing Overlord
Lol go around
probably wind or maybe at the wrong speed but definitely not close to crashing in water that is a standard landing st st marteen
Sean Cooper
Would have gotten a lot more views if that plane went in the drink...
They found their left phalange
Click Bait for sure
Donald Trump
It was probably a woman flying.
Michael G
It ain't scary until the wheels are getting wet. Modern people are such panzies.
Kristine's Life
There is nothing wrong . The planes there always get low
I don't think you realize that beach is right next to the air port and tourists go there to feel the rush of planes
slick vic
Captain Skater
Second approach he got like 20 times higher lol
M. Castro
I wish someone with pilot experience could tell me just how might have this pilot gotten himself into this type of predicament. I wouldn't know but clearly someone with that trained knowledge should know never to get that close to water
Andrew Caca
Shit happens its difficult controlling a fuckin plane the size of a building to land on a shitty windy day
GTA skilz
Jo Momma
"fake newsssss"
Michael Klein
If they hit the water the ocean would've turned to ice (just look at the plane).
Would you look at that, everyone is a professional pilot!
Josiah Profenno
Maho beach is being destroyed right now
Jez Jezman
sorry my bullschitt alarm is going off **WIIOOO WIIIIOOOO - WIIIIOOOO WIIIIIIIOOOOOOO**
i was on that plane
I don't see why that was such a big deal? It appears that he was either told to " Go Around, " or he declared a missed approach. Maybe a little wind shear.
big worm
Final approach airspeed ,altitude and your vsi are your best friends
Horrible day for a summer in the caribean
Lily Molly
Scott Cozart
Ahhhhhh. They were just letting the passengers fish a little before landing.
Jarek Jellison
Honestly, if there was nobody on board and it was controlled by remote, I genuinely would not give a fuck if this particular plane crashed because fuck Frozen. 😂
Sean Thompson
That pilot was high as tits
Okay.But where is the problem?
Simone Verona
Amigo, avisa o pessoal que essa Praia é em Ilhéus, BA.
James Lowe
Micro burst pushing the plane un then down pilot did well to go around for second attempt rather than try put it down first time round.
Michael Arridge
That time a 737 pilot got sacked because he nearly crashed a plane and would have killed a ton of passengers
Rob!n Official
thats a 737-MAX not a 737-800
randy luna
I wud not get on a plane, ill stay my ass on the ground thank u very much
Gemini Jets67 74
I think it could've been the force of the wind or the pilot has put the nose down to early
1st row in aircraft accident PRICELESS..
Florin Marinescu
it took 45 min for a go around???
Coaster Maniac
Only the skilled pilots can land there
i live on st.maarten i see these kind of things all the time
Keko roblox and minecraft and more
Its just me or the first boeing 737 left wing is an airbus
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