DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks - DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor

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After two DIY Morning Routine videos get ready for my DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! In this DIY video I show how to get ready with me for my night routine plus over 30 awesome life hacks and DIY projects you can do at home – DIY makeup, DIY room decor, DIY bath bombs LUSH, healthy recipes, food life hacks, workout routine etc. You can DIY them yourself, since they are very easy perfect for kids, children, teenagers and adults - for all DIY beginners. The video will inspire you for your night routine for school! I show you my night routine fall and night routine winter edition but I pretty much do the same in my night routine for spring and summer too!

Help me translate this DIY Makeup Life Hacks video:

DIY and life hack videos are my favorite so I included 30 epic DIY projects and life hacks in this night routine! I show you how to make a DIY mug cozy out of an old sock! DIY Mug cozies protect your fingers from burning plus they make any drink more snugly and enjoyable! In this night routine video you also learn how to make beautiful DIY colored keys. Simply color your keys with nail polish! They look especially beautiful if you top them with some glitter as well. This life hack is amazing as it helps you distinguish the keys straight away, but it also makes your keys look absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are ready to learn some awesome food life hacks! I show you kale hacks, tomato cutting hacks, avocado hacks and an amazing DIY lemon spray life hack! I know you guys love the DIY makeup life hacks so I included my top DIY waterproof makeup hacks! I show you how to DIY a waterproof mascara, make a gorgeous waterproof colored eyeliner, DIY a lip and cheek tint plus how to make any eyeshadow waterproof and much more pigmented. In this night routine video I also show you my workout routine! After dinner I decided to go to the gym and and do a bit of swimming in the swimming pool. I also included some WD40 life hacks on the way home. Whether you step on the gum or your zipper isn't working – WD40 hacks will help you out. I love food so of course I had to include a healthy recipe for DIY bounty bars. They are so easy to make  and they taste delicious! I love sweets but I like to keep my snacks as healthy as possible. The healthy bounty bars are perfect for this. To make any kind of meal way more interesting, try making some DIY cake decor! All you need is a toothpick, glue gun and glitter! You can make awesome DIY party decorations! They are easy to make, inexpensive and super cute! Before going to bed we of course need to take a shower or a bath. Today I decided for a bath and I also made amazing DIY bath bombs. They make your bath all colorful, bubbly and silky smooth! These bath bombs are especially perfect for winter night routine since they make you feel so cozy and relaxed. In this night routine for school video I also show you my skincare routine and DIY makeup remover pads. They are so easy to make and extremely handy. Who doesn't like drinking tea, coffee or chocolate from beautiful mugs?! I love doing that, so in this night routine I also included a little DIY panda mug project. This one is so adorable plus It doesn't take you more than five minutes to make. Priceless! In my night routine video you'll also learn some practical life hacks for when your tongue gets burned, ouch! Of course there is no SaraBeautyCorner routine video without a nail art, right? I show you how to make a beautiful Frozen nail art design, perfect for this season. Before going to bed we need to take care of our eyelashes and eyebrows – I put together an amazing DIY eyelash serum that will make your lashes grow longer and fuller. No eyelash extension or false lashes needed any more! Want to learn how to make the most beautiful DIY flower lamp?! Look no further. For this one you only need an inexpensive lamp, fake flowers and a glue gun. Last but not least I share with you some handy life hacks that will make you fall asleep fast. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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