5 Mysterious Things Captured by NASA | PROOF OF ALIEN?

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5 Mysterious Things In Mars and Space Caught On Camera By Nasa

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Only the outer space video is mysterious, the rest are rocks!
Big Black Guy
It's okay NASA you don't have to tell us..we already figured we are not alone a LONG time ago.
EggWinner5768 `
subbed liked and put on notifications
1:46 It's just a piece of space junk or a sattelite
3:00 Its. Just. A. Stupid. ROCK
4:43 Are you kidding me???? A big spoon on mars. People will believe anything these days. 😂 "Big spoon shape rock - MUST BE ALIENS" said no-one. Seriously who could be that stupid
Maryann Ogwuru
I'm starting to believe in aliens now . 👽👾
mary giron
Nasa conspiring👽
The possibility of life on Mars is slim to none. Mars' atmosphere is extremely thin, any life would be killed by UV radiation. Source: Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour, Chapter 4, page 65. By : Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss and J. Richard Gott.
sheirnadette latinazo


Hanzo Shimada
123th comment
Kurt Kuykendall
I am uncomfortable
ya'll should know about this Phenomenon called Pareidolia
Pat Preposterouz
can u report jewdab search on yt he uses ur video/content on his video plz get lots of like people reading this plz hate and unlike and report jewdab's channel he suck just search on yt im not lieing plz dont ignore plz report im begging no troll i swear on my life
Pat Preposterouz
jewdab uses ur content/video on his video plz destroy his channel i hate copyrighters
Warm Juicy Pickle
You don't realize it but a alien is someone or something from a foreign area, like my friends dad who by the government is alien it also says he is a alien in his driver's license.
Horatio Moonraker
I have it on good authority that there is a pair of blue jeans on Venus.
Lol women on m.a.r.s dang
Monica Wallis
Damn NASA and their special Jedi Mind tricks... they keep saying... "it's just your imagination... it's just a trick of the picture or your mind"
And many just say ok....
Wesley VL
ther is noo just thing a s alien's
Levi Ackerman
Are you serious about the first one? Egyptians colonizing Mars or vice versa? And that Mars face explained long ago. Jeez
thumbs down because you wasted my time for 20 seconds
If any of this was real it would be national news.
I thick the so called space spider on mars I think it's a head crab who's with me
Glitches4 Life
if it was from nasa it would be top secret
Igraal Gaming
if aliens excited in out solar system then there would be a alot more of that so called alien on the planet
Maria Estrada
what if the aliens that helped earth's pyramids were on Mars and wanted to have there own
this comment section makes me realise that if children are our future than we are fucked
Daniel Maxter
I have just one question to disprove all of this. OK lets say USA's NASA is keeping a secret. Why would Russia, China, ESA or other countries keep it a secret also? You Americunts think you are the only ones in the world with tech to see whats on Mars?? :) Laughable!
Ceylin Alaca
Aliens are real, UFOS are real. But how do we know how aliens built UFOS? Aliens are much more smarter that other organisms in the planet (earth).
Chip Shot
why did i watch this before bed
NZ Nation
At 4:46 is the martians from the supergirl series
#aliens #aliens #aliens #likethiscomment
darrell Pazia febianto
alien is real
gizzard stu
That perfect pyramid on Mars. Isn't CGI fantastic at burning minds?
Abeer Hussain
why dont nasa fix a sniper on their spaceship and shoot anything to see its moving or not
Euphoric Nebula
Who cares if you're first. Just mention something relevant to the video.
Steven Ethan
There is no such thing as Aliens
I have a Curiosity Rover, and its curious about Uranus...

RoyalFire XD
Those tits are HUGE
until there's an hd video or at least an hd pic of something definitive, then all of this stuff is just wishful thinking
Dolly Skinner
okay that's clearly a cave crawler
Elaine H
Peridolia(sp), seems to be NASAs favorite excuse....hmmm
western spud
if pyrmids are found on mars wouldnt that prove that Egyptains did not actually build them ?
The DragonBorn
Christopher Wood
Someone get up there fast and grab her by the puss
debbie camp
In Mars or on Mars?
Butter Creamed Pancakes
Just like this comment
Oh come on, how come a spoon is more interesting than rocks that are formed in a shape of a huge face?
Chris Makaveli
you shouldnt ask for a like before the video even starts. how do i know i like it if i havent even watched it
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