A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow.

See the moment it all goes wrong at 5:45...

Chapman student Jack Anderson tells the story of a chance encounter between two mining robots on a desolate planet.

The cute robot protagonist looks like something Disney might come up with. But then, the animation takes a turn, becoming a metaphor for greed and self-sabotage, rooted in irony and futility.

"My biggest inspiration for the story was to show how us humans are constantly ruining relationships over the smallest things," Anderson said. "This is something everyone's done so I wanted to encapsulate it in a very contained fable. It ends up being a pretty universal thing people can connect to."

Wire Cutters went on to win a slew of awards -- even becoming a finalist for a Student Academy Award.

Used with permission from Jack Anderson. Learn more at http://omele.to/2avEMq7.

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Congratulations, you played yourself
Tony Tarr
Dude that got sad af at the end.. shit
Kyle Bishop
🤷🏻‍♂️ I didn't get it
James Lovell
Spiral Horizon
Moral: Never let greed take over, because nothing good will come out of it.
top 10 most emotional animes
The real Mangled Foxy
That was depressing OMG xD
But it was amazing and definitely got the point through!
Aiden Foster
kind of had a Wall-E feel, I really like it though
the animation is amazing, but "one of the best animations ever" is a little bit too far fetched
GirlPower OnFire
I don't understand! Who are these people who disliked this awesome video!?
Petsu 2020
thats really cute
Thuy Nguyen
Please give credits to the makers
bazik beast
this kinda reninds me of wali
TonDon lV
Should have made him crush the green rock
Piper Coughlin
cut the rock in half or some shit
Aiden G
Nobody ever said they made WALL-E 2
Kai Morgan
this is so sad
Sketch TooMeny
I was laughing my ass off when they were fighting but then got sad at the end
Please do more jack anderson
PepperDank :D
this animation was made years ago. you can't take it and claim it's new
What program was this made with?
Nathan Foulke
made me cry,add a sequel where they meet again ad are friends again, and work together,and robo dog gets a recharge
Chris Stuper
Naut Engelsma
this is an old animation you why would you call this new i have seen this a few years ago
kc macho wiabu
why didnt one of them just get one more the next time.
Cartoon Fluffle
Tamar Joseph
New version of Wall-E
Mr. Dogman
alan becker did better but this is still really fuckin gud
That one clod
Wall-E 2 Leaked Footage
depressing but okay good for children
fuchs katze
nice and creative video.
shows how being unsocial and selfish harms everyone.
I hate sad endings with cute characters.....
Tommy Cole
This is probably sending the message out to not be greedy because the robot kills his friend and himself
They could've found another odd amount and then divided them
Itz Flame
This reminded me of WALL-E!did this remind anybody else of a movie
A kektastic channel Of memes
Well that escalated quickly
Gmoore 4sure
the moral is to not think of yourself think of others first before you...or just Chuck the crystal and moooove on
Cough* cough* Wall-e cough* cough*
Anime Tenshi
Coulda just broke it in half...
Casual Fire Fan
That's why don't be greedy.
Aron Serna
so what really happened did the small robot die?
Asher Yin
That murderous little robot
Unknown Truth
Number 9's vibes
A terrible fate stomps on it
Space Dandy
Dilo Rex
amazing XD!!
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