A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow.

See the moment it all goes wrong at 5:45...

Chapman student Jack Anderson tells the story of a chance encounter between two mining robots on a desolate planet.

The cute robot protagonist looks like something Disney might come up with. But then, the animation takes a turn, becoming a metaphor for greed and self-sabotage, rooted in irony and futility.

"My biggest inspiration for the story was to show how us humans are constantly ruining relationships over the smallest things," Anderson said. "This is something everyone's done so I wanted to encapsulate it in a very contained fable. It ends up being a pretty universal thing people can connect to."

Wire Cutters went on to win a slew of awards -- even becoming a finalist for a Student Academy Award.

Used with permission from Jack Anderson. Learn more at http://omele.to/2avEMq7.

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Deluxe Roblox Gamer
James Perchie
aaah dignity one day little robot, one day. yes soon
Shireza's Diamonds
Wall-E anyone?
Kalissa Angel
wow!! awesome
thats just sad
Metal Crypt
This obviously talks about ISIS
Ben Neb
Angelo Cella
It's a quite sad story...
The robots are socialists:) Great animation though
8:15 It was at that moment, he knew he fked up.
WhenIDraw M
The smaller robot is screwed
Wow amazing animation i must say!
Why did the wire snap? If anything, this shows it would have broken at that point anyways, since it wasn't stressed any more than it would've been otherwise.
David Williams
The alarm sound at 0:53 why is it so familiar??
Sim' S
GREED - THE CANCER TO ALL LIFE AND THINGS GOOD. hurt to watch but great job.
My opinion Inatimate insanity is da best
Poor designs, boring story, lame atmosphere and music... I don't think this "under-Wall-E" is the best animation ever.
Bruce Wayne
what a Savage
lol my phone went low battery as the robot did
Thelonious McCoy
Damn, that was pretty good.
Nicely done but he might as well have just re-done wall-e
willz HatesU
What is this? Effort? Inspiration? In 2017?!
eddiegonenuts 1225
the power of greed.
Kenan Allan
Which animation software was used to make this video!
Part Toon
Why didn't they have a "neutral pile" for that left over one, and the next time they ran into one, they could just use the last remaining one to make the new one an even number...
Skylergaming - Roblox and more
Wall - E 2.0
Ryuuko Mifune
When NieR's Pascal was a baby
Mr_Vortekz _Playz
who else felt really bad for the digger one when the parachute came
Krisztián Erdös
Sun Kaur
greed is bad for health
coco codii
'best animations ever'? I don't think so.
[XLOAD] Xtreme
wow this short film is wonderful and inspiring film. you should make full movie on this
yopyop Boumboum
A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow. You will never believe it. What the robot did next will leave you speechless. He thought it was going to be an average film student and then he saw THIS.
Jai Patel
beautiful message
Aleksander Vasilev
Its good, but is faaaar from one of the best.
Albin Sahovic
Odličan :))
Kawai Owl
This is beautiful
Polski film a amerykanie komentują.
Oskar Larsen
Its like lord of the rings but with robots.
Why do so many people think this is so good? It's alright at best honestly.
My brother was 26 but still edit like shit
Weedy Drunken
Die Superman , die ! The robot is colletcting kryptonit
Paul Bett18
Emma Legge-Phipps
so sad
Derek Placeholder
Canterbury Tales.
Atomic Akmeow
bootleg Wall-E looks lit, right fam?
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