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First Trailer for American Assassin starring Dylan O'brien

FilmSelect Trailer
Here is the first Trailer for American Assassin. Are you going to watch this Movie?
Agent Washingtub
I remember the book. It was so "MURICA!" it hurt. Plus a good amount if Islamophobia. I'm hoping they tone those bits down for the movie
Izrael Sanchez
music of 1:13
Hunter Bieleski
People think this actually looks good?
this is going to flop so hard
kalvin estanero
his batman
finally some good movies coming out this year, makes up for the shitty 2016 year we've had
Ad Carter
can't wait to watch this
Arq. Rafael Santos
does anybody know the name of the song of the trailer.?
BogdY RedBlue
Dylan looks a little bit like Johnny Depp here...
Danielle Lampron
Seriously ?? American killed by Muslim terrorist ???
don cangrejo
wow a far cry 3 movie ajajajjajaj XD
Evan Occhino
what's the song
this is what happens when you look above your smartphone
Vikram Gamadia
Because I'm Batman you "Mitch" 😉
john wick....the prequel
let me guess.. the people who killed his parents and girl friend are the same people he is working for?
that song film select has at the end of every trailer is insanely annoying
Cameron Thomas
American Emo Assassin
Guilbertjhon Licanto
Im gonna watch this just bcoz dylan is the mc
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
looks cool
Chest Rockwell
Taylor Kitsch is in it???? This movie is going to tank bad.
Claude Legaye
Another teenager "Propaganda" Movie again muslims ?
Mitch mothafuckin' Rapp!!!
Shayan Ahmad
man from trailer it looks like a fabolous movie...
Syariman Workmail
Lets remake Bourne! Yep..
Mathew Barnes
the scorch
ashley mulcke
its a 5/5, Dylan O'Brien's in it😂
Can't say that I'm happy about the choice of any of the cast and Mitch Rapp looks too week and boyish.....Fucking Hollywood man!
Isiah Ball
This trailer made me think of the book Jumper (theres a movie with the same title thats 99% different) in the book, the Jumper uses powers to hunt down a terrorist at one point. I wish they remade the movie the the style of this movie.
Kim Jong Skill
When I pictures Mitch Rapp in my head I didn't see this pussy ass bitch playing him. Mitch Rapp is a hard dude this guy is pussy pretending to be a hard dude and you can tell.
Breno Alcazar
Please, what is the final song after trailer?
Plaz Flame
I like bad-ass Mr. Keaton
is it really necessary to have the majority of films be 'American' something
woahh the original batman trains him...
Josip Mršić
im yust siting here what is the song
mad max
this movie is so american, it invaded my computer
Ty Lewis
i love Dylan O'brien. He is a great actors especially on teen wolf but this looks good too.
craig wahabb
Jaspreet Sassun
Kill Me!Kills him and becomes the new Trainer.
Dylan O'brien is such a weird choice
Henry Lee
Does anybody no what song this is
I'mmmm Batman!!
k a m m y
fuck me up daddy
zahir simmons
zahir simmons
T Andy
He should have gone to Washington or Brussels to find faster the real terrorists
I don't need to watch this movie. I know everything from the trailer already. It is sad that these days trailers show so much but it's your choice - specialists from ads.
Based on novels from Vince Flynn... Great books... going to be an awesome movie too.... :)
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