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First Trailer for American Assassin starring Dylan O'brien

FilmSelect Trailer
Here is the first Trailer for American Assassin. Are you going to watch this Movie?
Brandon Lee Wright
Here's to reality
Brandon Lee Wright
Look Hollywood. Die.
Brandon Lee Wright
Your worthless Hollywood
Brandon Lee Wright
Time to cut out All Hollywood
nachala waters
Dylan does NOT get enough credit
James Parker
Jonathan Suniga
he looks and sound like Paul walker.
Once I saw the Arabic text conversation I was like 'OMG I must see this movie'.
Geraldo Borduin
America Assassin M0VIE ( )
Loren Jennings
Mitch was a left handed shooter, so we will see how the movie stays close to the books.
Roronoa Zoro
american propaganda, training a stranger who lost everything. bomb a place and put the blame on the party they hate. even made a movie out of it. amercunts are proud killers
sofiane benounas
LOL!! the arabic part 00:48 is sooo fucked up, i'm sure they used Google translate.
Timothy Martell
They better do good with this movie. There is so much to work with inside the book. I just hope they do it justice
kyree Carswell
Dylan for Nightwing
Brisilda Malaj
what's the song?
Sarah Hobson
When he using that pistol, dayum son xD
Grabiato Nehrimzer
weird choosing of the actors. ..
RAZE - Bugged
Can't wait to see it.
Looks great!!

Rather unsubtle "Token Black Woman" to counter-act the less favorable Arab showing; need to make up some PC Points somewhere!
sof bohla
middle east and all the others nations are always bad guys lol fuck you united state, usa will be gone soon,the big lie in the world is that usa are the strongest country, it's a bullshit, south koria will fuck all the world and islam will dominate the world hahahahahahah
Orion E
This is probably the movie equivalent of Peter Quinn from Homeland
d j
O'Brien =Tim drake
ghost=jason todd
keaton= Batman (literally)
Noneofyour Business
2:18 Who else understood: "He is Readistan"
woah damn it looks cool as fuck
Darwin Parlindungan
can wait to see it ...
Teen wolf squad where you at?
Ernesto Moreno
Hands a complete stranger a knife followed by "kill me" coolest moment since his Batman days.
Stunallypp Stars
Kodumun filmi İstanbul da mı geƧiyor? Hdjdjdjdjfj
Butch Broussard
Looks like an updated remake of "The Amateur" starring John Savage.
??? ???
yea a new generation of war loving idiots will be born out of this crap "we kill the people who need to be killed[and we dont care where our orders come from as long we can do whatever we want]" xDD
Jaedyn Persons
2:14 Cool guys don't look at explosions
nicolas perez
What's the song at the end of these videos
elli griffin
Am I the only one thinking: NIGHTWING
in real life, the instructor would have been all in his face, cussing his ass off trying to scare the shit out of him, and you are suppose to be dawging him out saying fuck you bitch, i fuck you up! not like do you have what it takes to become an assasins? yes, i do... haha, this is such a hollywood movie.
I loved all of these books so much. When I heard they were making this movie, I was so stoked...then I saw they cast the fucking kid from teen wolf to play Mitch Rapp... maybe one of the most bad ass characters ever. Shit. Hollywood blows.
James G
M.K. should have said I'm Bat Man !!
So American joker game?
Im only watching it becaus of Dylano'brian
another simple "America save the day" movie...
Jason Reeves
What is the song at the very end of the video(not the trailer music)
2:06 you in teen wolf :'v
Mathias Haug
Help first sake vessel practice certainly broadcast clothing program receive.
Ryan Carlin
Don't know how I feel about Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp. Anyone who has read the series knows the description of Mitch Rapp and I don't think Mr. O'Brien has those features. Looks like they took the "jock" out of the story and replaced it with a computer "geek."
Conrad Gumbs
Looks Good!! I will def check it out!! When is it due out...2018??
Alaeddin Dhahri
0:47 could they find some Arabic speaking person to write them some sentences that would make sense??? these phrase don't mean a sh*t !
The Engineer
Vince Flynn would be so proud. I have been waiting for this for some time.
Chuck Ball
Looks good, but I think Dylan O'brien looks a tad young to play Rapp. Also, same goes for the actress playing Irene. Too young. Should've gotten someone a tad older, maybe like Naomi Watts or maybe Mary Louise Parker?
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