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First Trailer for American Assassin starring Dylan O'brien

FilmSelect Trailer
Here is the first Trailer for American Assassin. Are you going to watch this Movie?
Zoë Ludlow
I wanna watch this soo so so bad now i love Dylan o'brien
adam tideswell
Well I already see one thing wrong Mitch rapps gf died in the pan am flight not on a beach and Gerard butler would been a better choice to play Mitch
Awaludin#194 sobari
hey guys watch AMERICAN ASSASSIN 2017 FULL HD
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American Assassin
A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.
American Assassin Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran StanHurley. The pair then is enlisted to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets.
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He looks like the younger version of paul walker.
Pamela Johnson
Watched this movie today and loved it. The cast was great and the action was nonstop!
the reine
Why would i watch this movie?? Is this movie awesome or just because the star is handsome?
Yeahhh. ...This movie was NOT very gooood....0.o...
Leah Olivia
Dylan! Yassss Teen Wolf!
American Assassin Full Movie
American Abomination.
I am milan
Holy Batman! I'm not sure about this one.
thou shall not kill
Oooh... this looks really good. The story seems kinda fresh.
Chris Jones
Here we go, once again "Hollywood" has no original ideas so lets decimate a fine collection of books by casting someone who is at least 20 years younger than the real Mitch Rapp, oh and let's bring in Michael bloody Keaton.
Manuel Aquino
He looks so much like Paul Walker !
Mariana Ribeiro
Just watched the movie. It's amazing!!
Vascular Fellows
Glad that they finally made this movie... kinda wish they didn't alter the back story
putra wibs
jason bourne be like..
Lisa yoonq
Full Watch HD Movie ...
Omid H
If this was a true story then CIA ordered the hit on his parents and made him fight their war for them just like they do in the Middle East on daily bases.
warren robete
rip american sniper😥😢
Gary Watters
Who knew Dylan O'Brien could get even sexier
Ahmed Hathout
THESE ARABIC TEXTS DON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE LMAO...they probably just typed random words into google translate and there you go.
Tabi forever
Ha the advert before this video was the trailer 😂
I got an ad for this movie waiting for this movie to load
anouar hakim
all i get is american ass ass..... maybe you can make asses out of yourselfs each time faggets.
Elizabeth Jumma
🔴 lf you want to see the fuII movie cIick here ( )
as a big fan of Michael Keaton is good to see him making more films. I think this will be very good Michaels films normally are.
Habiba A. Youssef
What the hell is up with this Arabic texting?
fahad ashraf
Harris Cabrito
Hahaha everyone "wow's and awe's" I wonder how much of cinema is declassified to the public as a fun way to laugh at us while we pay to get load of goodies shot in our face.. just saying. This is the year of the assassin's. Yet no one makes Trump end up "accidentally slip in the shower. It's all a big joke. And yet we make murder taboo in our reality but not in cinema. A fucking joke.
Hubia Faizi
I love Dylan O'Brien 😍😍💖💖💖💖
Desperately waiting for this film !
Markus D.
Where is Scott Adkins? Or at least the credot of him
OMG hahaha the bullshit arab writing doesn't mean shit !! xD
Trabzon duzkoy
movie should be called american christian terrorist. then i would have give it five stars
WS Intern
Super, again such movie full of violence and hate, that the only thing what those stupid Americans can make, good example for our children
gareth counihan
This is shut
outro music name pls?
Written by the late, great author Vince Flynn. "Mitch Rapp" is an anti-PC, fictional American Assassin.
KozMc Odin
Seems like jason bourne but younger.
Tony Anastasio
Absolutely adore Keaton. He's fucking rocking. Great actor
pLakado Prodaxons
jackson hayes
If John Wick, Arthur Bishop, Bryan Mills & Jason Bourne had a baby, then this is it.
beautifle song :)
law fs
he kinda looks like Paul Walker...
Dgnius Makileven
Plot twist, his girl faked her death and she is the leader of the terrorist organization
Brandon Lee Wright
Here's to reality
Brandon Lee Wright
Look Hollywood. Die.
Brandon Lee Wright
Your worthless Hollywood
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