TOP 50 BEST SHOTS World Cup Of Pool 2017 | Part 1

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Top 50 greatest best pool billiard shots from World Cup Of Pool 2017
There are best caroms, billiards, banks, combinations shots

Ruslan Chinakhov (Russia)
Ioan Ladanyi (Romania)
Wu Jiaqing (China)
Albin Ouschan (Austria)
Mateusz Sniegocki (Poland)
Hayato Hijikata (Japan)
Naoyuki Oi (Japan)
Petri Makkonen (Finland)
Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (Spain)
Skyler Woodward (USA)
Chang Yu Lung (Taiwan)
Shane Van Boening (USA)
Mika Immonen (Finland)
Joao Grilo (Portugal)
Mario He (Austria)
Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)
Johann Chua (Philippines)
Carlo Biado (Philippines)

Cameron S.
Top 50 mundane shots
those who dislikes cannot find the reason why they disliked this video.
pokemonix 10
james bacani
how they will beat "The Magician" if these shots are Best Shots for them..☺☺☺
Riley Adkins
at 9:47 the announcer guy says that its a good shot when you can tell carlo did not want to make that ball. lol
Jonathan Todd
Xeno GD
Why are they so quiet...I would be like "DID YOU SEE THAT SHOT" etc...
Tristan Aslarona
Genipool14 can you please upload the 2007 world cup of pool and 2011 world cup of pool
Banana Time
Emerson Mersão
Com uns Caçapão desse fica facil jogar !!!!!!!!!!
Amcamın Oğlu
Thumbnail at 5:16
Some very nice shots but most of these were shots anyone would make at a typical pool hall
Anna Gruber
1:39 cheating
Tommy Berger
The ruck kind of weak shit is this?
Well that was some basic shots.
chaitanya krishna
Dont waste your time, just common shots
That Mothafuckin Dude
I suck at pool but I love to play and watch dope ass shots
Austin Prosser
Where are any of the 50 great shots? Id be embarrassed bragging about these😂
Olav Langli
The commentators seem to have very little playing practice cause they very often dont see the shots
Have you never seen snooker!? These are just basic pots!?
Greatest shots? Those are shots my Nan could make, and she's dead!!
most of it I can do, except jumping the white ball , still low accuracy on that.
Rashidi Simba
What!? Most of these shots are subpar compared to some of the shots I've seen in the pubs
Watching this after snooker is quite disappointing.
WTH are these rules
Why was there no World Cup last year?
McKeithan .Valentine
Can't believe they made 8-ball a real game...
Luca Brecel
8:37 this shot was very easy;-)
Bolo Disse: Noura
5:17 thumbnail
Rui Ferreira
you have chosen the worst #1 spot possible. if he was for potting it was a shot to nothing, if he was for defense it was a fluke
topher B27
In my opinion Philippines had the best shots. Those last two made my jaw drop. Obviously all players were very good, but I would crap myself if someone could make shots like that every time. Hell, where is Paul newman from the hustler!
Yuzhou Li
It has been 48 hours, where is part 2? You are torturing me! I can report this channel with that!
Grace DeDiosa11
wheres the part 2
Dafuce 3z
can't wait for part 2 :3 great job on world cup :)
Chris Buckland
thank you you are a legend
José Barros Uriana
Genipool14 Cuántos países participan y cómo se gana el derecho a participar en la copa mundial valga la redundancia, no veo paises de centro y suramérica además faltaron muchas figuras del pool mundial Karl Boyes, Strickland, El Bata Reyes entre otros; y porqué no probar con el sistema empleados en los campeonatos mundiales de fútbol es decir 4 países en un sólo grupo clasifican 2 y los mejores terceros, posteriormente en cuartos de final muerte súbita ya que no es justo para los jugadores perder sin opciones de revancha ¡¡¡OJO!!! el billar pool al igual que el ajedrez están adquiriendo mucha importancia a nivel mundial, es lo que pienso a fin de satisfacer a esa ola de aficionados fascinados por este hermoso deporte...
Erin B
Surprised you didn't include the two ball shot at the very end as one of them. That shot with draw up to the three really set them up for the win. Nice shots, nonetheless.
Max Watson
These shots and the whole tournament in general were profoundly underwhelming.
Ferdi Saputra
Thx for re upload all of the game
Duncan Bannon
Thanks for the world cup of pool footage. Are goig to vote for a top 10?
Rekletys 1
+genipool14 Thank you for all the high quality videos you've uploaded during this cup !
Here are first 25 shots of top 50 shots from World Cup Of Pool 2017.
Part 2:
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