Karen Perez
so scary
Adam Hanslo
That is hilarious but sad
Alicia Libbis
britny was so scard ilove yous
GamerTheOwl 22
It was like super creepy because the all knew brit's name
Hector Galaviz
πŸ˜”feel bad for Brit
Levi Draper
Hi my name is Levi I am 12 years old I hardly get support on my channel and I will rearly appreciate it if u subscribed to my channel thank u if u do
Patrick Harris
Roman buy a Ferrari
Patrick Harris
So funny brintey
Jenn Vandenberg
That would scare the beep of me
Ryan Waddell
You are doing well
Gaming Person Swope
Ramon Aguilar
Ramon Aguilar
Hi RomanAtwood

I hate that if I wach one of your old videos I will see
Ryan Hadfield
This place looks so amazing. I give her so much credit to get through that. They did a great job with this. Keep up the amazing job. Smile More.
William Smiley
If you do another haunted house vlog you should hit Lewisburg Haunted Cave. Its only 1.5 hr frim you. Worth the drive!
raf mendes
go in
Thedaper Thedaper
Poor brit
Jasroop Grewal
Same here
Edrick DUDE
RichKey0 101
This is for Brit, hey they were following YOU because you were terrified so they kept following you
Evil Wolfboy
You guys are the best YouTuber ever
Evil Wolfboy
I feel so bad for Brit
Breonna Lee
That is so 😡
Brittany Barrett
Axel Blumensaadt
Axel Blumensaadt
Seryna imel
I feel bad for her
Romseys The Savage
This was a great vlog
Melissa smith
time to play with me!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg B
hi romin
Bella Gray
You know its legit when ur getting scared through the screen on your phoneπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
I don't like clowns
Cheyanne Phillips
sorry earbud listeners.
Aarush Ahuja
in which country do you live
Ryan Slater
If I saw the crawling one I would've kangaroo kicked him
Nathan Spencer
Stormhead //Shayla
Roman needs to go back there and be a part of the show!
Christian Lee
Somebody give that kid a happy meal lol! πŸ˜‚
Seanog Teague
Like if u find the different emoji

Adam Al Sheikh
That was really scary
I'm 11 I wish I could get a like
Jacari Grundy
Roman was a god
do a 3am callange
aalto shackleton
I'm nine my dad owns a film company called movie mogal plz watch one of the film's like panic button - like it you like films
Bob Jones
Teagen Jenkins
That's the one I'm winning
Katch025 Vids
Oh Brit I am with you! I would be crying too!
Camryn B
i feel so bad for brit
Calin Necula
roman can you please do more bmx triks because you are great ps:smile more
lucas tubehd
I feel bad for brit
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