Lol y'all are sumin else. Now solve the dam mysteries! 😂
I just realised her name looks like E A R hart
Jacob Hofer
Do a series of solved mysteties but they have to be chilling and with a lot of plot twists
Hazel Tade
I hope none of the super painful ones are what really happened to her, she seemed cool
KeAundra Davenport
im suprised Amelia Earharts disappearance hasnt become a movie plot yet
Ruby Lalonde
i’m sorry but i’m like almost certain that that shoe that was found was amelia’s. some people’s feet and fingers swell when they’re on planes yeah? so it would make sense that she would wear shoes too big for her, especially considering how long she had to spend in the air. you wouldn’t want the circulation to be cut off because you’re wearing too small shoes at incredibly high altitudes for days at a time.
Bling Berry MSP
Just look in the fuckin sea try asking the people who found titanic to try and find her plane! xD
Nickapotomas Rex
It's pronounced "noofinnland" not "Newfoundland"
Bryn Gray
It was the crabs all along. They were possessed by an evil hotdog witch and used their gigantic shells to block Amelia's radio signals, bringing the plane down on their island. The hotdog witch took the plane to go do evil witch stuff, releasing the crabs from the spell to enjoy their reward: Fresh Amelia Earhart tartare.
Bryn Gray
I love that Howland Island is 'how land is land'
Lexi Grimbrooke
🐙 there's no crab emoji lok
Kxm Sxok Jxn
no but someone found old picture recently with a lady that looked like Earhart in the background months after she was known missing
joel isaiah susilo
13:41 i live in indonesia
Yuris Ducos
Balete drive in the philippines
Thatcommenterdude h
lol its always aliens with ryan
Mary Garcia
Didn't they find her remains like, a few years ago, tho? I think she was a castaway
idk why i find it so cool... but i live in saipan and not alot of people know where we are
Ileana Perez
"the sky belongs to men"
Ileana Perez
oml i love shane sm XDD
They had to add an alien theory.
Shelby Rainwater
plays LOST music
Luis Samaniego
I’ve been waiting for this thank you
Cameron Galaxy
ryan's voice is toooooo creepy
Cameron Galaxy
i read the story.
so yeah.
Jesse Margeson
oppsey...there goes a screw, the sky belongs to men lmao
Sonia De Silva
Please do Marilyn Monroe's death!!
"The US Battleship Colorado" .... Shows a Destroyer Tsk tsk~
Great episode though!
nathalia pena
Do the Defeo family from the Amityville horror movie.
olivia :D
u could do the kidnapping of charles lindbergh junior :0
One day off of school decided to binge watch unsolved I know can't sleep so thanks you fuckers no hate I'm joking
Bobby Walsh
Risk margin responsibility ifpsnk but distinction please ensure sponsor unlikely key eliminate.
😂 lol I never heard the rumor that Amelia airheart move fro nj with a different identity
Carat Fan
WHAT IF the bones that were found that were of Napoleon????? He was sent in a small island wasn't he? Or am I an uneducated person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A Bardeft
No Bermuda triangle theory?
Reagan Dumas
Bro they make this funny and scary
Maddie Schilling
The part where Ryan says “eating popcorn- our favorite thing to do in the world” is possibly the cutest thing I have EVER heard imagine Shane and Ryan just binging a show and eating extreme amounts of popcorn together
Elle Briske
"The water's knee deep, let me out" while arguing with a man?
Maybe he locked her in and she drowned. I dunno
Alison Bradley
Ive heard theories that this is related to the lost colony of Roanoke, as she wrote croatoan in her journal before disappearing... Anyone else?
Archie Goodman
ay yi yi
A turtle that Stole Money from donald trump
Maybe Amelia Earhart lost her memory

fred chimed in with a havent you people ever heard of
<MoVe ThE fUcKiNg MaNnEqUiN oH mY gOd>
moon Noon
Is there ever an episode that’s SOLVED
In grade 3 i read a national geographic book about this. That was a kids book.
Sweetie 3.141592653
I don't think her plane crashed by accident, she was to smart to not have a way out of it ifsomething went wrong with the plane. I think during one of her rest points someone captured her, high jacked her plane and flew it into the Atlantic Ocean
Every mystery has a theory that’s like, I️ dunno what happened, so, ITS ALIENS!
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