Eric Lee Gates and daughter in incestuous relationship lose custody of second baby

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Biological father, 49, and daughter, 25, in incestuous relationship lose custody of second baby after their first son, plagued with genetic problems, was also taken away
The baby boy was taken away four days after he was born in Oregon to Chalena Mae Moody, 25, and her father, Eric Lee Gates, 49
Authorities say Moody and Gates, were living as a couple in Springfield, before moving to Klamath Falls - they now have had two children
Pair did not know each other during Moody's childhood 
Moody was married when she gave birth to child and already had three other children

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Ewwwwwww that's just nasty.
Jackie Davies
They fail to see the damage they have done to their first child so have another, They should go and live under a rock somewhere and not inflict their madness on others
christopher jones
Social engineering.


I was a child when incest happened to me.

One of the worst things that can happen.
Harden Thicke
of course he thought it wss fantastic. His daughter let him have sex with her.
Bad Babboo
Alejandro Garcia
this World starts to scare me more every day I feel chills in my spine what a sick World
Norman Smith
its because they can't meet someone normal.
BendyBus Song
When is incest going to be legal? That's next, right?
Ricky R
Ok these two are not Eric Gates or daughter Charlene.
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