Basketball Dunk Contest Kids 2

Sam Bunt
Kid with glasses can’t do math
Nick mancinas
You guys are trash sorry 😁
6:23 if it was 7 feet you wouldnt be able to touch it without jumping
imaaz usman
To not 7 ft 4 ft I could brake their ankles
imaaz usman
I'm done they suck
imaaz usman
Marcelo Lima
Node voices compraram esta cesta
I love how they be lying on their videos 7ft what you talking about when it’s 4 dummy
Tic tac_ 3
9;35 best part
Becky Frisbie
You guys are cool.
Savage Bros
That’s not 7 foot
They kids like stfu u dump ass people they doing it for fun tf y'all really saying they trash y'all trash for calling them trash
Will Edwards
This is obviously not 7 feet
God Squad Central
The only reason they have 27k subs is because they are the cringiest people ever
Shark Vader
Show off
rey mysterio 619
They are trying to be like Jordan
Pink Diamonds
Wth this is not 7ft
Tji Gamez
These are baby dunks
Quenton Williams
bruh in tha purple was cheating with the score bruh went under the goal which was the best dunk so far in tha vid and he said 37...😂 man dont wanna lose
what is 35+42.... ummmmmmmmmmmmmm 97!!!!!!!!!!!
devlin hussey
its not 7ft they cant even jump 5ft
Brian Thich (280BriThic)
That hoop must not be 7ft or these kids are Tall as hell
Polar Gaming
That is 5 feet. Or they are tall as hell. Because they jump 2 Inches off the ground
TheTwinsGamer TTG
A troll can dunk on that
Adam Lanham
You are bad
Daniel Holofchak
This is a very small Basketballkorb?
Jake Paul
That net is not 7ft it's like 5ft and2 inches stop lying
Cousin Gamers
You ruined the theme of dunking for me
Cousin Gamers
That's as tall as 3 feet
Cousin Gamers
Good dunks
ahmed doudi
Bruh I'm 5 feet and I can dunk on 8 and these kids struggling on 6
Goat Games
that not 7 foot that like 4 and a half 😂
Marcus Hernandez
Lie again these some little ass kids maybe in the 6th grade but he ante 7 Foot it’s like 5 1/2 maybe
It’s not 7ft
Abughazaleh Family
that's not 7 foot
Max Palisi
Ain’t seven feet AND the kids are spoilt as hell
ermalyn castronuevo
Thank goodness you guys have the best. Dunks
Jessica Ortiz
You don't even have to jump to dunk on that rim
Alan Behrstock
You suck you dribble to much it's annoying
Chad Jones
Put the hoop higher. Lol
I’m 5’0 and I can body these kids on 8 smh
They literally could have just standed there and dunk it without jumping
Dustin Johnson
Not 7 foot
Rebecca Lewis
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for Troydan
And you frickin' did to
Rosa Krueger
this can't be seven feet I can tell how they doing they dunks & Curry is six feet
Vivaan Khanna
Either u kids r 6 ft tall or u r lying about the height of the hoop
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