Dance Battle with Kate Upton

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Kate Upton and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like "Walking into a Spiderweb" and "The Hashtag Dance."

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Dance Battle with Kate Upton

dota 2 for beginners
powerhouse extreme
is anybody else getting tired of seeing her on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition magazines like it was fun for two years straight but seriously there are many other beautiful women out there.
She got skinny :(
faisal Chowdhury
কিন্তু kate Upton এর দুধতো আরও বড় ছিল!!
vasquez. i.
next time i'm at the club i'm gonna do the hash tag dance💃🐼 lol
alex hernandez
Shes so fucking cute and sexy 😍😍😍😍😍
Tony Malpoya
Black tank top is just a bad choice here. Couldn't see em juggs jiggle much. They should have got Kate to wear white instead. The results will be incredible!
victor martins
them jugs s2
Shoraana Kazak
4:01 Jimmy's ass
the right word for this show is cring
Lou Spowles
I don't have cable or sat......can someone please tell me if this is a new set/studio?
Josh Chavez
This is stupid, go make money and don't watch these wasteful videos
Omar Delabra
Jimmy fallon set this up on purpose just to see kate uptons tits jiggle
Flach Mann
Jimmy: So you went to collage?
Quest: Ye-
Jimmy: breaks out in laughter
Cute girl, but she is shaped like sponge bob.
bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
Aneil B
I'm tired of this bitch
Harsh Valecha
Love Kate Upton so much. And not bcuz she is sexy ( she is. very sexy) but bcuz she's just fun to be with.
Bitch should have wore bikini or something so we can at least see them "personilities" bounce ;) Who are we kidding, this talent less hack is only famous because of her amazing fun bags. This bitch will be a nobody in a few years once those titties start to sag, I mean they are kinda are imagine this bitch when she is in her 30s. Gross. Bet Verlander will dump her too and replace her with some 19-20 years titties.
hall of Pandas
if you look closely he is getting a erection
She's got a bouncy personality
Ciara Laurelle
She has shoulders like that of linebacker
This is so cringy but I still laughed.
De Montana
Sorry Jimmy. All she has to do is stand there and she wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taya H
She looks exactly like my math teacher!
Angelus Nielson
Upton going to funk you up...
Revelation Grimlockhart
Those bounces.
late night is dead
Pono Kaleikini
Aaah its a kids show I get it
Does anyone else think she looks kind of looks like a young Hilary Clinton?
Irwan Santoso
I think this was scripted
She wins.
I see ppl hating that woman .. Why ?
Is she that bad ?
Hunting K12
I don't like a lot of ladies but Kate upton is irresistible 👍
Al PaZinoù
Kate Upton + Dancing , I can"t miss this
It's so scripted it hurts lmao. Not like they claim it wasn't scripted in the first place...
Ahmet Çakıcı
i don't remember anything
no google plus
Should've had Kate dance in a bikini, come on now!!
Chinmay Upadhye
He looks like monkey on Elliptical. Random generator huh ! how was the panda waiting in the back before selecting song
Ivan Ivanov
from now i will dance to every music like The Elliptical
Who else came here for boob???
Generator, yeah, scripted!
Jens control problem
Cringe cringe cringe👶🏿
Tomy Lim
I know why you all here for ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ayyye MC
I only came for the tits
nova deangelo
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I Fell Down The Stairs
Damn a lot of the people on here are salty haters, leave the girl alone
StuTheBru me
i know a woman who fell from wearing heels like that,,,at a barbeeQ cut across the lawn,wine in one hand,handbag in the other,,tripped and banged her head,,,,,now she can never hold her children again,and her husband had to give up his job as a pilot,so he can wipe her arse everyday,since she is paralised from the neck down now.
Some of us men are very attracted to short girls,,but you meet the wrong ones.since you cheat.. lol and like this girl,,not many are really blonde either,,change yourself into someone else then wonder why your life is just as fake ...
Kate upton is an angel <3 Fappening ;)
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