Dance Battle with Kate Upton

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Kate Upton and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like "Walking into a Spiderweb" and "The Hashtag Dance."

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Dance Battle with Kate Upton

pE Rxj
i like her personalities.
Jacqueline Wheeler
lusty gamesBR
Nossa que da hora isso legal isso aí
Artem Mazanov
is there a dance called: "boobs with a mind of their own"?
would be nice to see her perform this one
Brendan Kenny
Wow this is stupid
That panda skit made me feel like I was watching a kids show.
Danny Douché
She's still a babe !
Big Tex
man those are some high stripper shoes she has on horrible for her feet.
Peter Neilen
Well the perfect woman ! Very simple , bad luck for the other ladies !
She jumped in high heels, color me impressed.
Milk Dee
I came here just to see her titties bounce.
Fire Princess
Fire Princess
wait is she a writer because I know a girl named Kate Upton that is my dads friends
Skip to 2:33 put speed to 0.25 ENJOY 8)
Terrible comedy. Kate is too good for this crap.
Driek Staaf
Why i always get the feeling everything in America is fake. The people, the acts, the behaviour, the show, the government, everything Yo!
Jenna Williams
People body shaming her are disgusting. All women are beautiful, in fact all PEOPLE are beautiful, no matter waist size, height, weight, or race. Get a life. The men on here saying "She's not even that hot," are the ones with bigger muscles on their arms than the one in their pants or still live at home and only have dates when it comes to watching porn.
Sick of IT
She is whatever script tells her to be. Fact.
Kabir Chopra
Just imagine if during the elliptical he ripped his pants off
Vilius p
Who came here to seeher boobs?
Fucking Fallon stole my dance!
Ed Wu
no bikini? why not ?
Balthasar vD
She's probably the most beautiful girl in the world
Dom DeLuise
I didn't even bother with the volume I just came here to watch her fat tits flop around.
This is soooo scripted :D
Joseph Nygard
congrats justin verlander
We all know why we're hear.
cease baller
i see kate upton i click
נתי חגולי
*American Eagle polo shirts,
Under armor polo shit.
Nautica, Nike,
Real Madrid home jersy
baseball cap Gold Logo!
you can find allthis items HERE!!*
Moses Graham
Is this how lorde comes up with her dance moves?
Makeveli The Don
Never understood how shes a model, shes not ugly thats for sure but apart from her big ol titties her physique is so average no ass no legs not in decent hips lol
jimmy: "gonna bring out the big guns", ooh she allready did bro :) dreamgirl
Labrinythian 44
wow she has a great pair of huge personalities
how the hell does kate upton have such big boobies?
Id love to watch kate upton do any dance topless
C Vlogs
I bet tanner braunghart wishes he was there
we all know why you clicked this video.

I Golightly
I can't stand hashtag the panda
Carlito Morales
Fallon's fakeness is real.
Sirintorn Stantripop
Her dances has slight similarities to her Cat Daddy :-)
Kiro Kompiro
% that first one with the shoulders was accidentally is 0.0055
Joseph Gates
Is this a kids show
Sky King
Jimmy Fallon, the alcoholic, is not funny. bring back Jay Leno!
Michael Boland
Anyone else think those dance moves are predetermined and the generator is just for show?
John 17
People in the comments critiquing and grading Kate Upton, like they have a chance to even get a girl remotely as good looking as her. Haha, classic Youtube.
Lauren Rivera
I know all the guys wanted to see boobs but I was hoping for JT to come out
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