Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever

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Jimmy shares his personal perspective on what really happened when the Academy Award for  Best Picture was given to the wrong movie at the #Oscars.

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever

Aicha Mohamed
I was waiting the whole time so he can say Matt Damon did the prank
Linus Knight
ok sassy ass emma, if he was lying he wouldn't have said "It said EMMA STONE... LA LA LAND" he would have said "LA LA LAND"- so where would he have gotten that lie of information if he didn't have the duplicate envelope of your best actress award... bitter ass bish. be glad you won with your big ass face
Linus Knight
ok so since no one is describing what happened i will assume:

They were handed the duplicate of emma stones best actress award envelope, and they read it- then it transformed into the real best picture moonlight card/envelope within a seconds for the reveal... cool.
Kimmel didn't reveal what really happened. He came up with a monolog to try to find a workaround to what really happened.
Pandas are cool
jimmy will hosting next year! yes!
Congratulations for coming back as the host of the Oscars in 2018!
Yeah, end of the World.
thank god he didnt have a heart attack or something... i think he thought it was his fault... i feel bad for him
he is so stoned
GB Atshe
"We lost by the way"
Freestylah x
'Who the hell knows who was who from each movie'.
Ehh i'm sure you can tell.
Dancing Cupcake
I thought jimmy kimmel was jimmy Fallon😭
Lokstar* Kongotronix
I imagine Jimmy has a really nice big penis
I don't know if anyone reads the comments on this channel but anyway:
Jimmy, how DID you intend to end the oscars sitting next to "actor" Matt Damon? What were you going to say? I feel like we missed a great gag there, would love to know what was supposed to happen. (Maybe you can even re-enact that for fun?)
Jamie Hudson
command Does anybody see worse than this work ?$.....
Ollie J.
As if you would read the wrong thing on purpose at the Oscars! Poor Warren, people can't blame him for being given the wrong card. I don't like how the producer of La La Land (I think that was who it was?) acted all angry. Really unprofessional.
jim Stafford
card Snatcher
Noah Guedes
Well, the Lala land crew was not that gracious when that dude yanked the envelope from poor warren beatty's hand. That was rude and unecessary. I wish people would tell him that instead of only saying how "amazing" he was for simply telling the truth and admiting there was a mistake and that he did not win.
Pure Omnipotence
Thank you Denzel
Jezmyn Kurufher
Thank the gods for Denzel
Divontay Swing
well Steve Harvey, I guess your now in the rear view mirror.
David Perry
Moonlight deserved it, but, Ashton Sanders should have received the best actor award.
samuel muiruri
do the chair know he got the wrong envelope?
samuel muiruri
someone said , if warren was a stage actor he would have reacted differently because he would be used to correcting himself if he received the wrong cue in stage plays.(thinking on his feet) i dont know what you think
Laissez - faire
Pulled a Steve Harvey
Tom Lee
End of Kimmel's career
F. Joel Price
Warren hesitating was actually good, because he obviously knew the envelope was incorrect. Faye was the one who made the mistake.
Mariam Gweely
Have a good day Warren , the calmest most wise man up there
Mariam Gweely
No matter what snatching that card like that will never be acceptable , no matter how intense and awkward it was
Virginia White
listen to music.
Virginia White
Dan The Man
Emma Stone didn't have to make that situation worse by saying that
Samuel West
trade Does anyone recognize one's better this work% iunny
Yohanna Siagian
You hosted the lowest rating oscar. The mistakes are staged to get covered. How low can yo go?
Imagine if instead of best actress they were handed best actor, so Manchester by the Sea gets called out, so producer Matt Damon goes up to collect, and in the middle of his speech Jimmy Kimmel has to interrupt that this is a mistake, and everyone thinks its staged cause its Damon and Kimmel...
Dylan Wood
processing cave space russian top comparison insect.
Natasha Hernández
I blamed Matt Damon
RedPandaGaming 2229
The 2,000 dislikes are 2,000 different accounts Matt Damon made
Bic rouge
I wish this happened with the presidential elections
John Legend's face @ 3:02. omg
Svenja Sanny
Jimmy Kimmel, what was that? It is so unfair to say he threw Faye under the bus and at the ceremony "what did you do", he didn't do anything wrong. And still he tried to explain. I feel so sorry for Warren, I can't imagine what it felt like
Jimmy lost too much weight he looks like a retarded cow
For those of you saying "she should have read the whole card first," try putting yourself in her shoes. You're on stage, in front of hundreds of people, and you have one job to do and that is to read a name on a card. Someone else's sole job is to make sure the right envelope is in your hands. This has never happened before, no one even knew this type of thing was actually a risk.
nina e
Lalaland=shit movie, moonlight= masterpiece
Nico Hernan
2016-2017 was weird
1. Wrong miss universe announced
2. Wrong Oscar award
3. Candidates losses with more votes
4. Golden gate warriors mess up a 3-1 record
5. Adele slips up at Grammys
6. Falcons lose to a biggest come back
7. Barcelona beat PSG with a 0-4 1st leg loss
8. Indians lose and Cubs win the cup
Harouna Diaby
Take a day off man; see how tired you look?
crazy lady
https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/mar/08/nike-launches-hijab-for-female-muslim-athletes?CMP=twt_gu All women in the world needs support from oppression and more so in the muslim world
crazy lady
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/08/a-day-without-a-woman-strike-feminist-protest-trump - support women rights
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