Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever

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Jimmy shares his personal perspective on what really happened when the Academy Award for  Best Picture was given to the wrong movie at the #Oscars.

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever

Bravo Seven
To much ads on youtube these day just ridiculous!
Yuleni Díaz
Unpopular opinion: Emma Stone seemed kind of rude when she was saying "so whatever story that is..."
Kayla Noller
You had one job...
agent kay
such emptiness
Justine Gail Gumalo
thank god denzel was there
D man
only jimmy Kimmel can make sense of this in his own way 😂😂😂
what old idiot is warren
blame it to russia as usual
Karl Leonard Hicks
Ryan Gosling jinxed Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars hosting; at point 1:15 he said “what can go wrong?”

Kelly Waldrop
Somebody in the Oscars staff got fired.🎃
CJayin TV
You think they fired who gave him the wrong card?
Damm Russians at it again
Athena Jaxon
Sorry but it was Faye's fault she should have bothered to read it and then announce that it was the wrong card
Monagin Detablan
So... did Emma Stone read her envelope? Maybe it did not have her name on it. :D
You know, I'm surprised this hasn't happened before if they always had two cards. But Jimmy and Warren and the producers handled it well. Not surprised that Jimmy will be back as host
It was no mistake! While Kimmel and Hollywood screams racist toward Trump. They're were being racist themselves by calling up another show than Moonlight. It was quite obvious, the card was written clearly. "MOONLIGHT" but nobody thought they would get called on it. Again, democrats trying to hide there racism.
Heval Barbara Kalkan
Warren even didnt read the name why La La Land bald producer act him angry that wasnt his fault
Anthony Lopez
Leo revenge 😂
Water Boy
Lmao this would only happen to jimmy
Jacob Foster
I don't like Jimmy for his jokes at warrens expense
Reva Golden
It was unfortunate that the confusion served as a tremendous distraction from the Moonlight cast's on-stage celebration of their award. It's a real shame. This is exactly what Jay Z means in his song Moonlight. I know accidents happen, but it's like "really?" 😑
It was the womans fault, SHE read it wrong...yet it was the mans fault? Typical anti-men sexism in hollywood
Mohamed Mansoor
This is just a drama to draw people's attention.
The King
Lol come to find out it was the accountants from Esteren & young
Beeby8 Reviews
Fay Doneaway with the Oscars.
Phoenix Wright
I bet Matt Damon would have made sure it didn't happen
zarqa Khan
3:12 literally me
Micaela Pontevedra
the bald guy was very rude, I understand he must felt very excited and disappointed and nervous but... let the man who made the mistake explain it, and let the host announce the real winner...
Ama Kinati
There is an SNL skit from the 80's that can put all this in perspective called PRICE and COOPER.
Clarence A. P.
Why did jimmy say "What did you do?"? . Faye read the card.
Wonder Women
At the end of the Matt Damon lost
Jeff Busby
I really wonder if this was on purpose, my only evidence… Warren Beatty saying that he thought that it said Emma stone and La land… But never said anything and passed it off to faye Dunnaway. Reread that first part and then catch up… But then fade Dunaway who is presented with the envelope reads Lala land…. And yet, Warren Beatty goes up to explain himself when he was not the one who announced it and making himself look like an idiot when he actually did not say anything

Wake up… Did anyone else catch that now?
he didn't say it, she didn't even look at it. senile people are not getting that gig again any time soon.
They can't even let niggas win rightfully.
Chloe Ann Bessarion
Everybody makes mistakes, learn from it, and move on.
In case you're wondering who made the mistakes? I heard its just a missed from the part of the auditors of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Maybe one of the auditors got star struck after seeing Emma Stone (or Ryan Gosling), and mix up the regular vs backup envelope.... again, this is just a "maybe" because when our brain produce the liquid of excitement, sometimes we are lost..... but again, lessons learned, and hope the Academy and its members already discussed what can be done to avoid the same issue in the future....
Marvel Iconic Heroes
steve blum
Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars next year & next time double check & recheck the "the best picture award" that way we'll screw it up again got it Jimmy ?
Aicha Mohamed
I was waiting the whole time so he can say Matt Damon did the prank
Linus Knight
ok sassy ass emma, if he was lying he wouldn't have said "It said EMMA STONE... LA LA LAND" he would have said "LA LA LAND"- so where would he have gotten that lie of information if he didn't have the duplicate envelope of your best actress award... bitter ass bish. be glad you won with your big ass face
Linus Knight
ok so since no one is describing what happened i will assume:

They were handed the duplicate of emma stones best actress award envelope, and they read it- then it transformed into the real best picture moonlight card/envelope within a seconds for the reveal... cool.
Kimmel didn't reveal what really happened. He came up with a monolog to try to find a workaround to what really happened.
Pandas are cool
jimmy will be hosting next year! yes!
Congratulations for coming back as the host of the Oscars in 2018!
Yeah, end of the World.
thank god he didnt have a heart attack or something... i think he thought it was his fault... i feel bad for him
he is so stoned
GB Atshe
"We lost by the way"
Freestylah x
'Who the hell knows who was who from each movie'.
Ehh i'm sure you can tell.
Marissa Fiala
I thought jimmy kimmel was jimmy Fallon😭
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