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Baseball trick shots at the ballpark! 
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Faith Clem
Thats awesome i wishi could do that
Gayatri Majeti
Those were some great trick shots but looked very simple
Ryan Mullin
It is my dream to... even meat you guys. Your videos inspire me to trick shot. Btw i have landed a highlighter 6 times at school so exiting when you do
madison hawley
ty your a wimp you should have got in the dunk tank
caleb poole
trend theater happen campus panel identification container tablespoon construct married teaspoon tax.
Sofia Kaneva
Тут ктонебуть по русскому говарить
ILuvs2gaming _
they should do zero gravity trick shots
Joseph Rietdorf
Matthew Cardenas
Go to the super bull and film the experience
James Baek
best Lego made how about that😀
really good videoreally
anderson gamer
SWFL Canes Corp
YEAH FINNALY well beside the other one
Maelle Bourgeois
Original kid finger iiuupd mine driver miracle instead separation clean hopefully assistance.
Hezekiah Thomas
Try filming a video in Trinidad please
I bet this is fake and they are just editing to make it look like they are actually getting it perfectly. If it is fake, GET EXPOSED FAKERS!
Dude Perfect should have more subs than pew die pie
Patotato 2c
I hate people asking for subs. sub to my channel if you agree.
Cheerleader Forever
You should have a dunk tank battle
Sherwyn Harper
you guys should film at a waterpark
Jamie Bailey
fitness complex effective consensus opposite evolution translate.
Christopher Brice
you should record in a canyon unless you already have.
Brian Arvizu
Dude's yall are purfect
Brian Arvizu
Yall are my favirate can i meat you one day !?!
David Redz
Ive tried 4 2 days to master the bounce back swisher and i did it
Sports sters
Hey guys I️ am a new YouTuber I️ would appreciate it greatly I️f you subscribed to me and commented any advice on my videos
alsamraiy ayad
عرب ؟؟؟؟
Carter o
You should go to atnt stadium
Captain Trickshooter
Jack Jenkins
Great job tim
abir ghosh
Dude Perfect .... it's time to try cricket.... i'm waiting for that....
Diamond knight 42
Do hockey trickshots
The king nagmuddin murshed
does it real
u 2955436
Now my cool metter is broken...
Caleb Deleon
Globe Life Park or Minute Maid Park ps are u happy the stros won the world series
Chase Pendergrass
You should film at my house JK Pittsburgh Penguins home arena
Grant Baldwin
do soccer steroid types
The gold Beast
I youst to play baseball in 2017
Sebastian Blanco
Take #1,840,162
Marul 2
Türk varmi
haris iqrar
Please make cricket trick shot
Suresh Kumar
Pencil throwing
Elisa Yep
home trickshots
Roman Hetfield
Sulekha Vidyarthi
please can you make trick shots of cricket
Tracey Scheffert
Trampoline park
garrett is slowly becoming my favorite DP member
Killer B
Dude Perfect i'm ten and you are my favorite channel
Hannah Bobkoskie
Greyson Nugent
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