Fishing For River Monsters! HD

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Well today I went up my creek for an adventure and within 2 hours I managed to catch the biggest fish I've ever caught and much more.

The Story: After getting a new fishing rod the other week, I was eager to test it out and what better way to do that then walk up my creek and catch 2 Long-finned eels (One being the biggest I've ever seen), 1 eel tailed catfish, and some little perch (Spangled Perch). After the amazing day of fishing ended I had loads of fun jumping off huge cliffs into the water!

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If you liked that Video, be sure to check out the time where I caught Bullsharks in the Logan River and had a scary encounter with the world's deadliest fish :)

Cheers Miller :)

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2:35 wow amazing video
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That plant is called stinging nestle
It's everywhere in Aus
Rave Dropz
My names Coyote Peterson and today...
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are you autralian
and what pole do you use
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Cape Cod Liam
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