"John Cena" and "Nikki Bella" arrive on Raw: Raw, April 10, 2017

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Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose meets his fellow Raw newcomers as the Superstar Shake-up begins.


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Richard Thao
#dean is funny
Pooja Brijwasi
wat r d similarities between aj lee n dean Ambrose???
Phung Tu
0:44 her face 😂 she thinks she pretty the real "Nikki Bella" is😂😂😂
PushPush TV
Shadow Girl
Why he do the he is stupid 😡
I agree the miz is not a good actor. He even admits
yerly patricia zapata
Lana Ahmadi
Is it just me or does myris (don't know how to spell it) actuallly look and sound like niki Bella
SuperDiamond _Wolf
miz has sucj
h a big but
Tablespoon 23
if the real John cena watch this what will be his reaction ? same with Nikki bella
jhonathan moyeton
Khematep Sok
Maryse's faces and their entrance was hilarious
Alicia Thompson
We'd yuk
Daniel Hill
nice to see Dean grip the IC title like a pissed man clutching his kebab for dear life.
Chase Potter
Dean abroad is awesome
Christopher Perez
That doesn't look like john cena
Harley D
I really want them to make a tv series of this. I don't care for Miz, or his wife but seriously this is great.
Brylle Fronteras
Dean has been wwe world champ, USA champ and intercontinental
Skyler Bell
Nikki doesn't have a big nose and a fat neck
Jennifer Gibson
That is not jona cena
Ciara Hernandez
LOL 3:14
Isabel Gomes
Happy birthday Jhon
Gustavo Vazquez Pacheco
ese no es John cena
Savage Jr
Shield is coming
Myler is My name
I was so confused why John cena looked ugly and Nikki Bella had a ugly face
kim young
The Miz sucks
abigael canlas
I agree
can you say, boob job?
Jason Madera
Alta Grace
is ambrose drunk
Ashley Smith
I can't stand the Miz and his wife.
Maryse is a better Nikki Bella than Nikki Bella
eazy brezy
miz is so supid and fack
Arantxa Manelyk
no entendeishon😒
Apple Pradilla
that couple are too ugly. 😜 the miz look like a owl, maryse look like a PLASTIC Doll.
Nataliq Vylkova
имитатора на Джон Сина ми
😐That's not John Cena
Charlie Davis
Lochman xboxone
It is miz
Bolling Ao09
i watch this on tv it was miz and his wife
محمد السيد اب اسعد السيد
مين هلأيرررر
Kennetta Bradford
lmao that's what the miz and maryse get!.
faby berthe
tu e le champion John cena
long way
lol fake john cena and nikki bella hahha
Raquel Pena
that was funny
شيلات شلات
Josh Edge
Butt johnnnnnnnnnn
Khushal Ahmed
I wasn't fooled
MojangMC Help
its likely scripted
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