EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series - Be Bruce Lee

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EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series turns its focus to Bruce Lee and shares a look at some of his in-game skills. 

Fight as Bruce Lee: http://o.ea.com/21513

Pre-order your copy of EA SPORTS UFC today and get the chance to fight as Bruce on Day One, or step into the Octagon, claim the belt and beat career mode to unlock the martial arts legend. 

Feel the fight as the action, emotion, and intensity inside the Octagon are brought to life like never before. The next generation of MMA fighting begins June 17 when the first EA SPORTS UFC game is released for the Xbox One and the PS4.

See more official UFC gameplay videos:
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Bruce Lee Reveal http://bit.ly/Ot5t0i
Feel The Fight: http://bit.ly/OBvP0z

Niko Vuorela
bruce lee is legend👊
Marshmallow Brandon
I'm going to miss Bruce Lee R.I.P I'm sure gonna miss him
Brian Barlow
this is probably one of the best game trailers known to man
Please the music?
Rocky Louie
Bruce Lee too quick too fast too powerful no way he can lose
Davorin Kuhar
Just read 2 of his book. Realised that he knew a lot of things back in 1970, that guys only now realise that stuff was important.
PinchBOOM__ __
The Bruce lee in the game is super unrealistic
He will defeat everyone in the roster in SECONDS!!
Jefferson Araujo
where can i find that background music
pk pk
Connor McGregor would have been smoked up had he fought against Bruce Lee ,Bruce was too quick to handle in blink of an eye he would just beat the hell out of anyone....5min would be enough for him to beat anyone in the lightweight and featherweight division .
Tanay Majumder
a legend like bruce lee should not be used in game
he was a legend and todays any ufc fighter in front of him would be a newbie
Deniz Lombardo
Be Water my Friend
Your videos are very STUPID!
You have not used his real speed, technique and powers!
You have disrespected him like a clown!
In real life Bruce lee would have won in seconds with no scratch at all.
Bruce Lee can beat and kill anyone in matter of seconds, I don't care who, and these punks are no match to him!
his kicks were extremely powerful, his one inch pouch, very powerful , and his super human speed!!!
Flash Light
I believe bruce lee have in this game all max skills ... if don't have, what else you must be, to have max skills? Bruce lee+terminator+rambo+superman in one?
Zachary Rodriguez
That violin playing in the background is so beautiful!
Lemar Babakarkhil
does anyone know what the Name of the Background music is?
TwoGun Gunnar
"Where do you come up with this stuff?"
Wing Chun. More specifically, Yip Man & Wong Shun Leung's Wing Chun, that's where.
Looked and sounded like this would be awesome fun to play, until you see that Bruce Lee fights like a tit-for-tat ! In reality, Bruce Lee would wait for the other guy to punch and completely dominate the fight with excellent counter moves....NOT allow a hit and return a hit gaming nonsense! Back to the drawing board guys.
Fletcher Weninger
Heeyy Friendds I Have Founddddd Workingg Online Hacck visitttt : - https://t.co/uuz4dmQlWb
Bruce Lee
Bruce lee.Father of MMA
Michael Dozen_Beast
they don't have Bruce Lee's real moves in ufc
Brian Wong
He would be world champion in his weight class since they said he hit like a heavyweight! He would be fighting in bantamweight division I believe. He learned and studied the ground game as well he just didn't portray it in his films as much because he wanted to feed the audience with the standup. He does the arm triangle in Game of death and the guillotine on Chuck Norris. If Chuck Norris got his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu imagine how well Bruce lee would have done. He was also a Amateur Boxing champion in high school 1958. His side kicks were badass reminds me of Stephen Thompson style.
Burnzy Gaming
I think I side kick from Bruce Lee would kill someone, just look at what he does to super heavy bags.
Mateja Kostic
Eric, bruce Lee = best fighter
Bibek Bohara
0:48 that kick thou 😂
Daniel Ojeda Ramírez
Daniel Ojeda Ramírez
Fazer Master
I don't know someone about whom I can say 'He would win Bruce Lee'. Nobody.
NatFillion S
This guy would destroy everyone.
help me
"Be water my friend" WONDER TWINS! FORM OF, A DRAGON! Other one: FORM OF, WATER!
If your looking for the song that plays through the trailer, it's on my channel. Just search my channel and should be found easily.
gabriel pazmiño
Be Water my friend
Imagine ip man in a ufc game
Viking Anime
can you guys sgin this https://www.change.org/p/ea-sports-bring-ea-ufc-2-to-pc
Debonair AP
Chema Brinval
It's just a skin... I'm sure that programming jeet kune do was terribly difficult (right Tekken?)
Tuan Nguyen
It would be great if Bruce Lee is still alive
Chuck Morris
Song = Darude sandstorm
Miguel Sanchez
Can someone tell me the name of the kick Bruce Lee did at 1:39
Quenton Drake
its official Bruce Lee is confirmed for EA UFC 2
Clash Of Kemo
Yung Mellow
bring back bruce in the NEW UFC GAME
itsyaboi skin
Chief Wiggum
People who think that he would dominate the UFC today are ignorant and are merely fanboying. He probably wouldn't even know how to defend an armbar. I am not dissing him at all. I am a fan of his movies and his philosophical teachings. I am merely going to state facts.
The guy has zero competition experience in any form of sanctioned martial art or combat sports. He has a perfect record of 0-0-0. Street fights and allegedly beating up stunt doubles does not count (as if MMA fighters don't get into street altercations themselves). The difference between punching and kicking wooden boards and heavy bags compared to another trained human being looking to hit you back is tremendous.
Do you seriously think that he can compete against your average MMA world champion who has been doing it since they were young, have the privilege of modern athletic science and the knowledge of martial arts that has seen a rapid evolution over the last few decades due to the popularity of MMA? Do you think he can compete against these guys who don't have the distractions that he had being a movie star and mega celebrity? You're an idiot if you think he could compete against the best of the best today. Not gonna happen.
But, I get it. Fanboys gonna fanboy.
Ogkriz Nation
Ogkriz Nation
bruce lee invented jeet kune doo he has a mind of his own and strength his teacher couldn't beat him he throw fast punches like him
Zking 95
No one can ever be bruce lee
Marco D
name of background song anyone? GOOD SHIT.
Strider Seiryu
anyone know the song that plays in this?
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