The Other Woman - Kate Upton beach scene

Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz running in the beach.
The Other Woman (2014)

The Stranger
Kate Upton is one of the top ten hottest women ever!!!
Вова Вовкин
Эээх, хороша девка.
Henchman Twenty1
Women check each other out more then guys check them out.
Kate has a nice rack and face but that's about it :\
Nelson Asencio Jr.
Am I the only one who came here just to masturbate at Kate Upton
Suck my meme bitch
my favorite scene loolll
Fezfouza Alili
Christian Russell
She is extremely sexy that ass is beautiful
Cameron Diaz is always great in action movies and comedy, she is very funny.
Carla Tiffany Tunque Oregon
Can't find name of song, somebody?
Rodrigo Ventilari
These are the only 2 reasons to watch this movie
That jump tho @1:20 0_0 Ok CAM!
Bexi Lou
Cameron's body is Amazing!!
Rabbi Ephraim - Shlomo Shekelwitz Anuddahshoahberg
1:34 - 1:45 I'm literally crying.
chris miller
0:52 What would have made this commercial a classic(something I would not know anything about) would have one of the guys laying down in a lounge chair stroking it in the background as Kate slowly jogs down to the waves.
What what
Reema bakheet
Christian Ceniceros
0:26 no ass lol
Rose Portia Amor
are her tits fake????
I actually prefer Cameron's sporty physique. Those are serious goals. 👍🏼
Brooke Branting
What song is playing?
Andrew Selvanathan
i'd fuck kate upton in front of veranda
TheAlphaArcher YT
Kate upton: best sexy
ThisIsHow WeParty
2:20 sex scene 😂
Carla Tiffany Tunque Oregón
somebody tell its name is feel so good bye aroon sygman but cant find!!!!! please
Carla Tiffany Tunque Oregón
Name of song please
Can*t find it!!!!!
Delwin Louis
Kate Upton looks great in that scene
Cameron Diaz is just not funny any more
Oscar Amezcua
What's the name of this song?
Danielle Martin
Seeing that chick on the beach, I think I just entered puberty
Dawna Anderson
What's the name?
1:32.... Kate Uptons right foot dangles all weird when she runs... like her ankle is broken or something...... Mind you, i didn't notice this until the 12th time i hit the replay button because i was mesmerized by her rack.... but check it out once you are done masturbating. Very odd run.....
Joshua Martin
ha ha
Daniel Randall
She's like a midlife crisis mistress I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
0:25 all I see
Tasharni Newell
cameron diaz,take another at look at yourself girl u are 20
Joshua Harner
one of the funniest chases i scene
Anne Marie Dautry
elle est trop hot je trouve♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Alexia Goddess
what is the name of this song?? I can't find it anywhere...
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