7:21 "It's very... uh... yeah."Exactly. I was speechless the first time I saw the sets too... not to mention a little queasy.
Will Yunshu Chen
I think the interior of the bridge looks sleek, just a bit dark.
Holger Wagner
Sorry, not Maggie Q .... MY TERRIBLE MISTAKE.... Michelle Yeoh it is the real one... But Maggie Q wouldn´t be bad either
Holger Wagner
Look, we know everything what is new... well... its new... and here another true phrase... innocent until proven guilty.

I am a long time star trek fan, observing the real world getting more and more products fm ST to reality... Perhaps it is good that not real star trek fans doing the series. As you know it is sometimes good to get outsiders on board to have a new perspective.
Just on the record, the series I couldn't get along with was Enterprise with Scott Bakula... and I like Scott Bakula a lot.

What did JJ Abrahms with the Enterprise was really awesome, though ST3 was quiet low, welcoming still the new characters.

So lets see September 2017 and after chapter 5 we should talk. I adore the Maggie Q is on board... and I have no other idea for a new captain still yet... though they are a lot good actors out there. But as we all know... science fiction is special for special actors.

So... relax... settle down and lets watch... see you after chapter 5... when all other critics had gone by...(Live long and prosper)
S Blair
Remember Axanar! Don't catch the STD that CBS wants to spread. :)
Here's something to consider.. The Klingon Empire is a vast entitity spanning hundreds, maybe thousands of worlds just like the United Federation of Planets. Just like the UFP, why shouldn't we have more variety in how they look?
One thing that's worth noting that this is going to be the first Star Trek TV series to be launched at a time where1080i or 1080p viewership is now the prime assumption, and the show is clearly taking this in mind.
J. C.
Weren't we promised that this show would be back in the original universe? That pre NX ship was an obvious callback to the most recent movie, and those uniforms are way too similar to the recent movies. I'm not happy about this, and I'll not be watching it.
Rsd Sd
Those "Klingons" look terrible. like almost comically bad.
Alin Rotaru-Segall
I am afraid it will be an absolutely horrible series, Star Trek sexualized, action-adventurized and stripped of any meaningful characters. But until I see the pilot I am still waiting for a complete miracle.
Donald Hill
think they either flipped the nacelles from what was on the wire frame and this is the top.
michael ferron
Sick of them changing klingons . Hope series fails quickly.
I'm staying open minded for now. Also the Enterprise torpedos were more bullet shaped.
It is going to be terrible.. I do not consider this canon just like I refuse to acknowledge the jarjarverse.
kada jawi
I'm much more excited about the Orville trailer than the Discovery trailer... and have the feeling that Orville will be more Trek than this. Cinematic or not. Hopefully Discovery will fail, because all the mistakes they made are not necessary.
Dániel Veres
I do not really get you guys. In previous videos you were quite negative about the series for a list of good reasons. And now suddenly you are backing it while nothing has happened ever since. Only of course this trailer, but it is no better than any previous glimpses we have seen.
For no apparent reason you've made a 180 degree turn...
Jive Pendragon
NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT DID THEY DO WHY WHY WHY ANOTHER PREQUEL.....= another early cancelation and another decade of star trek dessert on tv!!!!
Chris Pofahl
Sooooo 10 years before Kirk's command would be dead in the middle of Pike's command which means we could ostensibly see an earlier version of Big E. With that being a possibility, you'd think the "current" ships would share some aesthetic with their Constitution class siblings.
Daniel Marinucci
cbs/Paramount doesn't really want the better produced fan films around, so I've decided I don't want Star trek: Discovery on my phone, tablet, or tv.heck I don't even want to read about it.
Where is Star Trek ? Where is Picard ? Your forced liberalism costs money. Are you people stupid ? Gay characters ? Star trek should inspire future generations ! Not to transform our children in gay people !I will not go to this movie. I am simply not curious ... this is pathetic. Your "liberalism" is at our upper limit !
Howard King
I hope it's canceled after one season
Howard King
Guys. How can you be excited about another prequel after CBS sued its fans over axnar. and set rules on fan films.
I LOVE STAR TREK ds9 voyager tng all of the material for a sequel just waiting and cbs goes prequel come on guys
i and millions of other fans want a sequel.. so as a fan i will not watch this version of trek i cannot see how anyone who loves trek would love another prequel or help the studio promote this show thats just my personal opinion like or not
All I can say is this. I watched the trailer, and it left me cold... I have no interest in it. (sighs) The Orville looks WAY more fun and ST-tribute ish.
Ken Burgess
Tired old actress for the lead, no primary male characters in site for guys to relate to, trying to remake the Klingons (and probably every other alien race as well) ... I can tell you already this will be a bigger fail than ANY Star Trek effort to date, film or cable, bank on it.
Robert Wood
What screams out at you? Dat ass 😂😎
Juan Javier Diaz
We don't care about Discovery! We wil not watch it, expect it nor look for it. We are calling all Star Trek true fans for a compete and total boycott os Discovery unless and until Star Trek Axanar is allowed to be completed and shown in its entirety. CBS may own Star Trek but we Trekies are the Star Trek Universe. Resistance Is Futile!
You Clowns have to be Nuts! They actually liked this Crap? I'm Done with these Morons!
paul Smith
Obviously its cast has been chosen to push multicultural ideology and that makes it propaganda by definition.
I want entertained, not brainwashed I will be giving this garbage a miss.
Larry Kustyn
Yes Capt. Obvious it's a reboot!
I didn't see ANYTHING in this that looked like Trek... they had the desert from star wars... the armor from Mass Effect... the Aliens (Klingons in name only - or KINO) from Warhammer 4K... oh my god! She's got a KIRK communicator! FUCK! That's Trek!

Yep, totally saved the series for me /s
DISCOVERY IS a piece of SHIT..cancel it NOW.
Anton Resurreccion
Looks great. it's totally different. I assume people who watched the original Star Trek hated on TNG just as much back then for the computer graphics and said "doesn't look like Star Trek to me" like a lot of people now to this show. it's STAR TREK! an open mind is needed to watch Star Trek one would think. let's give it a chance.
mummification = permanently dead
It looks appalling, this isn't Star Trek as it should be, its been bastardised. Hope it fails.
Petrus Laredes
I'm not happy with the man on the right side of the screen defending Discovery; and the reason why is because as long as there are fanboys willing to defend material which is a transparent, soulless cash grab, then the psychopathic corporate suits will continue to produce more of it.

Don't give me that crap about "taking television to the next level." That is a completely vacuous, meaningless statement. It means nothing, and is exactly the sort of lying, promotional garbage that the suits themselves use in order to justify themselves.

The suits don't want to produce genuinely quality television, because that's too hard, and the ONLY thing they care about is money. Instead they want to produce fecal matter with a layer of gold paint, (which is exactly what that trailer is) and then rely on the fact that there will always be spineless sheep in the audience who are uncritically happy about the fact that ANYTHING is being produced with the Star Trek label, rather than worrying about if said television is actually GOOD.

This should not be watched. It should be boycotted into the ground, and the suits should be told in no uncertain terms that if they want our money, then they are damn well going to do things on OUR terms, not theirs. If we don't do that, then the only thing we're going to get is more of the same.
Brian hopper
What a mess!
And I'm crucknzz wot?
Stephen Jackson
WATCH ᴴᴰ FuII Movie ➨
what? no pedophile or zoophile characters??? fuck that biggoted white cis gender bullshit... this is NOT a diverse Star Trek!
How can you guys a Star Trek fans like this JJ films are horrible
Andrew Knoll
don't you guys think it's weird the technology is more advanced the most recent prime timeline, which is voyager. It bugs me that the farther back in time you go now the more advanced the technology gets.. It should look more like a constitution class vessel because pike is the captian of the enterprise in this timeline or the first captian of the enterprise. I forgot his name. The enterprise was launched 15 years before kirk. The klingon look like crap btw. What kind of star trek fan would actually like this jj based crap. star trek is not about explosions and lens flare. It's about exploration and the human condition. This is just flashy bullshit to bring in the new trek fans.
Dwain Morris
I am going to watch Orville instead its more like Star Trek than this show
Dwain Morris
Dwain Morris
I think it was extremely good looking trailer
However...the dialogue seem questionable.
Dr. Strangelove
annnnddddd i never come back to trekyards again
Jeff Jacobs
I am really glad to see you guys are obviously optimistic about this!!
Jake Turner
This looks great to me but you know I tend to except changes based on updates to technology. If it bothers people that they did not roll out a ship attached to a string then yes it is going to suck.
Meghan Brockett
WATCH ᴴᴰ FuII Movie ➨
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