ST: Discovery First Look Trailer - Full Analysis/Review (Trekyards)

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The Star Trek Discovery trailer came out today so we filmed a full review analysis! 30mins of Trekyards goodness! 

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Jake Turner
This looks great to me but you know I tend to except changes based on updates to technology. If it bothers people that they did not roll out a ship attached to a string then yes it is going to suck.
Meghan Brockett
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Michael Hazlett
Fuck the JJ shit in this new piece of shit
My first opinion was this is totally crap. But to be honest changes needed to be made. i miss the clear colors of command engineer/security and science, but a well in the end it is the storytelling that makes or break it. so far the captain don't say to me wow yea this is awesome. But i will give it a chance. and the ship. at the beginning of the federation mixed match ships might happen so. let's give it a chance its the stories that will make or break it.
I think we are going to see the new version of the Discovery ship either in the Last trailer CBS will release or in the Pilot!
This is what before Kirk era looks like. It's not going to do well! I do not know how I'm going to watch this.

Anyone know of something that has been made with Star Trek that looks better?
Albert James
i found the site to watch hd movie now for free
J Ren
From the looks of it I'm going to say the Shenzhou is roughly the size of the Akira class, but that's just a guess.
Hey cpt foley There's a Trek museum in Calgary and drum heller check it out!
Can we get a show after voyager plz PLEASE
Frank Harr
Why's the bridge so big?

What's with all the shiny fabric?

Is this a time travel story?

But it's a re-boot?

Huh. Again?

I'm just vary confused. Nothing . . . fits. Neither cannon nor the fact that it's supposed to be quasi-military. So I guess it is a reboot.
KC Martin
I love Sar Trek USS Discovery NCC-1031 trailer Iam very happy that they carried over Delta Insigna Badges of Departments and I hope The Medical one is Red Cross its Medical it makes a lot of since and its my fave StarTrek 2009 and Star Trek Darkness and I was unhappy when I saw Doctor McCoy upclose wearing the wrong Delta Sheld Department Insigna The Red Cross fits Medical Coprs prectly I still loved Star Trek Reboots movies.I hope the Medical Delta shelid Insigna Badge RedCross its my fave one I wear it all the Time I got like Few of them as Commbadges on my Uniform CollectionI love Delta Sheild Insigna s Department is RedCross for Medical. Ia glad there Badges and not patches it would look very cheap.I have Comcast X1 I have Netflix streaming on Standby for airing star Trek Discovery I hope Gay Couple getting married and I hope they have a Beagle aboard ship no starship should not be without one because they will berfect Secuirty trained when Tricoders fail you have your Beagle nose for backup.I fallen with the breed from StarTrek Enterprise and my Ex BoyFriend had a Beagle I just fallen love with the breed.My Beagle Corky loves to watch star Trek Enterprise with me he loves to bark at porthos and waits to see him again he has his own Dog Movie Collection.I cant wait for USS Discovery comes out as ship I have to get it.
FD Mackey
Looks more like something from the JJVerse than anything else. And we won't be paying to watch it. Instead, my wife and I will be tuning into "The Orville" on Fox, while clearly a spoof of Star Trek in many ways, that show looks WAY more entertaining than ST:D.
Nice presentation. It looks interesting but I wish they had followed the lead of the fan productions and kept more of a retro look and feel.
Martin Horowitz
For Humans blue is the wrong color, light is red to preserve night vision. Monochrome Displays are green for highest eye sensitivity (like night vision scopes),
Martin Horowitz
Warp effect, woukdn't be visible, the way it is visualized might be a screen style, which can be select just like a theme on a pc.
Before this came out, I felt that it was pretty dumb that people were saying this was a lost cause before we even got to see anything of it beyond some rough ship designs. But... this really doesn't give me a lot of hope, it just doesn't seem like Star Trek to me. Granted a trailer isn't necessarily an accurate portrayal of what a show or movie will be like, this isn't giving me a lot of hope, and I have kept an extremely open mind about everything about Discovery so far.

I will say that the ship interior and uniform designs do look pretty believable as an evolutions on Enterprise era stuff, other than that I'm pretty skeptical.

But its just he whole tone of the thing, Star Trek is about the wonders of technology, and using that technology, hope and co-operation to solve problems. But this looks like it will be another typically dark overly dramatic sci-fi show attempting to do what the BSG reboot did. It worked great for BSG, but the same thing won't work for Star Trek.

I'm not saying Star Trek can't be dark, just look at DS9 for example, but even in those dark situations like during the Dominion war of overlaying theme of hope and faith in co-operation and problem solving were still present. While also maintaining a certain level of light heartedness and a humour, something that this looks like it will be completely lacking.

If the show does indeed turn out like that, I am pretty damn sure it'll go the same route that Stargate Universe did when they took out the good inter-character chemistry, good story telling, with a lighthearted and self-aware tone of the other shows in favour of just making everything dramatic for drama's sake.
B. Alexandru1997
Hi make a video about The Orville spaceship please !
It looked like muh diversity to me, while shitting all over canon.
I think it will crash and burn.
The Orville may be more Star Trek than this.
looks more jj universe and no prime disappointed.
The sheer fatalism in the comments here is enough to kill any man foolish enough to trawl its depths
Darren Klein
To me the ship would be different because this ship was probably intended for deep space exploration so it would probably be more advanced than the standard Federation starships. The bridge on the bottom would make sense because it would double as an observation point though I do like the window viewscreen from the JJ era it just fits with me and I like their HUD displays on that. I am hoping that this will be good though time will only tell but the first trailer makes me think that the ships in this series here are going to look more advanced because they are more of long mission exploration ships so I think the more advanced looking gear should be there or maybe it is just my preference, but it is cool. I am hoping that this is more about exploration than it is about fighting because we have had so much fighting in Star Trek the DS9 with the war, Voyager fighting because they are stranded a long way from home and the JJ universe has a lot of fighting maybe not ship but there is just a lot of fighting. It would be interesting if there was not that much fighting but some though I hope they do what the title says discovery so they explore quite a bit and find interesting things maybe even some reference to the beings that seeded the galaxy in the first place, that would be interesting.
Christopher Blair
Remove the lens flares hiding how extremely plain the sets are and it doesn't look "way above" an ordinary TV budget anymore.
There are TWO very different looking Klingons in this trailer. Hopefully they explain some things as this is the Prime timeline.
David Rich
so, I'm just watching this for the first time...of course they are Klingons...they are doing the death yell...there is a sect, with Red and White...I think we will see Kayless (sp?) in discovery
David Rich
maybe when we saw the ship the first time, it was coming in upside down
Heath Lawrence
I've been a fan of Star Trek since I was about 8 years of age. I'm now 50 years old. That franchise has given me so much entertainment, wonder and joy over those years. If someone had told me that there would come a day when I would have absolutely no interest in a Star Trek series I would not have believed them...and yet, here we are...
Jerry Nixon
You guys are terrific. Always positive, optimistic, star trek-like.
Groove Mistress
Very few people other than a small section of Trek fan die hards are going to watch this car crash. No one will watch it on CBS No Action, so it's done for in the US. A few people might watch it in Canada on the Spaced channel or whatever it's called, and a few people will watch the early episodes on Netflix before thinking "this is crap" and not bothering with the rest of it. In no way is this show going to increase paid subscriptions to either Netflix or CBS No Action.

Since Netflix are effectively paying CBS to make this steaming pile of horse shit, the responsibility begins and ends with Netflix. CBS has no responsibility to Discovery. It doesn't care. All it sees is $$$$$ but has no idea how to make a Trek show that will make money. All the shit that come out of that cretin Moonves' mouth makes me cringe. It's well known he hates Star Trek with a passion, and nothing he'll ever say now he's desperate for it to be a success will change that.
I desperately hope you're right about the ancient Klingon theory, if it turns out these are regular modern Klingons I will stop watching there and then as it would completely ruin Trek for me since Klingons are my favourite thing about Trek.
Midnight Rider
Overdone, over acted and over the top. Feminist crap.
Idiot fanboys saying the same old shit before every series comes out having not seen any of them. Twats.
John F
More great reviews: wired:
James Lewis
I have to say I am quite underwhelmed by this trailer. The effects, uniforms, etc look great but they seem to have totally screwed up the look of the Klingons (unless this is being done in JJ verse) as it matches neither Kirk era Klingons nor TNG era. Having a half-human half-vulcan is so passe now I can't see how this can be anything but diet Spock. Otherwise it shows us nothing about what the show is focussed on in terms of plot.
Cyber Sadist
Looks like a bad Sci-Fi channel film. Very disappointed by it.
Isocube Software
I hate the look and I hate the 'lowest denominator' gospel-like music that seems to work on everybody but me.
Daniel Cox
Bring back Star Trek:Enterprise instead of having the this generic nonsense
Ah, whatever, the windows weren't the worst addition by JJ.
james ward-gwilliam
however at this time you have to remember Klingons were messing with augmentation and it caused all sort of havoc
I am soooo glad you guys made this review! From the first few minutes I already knew you were going to give this trailer the review it deserves! TY for taking into account that we live in 2017 and things being re-imagined only makes sense! ty honestly!
Marius Jacobs
I just wish I could have 10 minutes with the guys in charge of this show:

This show exists, same as any other media, to make money. WHY THE FUCK would they piss off the Fans - the ones that would be considered the "guaranteed audience" for this show, by doing stuff LIKE change the Klingons to look like Trolls (Amongst other things) that they MUST have known would piss off hard core fans.

Personally I don't Care. I will watch Discovery. It looks Fucn epic. But what pisses me off, is that they piss off the hectic fans of the show, which means that people boycott the show, talk bad about the show, and ultimately the show gets cancelled. Why change the look of the Klingons? Honestly. Why? It doesn't need to happen and they MUST have known it would piss off people. WHY. Why destroy a proven product that they are trying to sell?

I absolutely cannot understand this. They took a formula that works, and intentionally change it so that it DOESNT work in a way that annoys the guaranteed audience, resulting in what could be the failure of this show. Astonished.

Please enlighten me if anyone has an answer.
Andrew Dunne
The bridge reminds me of Moya's bridge from Farscape.
Looks good though. Bring on the Klingon wars!
No, no, no. This show is set 100 years after the NX series of ships. It makes no sense for the ships to look like the now defunct era ships. Before Kirk and Spock, Capt. April and Pike had both already commanded the Enterprise. Meaning the TOS Enterprise is already out there flying around, so why do these ships look so different?
Lance Heaps
To play on the Klingon in the bar on the TOS episode The Trouble with Tribbles. "Your right the series should not be hauling garbage it should be hauled away as garbage!"
Isn't it hilarious how much Captain Foley shreds the JJ movies, from aesthetics to storylines, but gives this trailer a passing grade. lol
Good or bad it feels awesome to finally have a trailer.
John F
Time Magazine: "Star Trek: Discovery Releases Epic First Trailer and It's Worth the 16-Year Wait"
Maybe the Shenzou is just a highly specialized vessel and a lot of these changes are for those purposes.
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