Thank You Notes with President Obama

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Jimmy and President Obama write out Thank You Notes to Congress, Obama's birth certificate and Hillary Clinton.

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Thank You Notes with President Obama

Victor Coronel
And now the award to doing absolutely nothing for the longest time award goes to OBAMA YO MAMA
Anna Xavier
Such a nice man Obama
Sephie Emmerson
i like it
"We Shall Win by the Use of Slogans."-Vladimir Lenin.
Gary H
(How so you like me now) lmfao
Fallon's excessive politeness and political correctness is insincere and disingenuous. He doesn't say what he means, nor does he mean what he says. We are living through history, yet Fallon offers shallow observations forgotten in ten seconds. I like Fallon. But I don't like this.
Fuelled by Hate
Thank You President Obama for giving 400 million dollars to our enemy Iran in which they will use to fund jihad terrorism.
AnimeJT Shadow
"How do you like me now?"
krishna wibawa mukti
he is the best President indeed
Obama was a great president
Loveliness DePinto
March 31, 2017. We Love Great White Our General! We Love Our General Great White! "We were searching for our hearts of Gold. We were searching 'cause "the dark side was way too old". We went searching for our hearts of gold, We knew Our Hearts of Gold..." And....."Yes We Did!"
Virgilio Marquez
Is Obama Left handed?Im also left handed!Yey!!
I love love love it! :-)
David D



Tyler Rodriguez
2:58 my personal favorite part of the vid 😂😂😂
Tyler Rodriguez
I love Obama, was he the greatest president? No, but he's a damn good man and he did the best with what he was given..
Mr Jee
See? Obama writes with his left hand = intelligent
When Trump writes he does it with his feet = infantile
Raphael Pacheco
Will Jimmy Fallon do The same with Donald Trump? #ComingSoon
Just came from the LGBT Thanks from Ellen, I think I'm gonna start tearing up. I miss President Obama😭💗
It's Billie Bow
Yay am left handed like barack obama oh and my brother has the same bday as barack obama 4th august
ItzLukeZoid :D
Obama shown people that just because he is President, he can stll be legendary
DA SHADE!!!!!!
Blaze Master
obama got swag
hiromichi aoki
It should be like "Yes We Can Lie to the congress, American citizens, and people in other countries." and "Yes We Did".
Fahim Hossain
Hilary is not president today ! !
who is watching this 2017 and thinking this 😁😁
how do you like me now??? slayed it
"where's my music" lmao lmao
Anthéa Ando
"Where is my music?" XD
Still my President !!
look... if Donald ended his presidency before his four years mark, Americans will be as grateful as they are for obama.
Kieran Welch
Thank God For Donald Trump!!!
Greg Thurell
Trump would ask why he isn't the one getting thanked
Eggroll Gaming
Obama is lefty?
Moe Accra
1K Fucking Racist People 😡
Afri Eric
I'm not even an American but i can't love and Stand for usa as i did during Obama administration
Afri Eric
I'm scared of usa after him
Riazi Ibrahim
Ok Obama is beast
Conde Zafiro
Am I the only one who wanted to cry with the 'YES WE DID' note?
Made in America
Barry the moose lams terrist suporter!!!
Made in America
worst black singer of all times ever.....
Made in America
more details than any president real cool retard!!!
Made in America
Maria Alvarado
"I would've said female but somebody deleted the email" I died 😂😭💀
Ardita Vukaj
Who came here from kid letters with Hillary Clinton
Basic Bitch
Fun fact: as soon as trump was elected president searches on google for 'move to Canada' sky rocketed!!
Djpony pony
hi was a great man.. i mind is a great man... was a great presidente, but the new one.. sucks!!!
Jake Cars reviews
I hope he's bringing back the obama fro or he must be kidding
Layne Bottom
this will always be my favourite of the thank you notes
Alex Dragoi
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