Thank You Notes with President Obama

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Jimmy and President Obama write out Thank You Notes to Congress, Obama's birth certificate and Hillary Clinton.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.

Thank You Notes with President Obama

Mason 9023
That's so stupid Obama should have never said that about trump America we need to fix are act we are acting like children we need to stop this trump needs to do what he needs to do but we aren't letting him and that's totally unfair😡😡😤
Daniel Popa
That someone claims to be my fellow citizen from Romania hacker called Gucifer
Well... Trump won.... Burn!
Devynn Belter
“Where’s my music?” XD
Soli A
The world is missing you Obama!!! I miss you Obama ❤️
Richy Martinez
Man fuck You too
I love Obama’s
Tulk Dadada
Do you know what the difference between Obama and others are? He has that class, that style. He has a class which no one in the world matches. Respect, Obama.
Miles Beining
Times were weird back then. We had a President that could write.
Spickles Neilson
Can’t forgot to say thanks Obama for supporting the LGBT community. Hopefully Aus will follow in your footsteps
Gaurav Singla
Not interested in anything pla dont prove me pp apple
Gaurav Singla
Chander gupta morya
O Shit
Everyone had so much hope that it would've been Hillary who became president
Mark Gormley
Two puppets, one soros
How has America not woken up yet to realized that Obama is a lizard
Daniel Farr
No We Didn't!!!
D Bag
Just came here to say, Sorry James
Tony Stark
Say whatever you want about Obama. The man’s got class, the people’s respect, and doesn’t talk like a 4 year old on coke
Mehmood Babri
Where's my music
Currently Unavailable
They zoomed in for Obama and the pen wasn't even touching the paper.
Russia Forever
F Hilary Mr. Obama is the one .
Jarrett Allan
Good riddance ... Wish ya luck on your venture with the elite on abolishing the constitution and creating a new world order!!!
Jarrett Allan
And THANKYOU OBAMA for doubling the national debt since the time you were in office!!!!
Tuan Nguyen
15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
Thank you Obama for actually colluding with the Russians.
kev hollywoodgamer
Awesome first 2 thank you notes from jimmy.They could of all been suck up thank you notes 2 Obama,but were funny and what we were all thinking. Bad on cunton for deleting the emails she cant be trusted 2 run the country. You need some1 with balls, that will get tough and heartless to a country who fucks with America.
Jarrett Allan
Thank you Hilary Clinton for being a voice for the corrupt Government, thank you got being a voice for the crooks in politics, thank you for shutting down the voices of your husband's rape victims yet claim to be a feminist, thank you for properly covering up numerous war crimes- it truly reminds me that America still truly stands for freedom, thank you for using your voice to call Young black men sexual predators and yet Pretened to be a supporter of minorities, thank you Hillary for relentlessly perusing a New global initiative similar to Hitler's Nazi Germany because I was born Jewish but I wasn't alive at that time to capture the full experience of being burned alive in gas chambers in the name of communism.... Haha but on a serious note, thank you Hitler-ey for having a vagina-that's honestly the only thing I can thank you for while trying to keep a straight face.
Arcade Titan
"thats a nice pen, can I keep it?" LMAO
"How d'you like me now?"
Adios ya Marxist monkey
Jane Madison
Sometimes people who smile lie to you the most.
kaarthik shanmugham
How do you like me now?! Lol
Charles Charlemagne-Martel
Trump haunts his dreams at night
Miguel Krewson
Lol imagine this with trump
Govinda Krishna
applesjack slime
I love you president Obama
Hussnain Azeem
I miss Obama man!!!!
Salute to barack obama
I did not like you when you started but god damn it I miss you 😢
RisKy VibeZz
The email joke got my dying 😂
Sara Mónica Silva
Barack Obama remember me president of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa!!
King Nothing
Gotta laugh at 2:40
Oh the heartache.
Roiva Vinca Karagdag
didn't he steal the email joke from a tweet?
3:34 "Hail Hydra"
former NFL fan
Obama is a war criminal.
I'm not gonna bash Trump because I'm a mature human adult, but I will say I do miss Obama and wish he would do more public stuff I mean it seems like he just fell off the earth and it's kinda weird and sad.
The Fabsisters
Kimbo The Jimbo
Obama is a lefty.
Lidya Gebremeden
Oh dear Obama! How you are missed
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