Roman pinned for the first time in WWE! 11-on-3 Handicap Match: Raw, Sept. 23, 2013

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Daniel Bryan leads a squadron of Superstars against The Shield in a thrilling, and historic, 11-on-3 Handicap Match on Raw.
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Nikku Sharmu
Katheeja Mashkoora
John Sena is the best
PotaTomato Man
Appolo Crews is my freaking favorite big guy
Dilay Aydoğdu
2015 after Royal Rumble be like;
Akshay G
At 3:50 Reigns kicked by his cousins
j.nagavardhan jagannatham
Hi this j.nagavardhan channel see my videos
Take OFF
His cousin pinned him
I thought the shield were gonna win
Stefano3000 Begaj
Fac Yu Yu so s'
arvind tiwary
Yes!! Roman should be beaten like this only, he didn't even able to fight with Daniel Bryan. I don't know why people like Roman, he didn't know how to give spear. The only spear masters are-- Goldberg and Edge!!!
ankit gamer
East or west ROMAN is the best....
1D lover Larry Stylinson
WWE is so fake 😂😂
Jivan Kumar
MLGSkillzPlayz /Roblox And More
Wtf 😑 9 on 3
Rnjth Rock
Little Gibby
The Shield is back
Shiv Katiyar
what roman and the USPS are family members
Muhammad Arif
I like roman
Abu Bakar
nepolean rajalingam
wow roman the shield
Admiral Kizaru
wtf 3 spears in a row is unfair
Suraj Rawani
secthe and I think that
goku ssj blue com kaioken aumentado 10x
Subhasini Sahoo
I don't realize why people boo roman. Because of his top push and 3&4 boring moves. So why don't you boo Lesnar(I know he is a mma fighter) but he use that a few times. In all the matches he just use 2 moves(less than Roman reigns moves). And haa you talk about push . You don't know that when Lesnar debut in the WWE(2002 when he was not a mma fighter) he won the WWE championship at the same year. He beat the rock, hulk hogan . And won the Royal rumble a year after he debut(2003). But roman reigns won the Royal rumble after 3 years of his debut. And won his first world championship same year (2015 ) ( 3 years after his debut). So who get the top push.
Aktar Aktar
First and only
Purusoth E
Mohd Arif
The shield is bock
bappy bappy
bappy bappy
abdulkarim gamer
Daniel Bryan is lion
Osuman Fisiru -
Who is watching in 2017
Muchu 55 mania Gaming station
bring back the shield believe in the shield
Dileep sharma
Kasra rezvan
dolph win no usos
Dametrice Thompson
Romen is the best becuse the first time pined
Sanjay Dhedhi
roman is raw king
Nice title
MS 7.7
Bryan is a sucker he think is strong but it was 11 on 3 so he can shut up for a moment I hate him
Sintu Kumar
Vishwa Umapathy
I am a big fan for sheild but i salute salute daniel bryan for this victory
Nayanmani Baishya
Roman is the best...
pramod kumar gowda h s
Roman is king of raw
Ramesh Bhattrai
nice to have the same time as the other day. it is the best of luck to everyone who has the 5
enis murati chanelkumanova
enis murati chanelkumanova
enis murati chanelkumanova
enis murati chanelkumanova
Jive Villodres
Well thanks to Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan - He is electrifying.
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