Roman pinned for the first time in WWE! 11-on-3 Handicap Match: Raw, Sept. 23, 2013

wweworld wrestling entertainmentwrestlingwrestlerwrestlesuperstarsकुश्तीपहलवानडब्लू डब्लू ईमैचसुपरस्टारव्यावसायिक कुश्तीRawSeth RollinsDean AmbroseRoman ReignsDaniel BryanDolph ZigglerRob Van DamZack RyderJimmy UsoJey UsoDarren Young

Daniel Bryan leads a squadron of Superstars against The Shield in a thrilling, and historic, 11-on-3 Handicap Match on Raw.
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M.L 1234
manoj kumar
manoj kumar
Hi am manoj james
Hayden Cavs
Roma is the best with his sphere
niamh martin
that is so not fair
WIERD how the uso's fight their own cousin lol
NcKl Dayzzz
Dean Ambrose should use that finisher again
look at daniel bryan's right leg 4:52
ashish singh
Titus is jobber bcz he is black and Vince don't want any black champion
srivams m
Shanron Whyne
it the 3
LC A savage
It is funny how they get excited about eliminating one person when it is 12 on 3
Hamza Khaliq
This Roman Reigns would absolutely destroy Braun Strowman.
Aliitasi Mao
the sheid should have won
Love videos
I love the usos and Daniel bryan
Doomdeboss Moth
The usos beat up their cousin

VinicIOS NunesTM
justin gabriel should of been better
Shahid Ali Ashraf
daniel brain garbage
chinmay mathur
we miss danial bryan
hariom raghuwanshi
jo bheji thi duaa
Rupesh Sahu
romen is a power house, i m a huge fan , but nobody likes if only 1 guy wins always!
Mundo Gamer
xxxblazingdragonxxx death
can we all imagine Braun strowman vs big show vs Roman reigns vs kane
Ricquan23 Ricquan90
What his First Match Maybe Or Just Now A Lot of Matches he Did
Ricquan23 Ricquan90
Kofi Kingstion If your Arm Hurt Well Why Are you Playing
Michael Kinley
Bryan should've been the one to pin Roman. He should've beaten him with the running knee
Aly Abdelhamid
I love the shield
Fabian Khan
ugh I wish Roman ever existed.
The Game triple h
Most of the jobbers vs the shield
Randy Luthuli
Justin gives me hope
Ibra 9
Amazing Video
virendra sharma
even curt Hawkins is better than him:D:D:D:D
virendra sharma
the worst superstar in wwe roman.
HunZy DAgar
You came for this moment. 2:35
Entertainment TV
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Yashi Sharma
Gail Lane
vince hates this but makes roman looks strong in a way
Hadi Gondal
I like roman reigns 😏
Hamad Alathba
That's a shame
DZ Danzy
roman is best all d time
Karen Mischewski
Technical Gamers
The shield is only the team that is ever best
shekhar kumar rock star
Gaming LegendxX
tis is random
Silent Studios
my God the Usos shrekt him, and their cousins (yes I know it's fake but still)
freggwho playslebass
so many burials. the man with three H's would truly be proud of this moment
adnan hossain
and Vince cried all night
TacTful SP
Who are these three guys !?
Spartan Seventyeight
Man... the GOOD Dirty Deeds.
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