Lekhraj Singh
roman reign is best player in wwe
KinG MasteR HD
stupid 2 vs 9
Bonnie Dozier
4:38 Daniel shaking his head like a maraca
Sree Samrth
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hemanth Spb
Basant Patle
Roman Roman Roman
Romen Reigns best
dis NINJA ho3
Roman fkn Reigns👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
YB Tech
So here Roman is not usos cousin
Nadeem Abbasi
Mian Ans
nice fight
Landon Jolly
The first time was number one of 999999999999 kick outs at 2 #ThankYouTaker
barbod tehrani sefat
And the last time that roman got pinned!
filippo cusinati
11 superstar for eliminate the shield
tom clark
is it only me that realised it wasn't even roman that was Pinned?
Saif Ulllah
Love you REIGNS
Chan Man Vlogs
0:35 Dean Ambrose says butt
Jayda Roos
They just ruined every thing for me. worst tag team ever. the shield was my fav team.
I miss Justin Gabriel.
lalit kumar
wordless performance
JAN1K Project
Srinivasan N
John Cruiser
what a video classic
mmmm this is beautiful
Vivek Panchal
Those golden days of RAW,super villains ,great heroes.
Leaked News
denial Brian is everything at that time
Varun Hans
He lets his cousin pin him but nobody else ?
Dancer king Pradeep
Roman is best
Adzir Achmed
11 vs 3? seng temen ae???
Hien Ngo
WTF roman reigns thua nhanh thế lúc ở nhóm the sheld thì yếu vl lúc thoát nhóm thì mạnh vãi nồi
Kaustav Datta
miss DB badly...
Salman Khanz
this makes me a fan of Samoan


the usos
Ajmain Tajwar Islam
best video so far when Roman was pinned for first time 💙❤
Ashwin Raphael
Damn it Bryan was just too popular
Paul Esho
Who else saw roman dab on the ground
Manish Chandla
Manish Chandla
Raja Shakoor Raja Shakoor
sheild ki himat I love sheild
Ryan N
Man I'd be behind roman if he wasn't so darn annoying!!
Aakash Magar
I hate people who beat the SHIELD.
shiel is bst
Freddy Olter
Roman is legendary, savage and 100% awseome
فيصل المطيري
Neane Christie
USO pinned there own cousin
jinder mahal
how to kill a legend like rvd thanks vince
Seaney Graphs
Karla Calderon

ppp. j
Vishal suryawanshi
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