Jeffy's hit song "Why?" is on iTunes right now!! Buy it if you lit!
Amos Martinez
My little Pony Mable
Elijah Hodapp
I would draw money to come to life XD
Hubert Oleksiuk
A 100000000000000 dolers
Cj Zarek
funniest video ever good job logan on making this i loved this video alot
Jeniya Ruiz
Jeffrey just say undo pencil fart
guinea pig lover
4:48 savage JEFFY
susheela devi
If you say bad words then I won't like your video
Addinator !
I would draw a whore
Rosita Ibarra
Can you do jeffy biing the presedent
MΓ­Ε‘a NovotnΓ½
this video is f*cking sh*t
Temmie World
ALMOST 3,000,000
Temmie World
What would I draw if me to life

Crypto Panda
Navyboyjay 3
Favorite part 4:43
Jacob Stewart
Drawing Jeffy: "Maynaise" (I Intentionally Misspelled Mayonnaise)
Airen Perry
I would Draw 100000000$ and a Crystal that could give me all the powers in the World
And then he almost has 3 million
Briana Bogan
Klone TV
I would draw money
James Njau
Wow besh
James Njau
GWJ Wyman
GWJ Wyman
mommy's a whore too!
Daddy I'm telling you the pig jumped out of the mother fucking paper your so damn god kigh daddy!!!!!!
TweirdoPlayz - Minecraft & More
A Walking Talking savage turtle is what I would draw
Micro Pepper21
Whos ready for 3 mil subs for sml?
Mr. Cookie
where do they get this stuff?
Fatal4way- CWE-wrestling
1:52 where it all starts
guard gt
good videos I subscribed
Gabriel Luna
I'd Be Like Cmon We Gon Play Some Video Games
Joshua Amaro - Anderson
Body Blooper
My family members who have died
Jade Hirschenson
Wait jeffy should draw a picture of his dad and say "doodle doodle pencil fart" So he can have his dad back
zuleima ramirez
SML ideas: the day junior met his friends
2: Junior meets doofy the dragon
3: bowser meets Charlie
I'm full of meets and

My daddy's a whore!
My mommy's a whore!
puppy lover
patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Jeffy: 9:15
Keaton Smith
jeffy kissing Rosslea a
Because Yolo
The piggy should play a roll in the Sml movie
Because Yolo
Wait so your telling me that there's a piggy running a round Logan's house?
Because Yolo
OMG Sml me and my twin brother power tube bro were born on May 14 this is such an honor
coaster city
jeffy and a motorcycle
Taniyah Sanderson
I watch every day and every night
ansley girl
Joshua Powell
I. made my. onn. pikcher
Aleksthegamer123 4
Jeremy Ibarra
Try find difference
Allyson Munguia
Can you make a movie about jeffy and put it on Netflix
Grant Kelley
Jeffy melted the wicked Gumbo of the west!
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