Lip Sync Battle - Gigi Hadid

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La batalla comenzó... ¿quién ganará?
Prepárate para la batalla del año: Lip Sync Battle. Un famoso vs. un famoso. Una canción. Un micrófono. ¿Quién ganará?

Man u guys r really mean, i thought it was good. I mean she looked good and not many people could pull of that bad ass out fit like she did. And the performance was lit, no need to only be negative.
Siya Bora
I swear if I wore what she did I would look like a fucking black grape
Iga Almeida
She didn't dance shit. Even the Backstreet Boys danced more than her in the short time they appeared. Only worth watching because of them.
Valery Rivera
actually Gigi and nick look so gorgeous together
SunnyBunny xox
I feel like the only reason some people don't like this is because Gigi made it look so professional 😂😍
Bethany Jenkins
Sorry but I don't like her
Chloe Au
the highlight was backstreet boys...not Gigi Hadid lol
Ferenc Horváth
music name?
well at least was her outfit good
swasthika adhi
whats that song????anyone plz tell me
Agaah Simon
hi guys I'm Wisa
Sarah H
she Is so boring only because she has tits
jordy ouwehand
omg chrissy...
This was so boring
Tiah Fisher
I know this is lip syncing but geez she can't dance
Shes just a tall lanky anorexic skinny bean pole!!!.... yuk!
Tyler was better but ok
the only reason she won was the backstreet boys
Bárbara Fonseca
Its Celine
She looks like Khloe Kardash
Sampada Sai
The band members dance was really good and gigi's performance was boring
Teal'c Java
Cristelle Dabu
tss gigi is a model because she's a bad actress or etc. so why she is a model, she's not an actress or singer whatever she is A MODEL not an actress. okay? so don't hate her. you guys are not perfect too. so shut up
Lucky Quigley
Meg X
Gigi and Tyler look like sandy and Danny 😂😂
İlknur Denek
she looks hotter than hell
Genesis Velez Mella
morí 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pray for ZEUS Amen
All these ugly depressed girls and boys arguing in the chat because if your jealousy and how you looks reflect bad on you its embarassing
Mister T
I love the host.
Lucy Dawson
Ok seriously can you people stop hating on Gigi like seriously it's called lip sync battle not dance battle or whatever. She didn't have to dance all she had to do was lip sync and I thought her performance was AMAZING yes the Backstreet Boys making an appearance made it better but in my opinion it would still be good even without them
Comeon Cameleon
she looks like Fergie
Lo Ly
What's the name of the song
Morgan Forshaw
Hoe City
Okay, she looks fucking amazing in this, like I'm loving the hair and outfit. Im wishing that she is actually an amazing dancer and its only because of the latex bodysuit. I feel like this wasnt as entertaining because she's not an actress...
Gigi and Tyler in one room. thank god for that
for the gigi haters i think gigi is so good at this perfomance and this song suit her
Michael Abela
She is terrible, but holy fuck she is SO HOT.
Aavika Dhanda
Chrissy Teigen is always wearing the same dress
saqartvelo georgia
gigi is very cute and beatiful girl! and I think she''ll train to dance better!! and stop this awful commentaries about her..
I'm so jealous she got to lip sync with Nick and AJ!!
Sanane Lan Yalak
music name ???
Omg she's not even moving hahaha
Tobias Valentin
this female rat is famous because she is a super slut...
Nina JB
I loved it♡, it seems like I'm the only one who did, but I don't care😂
what song is this
Her body is so talented.
this is boring....
why does this have 2 million views it was so boring
Zulfa Abubakuru
someone pls tell me wat song this is
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