Judges Doubted This Self Taught 16 Yrs Old Boy Until He Made The Audition Up on the Spot!!!

Incredible Child Singer EVER ! 8 Years Old ! 

12Yrs Old Stutterer Boy Audition Perform Micheal Jackson Best Dance Imitation !!! Stun The Judges! 

Mike Roehrich
i can play like this too ,,great job
Joshua Baratheon
Hope this kids get somewhere he can truly perfect his talent. I'm from the US, so I don't know if there is a school similar to Juilliard there, but he needs to be somewhere like that.
Nate Murdock
why does he have a chicken on his head
Nate Murdock
my dude said "I wanna buy a houseboat"
While there is no question about his supernatural talent, I can't believe he didn't start playing the piano when he was 15. Seriously ? Concert pianist take years to hone their skills.

Well done lad.
hummm his music just dont hit me at all, sorry, is like a beautiful apple without taste
Derp Brony
talk about keyboard ninja
Muddy Brazeau
Jesse Fischer
I didn't know Orlando Bloom played the piano
Mayo Naise
what's his name?
Mayo Naise
well I gotta say it. he's actually cute
Vickey Mecrive
He looks like a young jack sparrow XD
its disappointing to me that the quality of the sound is meh, bc that was damn entertaining
I don't know why this is being hyped... In my opinion it wasn't harmonious enough and there where many times where the notes seemed to clash... I guess its somewhat amazing to have learnt how to play by himself but nothing extraordinary. Even if he was self taught anyone with enough knowledge can trace influences from other musicians in his play, its not like he made something innovative either.
"aw you don't know a thing! he made all of that!"
So what? its not like other pianist cant do it as well!
Hate how people over hype things...
the judges were so mind fucked too bad they still cant drink four loco and moonshine 😂
My Cinematics
You can actually see his hands making this up... it's like he is thinking it whilst keeping them entertained with rhythmic parts. Very clever and very talented.
larry legend
Prodigal child genius
Ronnie Cota
beautiful. wished there was notes set to this
how do we know that he made it up on the spot though?
Ray Ray
Wooo..... My heart has been taken..... O.O
Ugly mutherfucker
Ian Harreschou
that's Orlando Bloom, yo
Penguin Pilot
Bee Whistler
People have looked at my art and called me talented, and while I would like that to be true, I've had to work just to be mediocre. They throw the word around when real talent is rare. THIS is real talent, this kid. You want to marvel at someone, find someone this good. I mention it because a lot of these people act as though they could never create anything because they aren't talented enough. Fact: all artists need to work at their art, and everyone can improve with effort. But kids like this are what talent means.
Tobie Olson
I'll tell you right now, you better not cross this man. Because you killed his father, and now you have to prepare to die.
Jack Wildhirt
I am inigo montoya. You killed my father. prepare to die.
EoN PositiveVibes
Story has it, every girl he's fingered has died..
Dan Extrinsic01
why so afraid of the word judges? say it, "my boy, you are a fuckin prodigy. PRODIGY!" LOL.
beethoven incoming
ᒎᗩᑕḰ ᖇᓮᕈᕈᗴᖇ
Judges have no talent. Only talent they have is put others down without any remorse, 100%.

Eh~fwahk you reality.
Jasmine Nemu
** proceeds to download to mp3 player **
Diana Blaga
It sounds a little bit like Ludovico Einaudi .. 🙂
What I like about this is, since he is making it up on the spot, we can never hear that same piece again (unless its recorded)
Samuel Cole
he looks alot like Orlando Bloom
Amazing! and lord he looks like Orlando Bloom!
Paints the Mona Lisa "Naah, I just made it up..." -__- Love this guy :D
James Rinker
his uni-brow has more talent than me
Doug Benefield
how do we really know he just did this on the spot?
enya swart
You remind me of Schroeder from Charlie Brown
Kid looking like will turner from pirates at the caribbean.
( no hate, just reminding me of Will Turner ) xD
Lookin good
M Raj Rakesh
loved it
david alvarez
Se parece a Antonio Banderas-----
Amy Maliner
Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!
Wow....I Need A Piano Player ~ We Could Make Millions With My Voice And Your Piano ~ Look Me Up ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milos Petrovic
Patrick Mitchell
He kind of looks like Orlando Bloom
Mikel Ouderkirk
Well, that made my jaw drop/
Rebeca Cervantes
I'm in love
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