Judges Doubted This Self Taught 16 Yrs Old Boy Until He Made The Audition Up on the Spot!!!

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He's like: Oh, cool, you fellas liked it? Cheers, imma head back to my farm now!
Jeremy Ellwood
hehe... My very first professional audition ever, I had no idea what I was supposed to do so went into 2 minute improv when I found out I was supposed to have a monologue ready.
Didn't get the part I wanted, but I got cast in a supporting role.
I'm from Ireland and a 3 hour journey would bring me almost anywhere in the country. This would be a long journey to us but in Australia that is his closest town lol
Nikki Jay
Even the way he says his name... lol... :)
Kid is amazing!
John the Beast
He reminds me of a young Inigo Montoya
Maggie Johnson
incredible. beyond comprehensive. for mere mortals, as myself, this young man is outterworldly. such a privilege to see this performance. thank you!
The World Non Fake News
Yahoo!! That a Parker for you!!!
Cecilia Sparks
I totally don't get the 2,000 plus thumbs down. This is an amazing young talent.
RaVen Sequoia
English subtitles?!
dimitris christofi
What is the song on the background at the end?
Dopiest Mink488
He looks like a cross of Mcree from overwatch and Carl for the walking dead
Jeremiah Willadsen
Orlando Bloom
Jimmy Gilstrap
My goose can peck better than this..Bullbutter,he just made it up,I bet he played 30 days straight 24/7.This is just rush cord playing and any piano trained musician knows that.
Belly Laughter
She always looks like she walked out of a shampoo commercial . Cool
Sgt Payne
3:28 come on mother fuckers
Nathan Donovan
This is what happens when you raise your children without television.
Little did they know, he was simply miming to a backing track
Casey Fowler
This guy has an insane musical vocabulary. Simply amazing.
fuck the tv show. get that boy professional pay for session work for artists in need of such talent.
Stephen Parker
wow your music moves me
That moment someone just decides their going to play something that would hit a chart off the top of their head.... What am I doing with my life
Sounds like Touhou.
al bert
Thought he's gonna sing country... 🤣
Roslene V
This is phenomenal.
Johnny Romero
Turns demo off. Grins lol
Frost Factor
Should do Devil Went Down to Georgia
Andrew Andrew

Parker: Ye.
Ashton Horstman
Um yeah I'm not good at anything
datchiman 09
Didn't he play in princess bride
Colten Mcgladdery
Even if he didn't make it up on the spot, it was still a really good performance. Just add the fact that he was able to do that on the fly. wow.
Not often you see a virtuoso in this day and age!
lun hauzel
The real Arya Stark
Modern Day Idiots
Hey looks like Orlando Bloom!
SpykiD Ley
He looks like Orlando Bloom
2:35 till 3:09 is actually a pretty beautiful part. Would kill for someone to replicate that piece of the song into a full version. Just amazing!
self taught guitar aint too hard, but self taught piano... and THIS good? fkn amazing
Now this is Talent ! In a world of lip syncing no talents
Justin Justice
His accent is so annoying.
Md Sarfraz
Incredible talent
Parryit Chansamone
I am skilled in art, not talented, it worked from suck ass.
But there are moments when God graces one with immeasurable inner beauty.
Even with what he did do towards himself, he is one of a kind in this world.
kind ok
Keith Purdue
Chooka, l came back as one of your many fans after you responded to my bit and l watched your metamorphosis. Good on ya Mate!
Len Brill jr.
Wow!! I'm speachless
Laura Butler
This guy sorta looks like the guy off of Pirates Of The Caribbean
Aaron Poole
why I play bass
He looks so much like a young Orlando Bloom
Carla Bunn
I could never get but one hand to tap the keys and failed miserably at that. ..this was fantastic !
that female judge is super duper wickedly attractive.
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