Judges Doubted This Self Taught 16 Yrs Old Boy Until He Made The Audition Up on the Spot!!!

Incredible Child Singer EVER ! 8 Years Old ! 

12Yrs Old Stutterer Boy Audition Perform Micheal Jackson Best Dance Imitation !!! Stun The Judges! 

Clint Rockfist
Good for him and good luck too.
Jimi Hendrix of piano
hes 16 what
Erik S.S.
Im serious, this is Mozart level
Superintendent Chalmers
If he had a beard he could say "Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya."
Louise Willems
majority double controversial bacteria enforce knowledge wait instead truck.
Vangelis, meet Chooka. Chooka, Vangelis.
That was so great ......
Wow just wow that is brilliant good on him. Also, he is a cutie!!!!
Brandy Carter
His beautiful talent made me feel so very many emotions; excitement, tears of love, & tears of joy, etc., as well as the visual his music brought to my mind. I saw fluttering butterflies, running horses, the moment my child first opened his eyes, the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks, then gracefully rolling to the shore, etc.My unfortunate life since childhood has been (to say the least) absolutely horrific. His music brought me some loving positive memories from my past, that I forgot existed.The only way I've survived my personal hell, is through God, and music.This young man is amazing! He is so very blessed, and is "passing it forward" as a beautiful gift to every listener.I hope these musicians realize the depth of what their talents truly offer people... I simply can't express my appreciation into words that are worthy enough, resulting in, thank you!
"you killed my father, prepare to die"
Bruce Shoemaker
bull shit
Black Mamba
Does he kinda look like Orlando Bloom or no?
Carrina Murphy
Too bad he went crazy. I really wanted to see this guy make it.
Joseph Connolly
DUDE! THAT ENDING! Loved it. Awesome!
Xanderleonart -
2:09 she want the D
Sofia Hernandes
Please teach this guy some music theory, if he could play from sheet music he would be golden.
Legolas? Is that you?
Bruno Kern
Nature of human ability... love it!
ian hock
There is such a thing as playing too fast, only good part of the song was the middle piece where he slowed it down
Superhumans > Aliens > Gods, DO walk among us.
Here's a wild theory...

What if he didn't make it up on the spot and just said that because this a television show that needs to make moeny???
Orlando Bloom in disguise with that wig
so sick he does not even deserve to be in this shitty show
mohtadi mb
jack cutts
Just imagine if he composed a song over years - modern master piece
Jaime Sherlock
Was that a young Honey Badger? There's nothing that man can do.
Jonathan van dorsten
either this is fake or this guy is Mozart 2.0
3:28 My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father...prepare to die.
D Day Invader
this guy has true talent unlike those fake people you see.
mg sicilian
He's a beautiful man
Smallbobcat08 O.G.
dat unibrow tho
Jacob van der Meulen
16? nah..
Nathan Van Buren-25
Stupid judges
Auston Balletto
that's improv at its finest in this day. absolutely amazing pianist. he deserves way more than he asked for
2:10: NOT BAD!!!!!
Thomas Tuck
also australia doesn't count
Thomas Tuck
awkward ass mustache
Brian Witt
Hey all!Check out Glitter Dogs70's style melodic rock and rollOn Spotify, iTunes and CD Baby america
Susan Cuzzort
He looks like a young Orlando Bloom.
The Pilot Penguin
i think this is because of the lack of television and shit like that is the reason hes so good. the only time you had piano skillz like this is back with Mozart and Beethoven. they had all the time in the world to practice just like this lad. i love how informal the ozzy version of the show is as well
John 17
What's more impressive, the views or how people think this is 2017? Also, he lost the competition, hasn't been doing much since 2010, and has a BUNCH of songs on his page somewhere on the net. Go support him if you "really" care about him.
gh nm
No worries
Michigan Wedding DJ BestWeddingEver
My God !! Amazing.
gregory panagiotopoulos
Edgar Gomzalez
What is the name of the last song in the background?
I thought it was Orlando Bloom in the thumbnail.. but SHIT this guy should have live in classical era hundred years ago.
Josh Miranda
this nigga needs to be a producer
SSB KaioKen x20 Slayer
real rednecks \o/
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