Tom Cruise Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

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James Corden and Tom Cruise act out snippets of Tom's legendary film career, with scenes from 'Top Gun' to the 'Mission: Impossible' series. See Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" -- in theaters this Friday! Watch the trailer and more:

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Kristi Taylor
You missed Knight and Day enactment
Leyla Osorio
4:31 omg yesss
Sad they didn't mention Far and Away! I love that movie!
Where's "the Color of Money"? C'mon man!
Clarisa Hilario
I really like tom's smile 🙂
Such an awesome man, in spite of his scientology beliefs.
Dedicated to his stunts, and always a ton of fun to watch.
Chanel Coco
Where was Collateral? The one with Jamie Foxx - ohhhh right - never mind
Vince Vios Productions
Johnny Depp PLEASE!!
Some guys just got that fountain of youth even when they age. Tom Cruise, Will Smith etc it's hard sometimes to tell if they are in their 30's 40's or 50's. You may (some) hate the guy as a person but I luv all his movies and as an actor.
Ocean R Stark
WTH! he gets better every time.....
Chef Lakenya Colenburg
Show me the money...what happened to I love the Black man?!
Love it!
Damn I was waiting for Magnolia... It was one of his better roles.
Steven Yoon
so in other words, he's been making box office hits for the past 30 years! can't even imagine his bank account LOL
Aryan Raj
He is legendary actor
hashtagrememberjack hashtaglegend
Cruise is a cult recruiter. He and David Miscavic beat people. They abuse them mentally, physically and emotionally.
Tomás Suárez Vico
I was waiting for Magnolia xd
how about movie LEGEND
Evil Nemesis
where's color of money
Evelyn Huerta
Red Reynolds
That was great...
Brett Hawkes
Tom Cruise obviously but Mr Corden you've shifted to legend in my books! You seriously Rock!!!
Adam Haywood
the outsiders tho...
PFCthomas Blackhawk
Hey Tom,
I take it back
your hair still looks Great. lol
Miguel Ramirez
come on... they did Top Gun first? I mean, they didn't even build up to it or anything.
Shelley Buckley
James Corden is the BEST!
You forgot Collateral & Valkrine!
Tom Cruise is the true definition of a movie star.
Alle Mallec
OMG James is THE best host ever!!! a true genius =)
Amadeo Orellana
soo cool
JoshuaDoyle NotBean
We need Sylvester Stallone, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Brad Pitt
Paul Kuwulay
anybody know the song ini 1:15 ? thanks before
Wait a minute.. Wheres "Legend"? I guess they couldn't figure out how to fit that in...
4:43 On the left we can see Axel Rose when he was with Guns N Roses in the 80's, and on the Right we can see him how he is now
Ellen ms
Wow., Tom looked like he was having a good time and not like a serious faced prick!.. James love you bae
《WolfGirl 》
What about the outsiders, my favorite movie
Kayla Fain
I wish they would have done The Outsiders. One of my favorite movies
Bhavya Mehra
"YOU'RE GODAMNN RIGHT I DID!!!!" This got me tripping!!!! HILARIOUS!!!
Abhinav Dhar
They had the hairstyle, I was sure they'd act Magnolia out!
Tom Cruise is a living legend.
Alessandra Leigh
Sparkly Sammie
That was awesome <3
Danny phantom
best job in the fucking world. who wouldn't want to reenact their favorite movies with actors
Could have done Color of Money right after Jack Reacher... The outfits were pretty similar
Mary Oshea
can tom cruise still get a date becasue he saying he rather have no social life for the minute or becasue these reasons

1- ---he 55 years old no younger woman wants to date there dad
2----3 times married 3 times married !!!!!!!!!!
3-----1 bio kid and 2 adopted kids
4------cult like loons who shelving out millions to

so any thought
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
I won't deny that Tom Cruise is a really good actor and film star, my favorite movies of him are Edge Of Tomorrow, Mission Impossible III-Ghost Protocol-Rogue Nation, and just for guilty pleasure, Knight & Day; but it feels like even though is a different role, is almost like if he's doing it the same all time, not that is a bad thing but I'm just saying, I just have a question, was his career at a low point in 2007 or something before Tropic Thunder came out?, because people say that his role in that movie saved his career, it just comes into my mind; nevertheless 54, and he's still rocking it, I cannot wait for The Mummy, American Made and MI 6

And yes, I would love if James does also a filmography sketch like this with Will Smith!
Cesare Augusto
No scene from "Collateral"? That's Tom Cruise's very best performance, I say!
Vema Price
Fine ass Cuba Gooding, Jr.!
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