Tom Cruise Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

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James Corden and Tom Cruise act out snippets of Tom's legendary film career, with scenes from 'Top Gun' to the 'Mission: Impossible' series. See Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" -- in theaters this Friday! Watch the trailer and more:

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Rocky The rabbit
What happened to the outsiders?
Rafael Gomes Nogueira
music? 8:00
Maximiliano César Roldán
Grand acteur Tom Cruise
I was surprised they did not add the legendary movie Legend! A movie with Mia Sara, Tim Curry and the man himself Tom Cruise...... A movie set in the 80s that is super weird :D
Phương John Trần
1'15 music, please....!!!!
Romine Caliwag
oh god why
Steven Tarsitano
edge of tomorrow was a good movie
Artheminus J11
Do with Harrison Ford!!
Tim Davis
James needs to do this with Dicaprio, De Niro and maybe even McConaghey!
The best! <3 Watched about million times and it's still funny and amazing! And too short.
Part 2, please.
This is honestly the awesomest thing James had ever done
He forgot a movie it is oblivion
taco eagle
they forgot the outsiders
Don't even try it
I hope someone can direct me to the song that they used during the Vanilla Sky bit - sounded really really good :D
Julie Valliere
He's still got it! God Tom Cruise still got it!
Ana Carolina Lopes
God I love so much Tom Cruise 💖
Samantha Purdy
Zamin Zahoor
They forgot Oblivion.
You should do this with Keanu!
dub dub
What about the outsiders
Christine Gunczy
James u rock
jaimon john
fuck Jack Reacher 2 every other cruise Flick rules
Maria Fermin
I love the laugh of Tom in the background when they must cut to the next movie. Sorry for my bad english
migue angel felix loyola
Buenazo jajajaja..................
rey ros
legend? 😐
He's such a sport. Wow, he's been in a lot of movies, great movies!
yile lin
what's the song at 1:13
Isabelle Fadel
They didn't do the movie the Outsiders????
Leo K
You forgot about oblivion
King of Tennis
Jesus Christ tom swole as fuk 😂
Maren T
i was waiting for the outsiders the whole time :(
I really can't stand Tom Crui6, but he is a damn fine actor!
Evan Vincent
they didn't do outsiders. not trying to criticize here, just pointing it out
I was hoping for Legend and Loosing it :(
Hope Ross
guys know my channel
Marium Bilal
Tom cruise is a great person after all and the list of movies he has done are spectacular
Avg tL
i still got goosebumps at the "a few good men part" LOL
James Ward
What about Collateral, Oblivion, Valkrie, Knight And Day
TheAveryAnd NoraShow
love cuba he is so sexy
Jordan Rios
Dude's been in so many memorable movies.
JEH Shroff
October 21st be my b'day lel
Czerise carvajal
Oh they skipped collateral
Freddy De La Torre
I came here hoping to see Tom Cruise dancing Old Time Rock N' Roll again. I did not left disappointed
edge of tomorrow was very underrated
Thomas Thas
Despite this being for fun , Tom cruise still acted this pretty well while James ruined it.
Alexis Jacques
The Outsiders says hi
Josephine Camilleri
who agrees that james should do a role call with hugh jackman leave a like or a replie
Can we please have Carpool Karaoke with Tom Cruise?!!!
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