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For-profit dialysis companies often maximize their profits at the expense of their patients. John Oliver explores why a medical clinic is nothing like a Taco Bell.

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DeVon Straham
John Oliver is uninformed concerning the totality of the kidney dialysis and kidney transplantation processes.

What a piece of foreign liberal cow manure!
Gail Dalmat
My husband drove himself home from dialysis on May 4, 2009. He collapsed in the car, and died a little after midnight on May 5.
Michelle Palmer
Worst Canadian accent ever
Cherokee Rose Rioux
It is sad that some people who would be willing to donate can't because of medication or other health issues that are not related to kidneys
Anyone think Nixon and Oliver look kinda similar?
Venessa Perez
I pray you never end up in the position where you have to choose between life or death because of kidney failure and I pray that if you do you see the good side of the dialysis world.
when the 'third saddest waiter at a medevil times' came on stage my mom walked in and asked "that's not Bob Seeger, is it?" . I said no and she was so relieved. lol
Does anybody else feel like fucking a cantaloupe?
Did any of y'all niggas read iron man that shit tight (also fuck hood rats and Sandniggers)
Emily McIntire
I've been a dialysis nurse for 8 years now (not, thankfully, at DaVita) and unfortunately, this is industry wide. Although I think a few points here were exaggerated, there's definitely pressure to watch the numbers, not the patients. In center is very much a factory assembly line. I do work in home dialysis, which is better, but still feel the pressure.
Erin Maurer
Not to mention the lawsuits they've been involved with:




Erin Maurer
DaVita treats their employees like shit, pay them peanuts, and treat their patients like cash cows. Now they're buying up medical centers and regional clinics. I just dumped my doctor because they purchased the cooperative he was part of.
hey, I happen to like taco Bell. it's not so bad, but fuck those other guys.
Dorian Jean
Violation park incredible rdaily founder loss roof cause opportunity female.
Natalia P
Ha 2k dislikes. Wonder who those are from 🤔
i dunno, maybe it's the topic. Just seems recycled as fuck. Same jokes, same delivery, it's drying out quick.
Holocaust jokes have never been, and will never be, funny. I'm so disappointed in you right now. Everything was great and then you just had to make that Kristalnacht reference at the end.
Garrett Lees
I drank 32 ounce Big Gulps my whole life, didn't exercise, smoked, ate Big Macs at every meal, and dang-gammit my kidneys done failed me. I have a RIGHT to free dialysis! If I die, it's YOUR fault!
George Crabtree
John Oliver is another Steven Colbert. He sits in front of a camera and talks to a laugh track while twisting the truth into lies.
Tiara Burns
So happy I dont work for Davita anymore. Ive had managers say the company prefers patients get fistulas, not transplant because hemodalyis is more profitable for the company.
Rebecca Haden
Thought provoking segment, but why not address the face that dialysis is enormously more common than it used to be? Part of that is the American lifestyle.
That was one of the BEST ''Cool..''s of the series!
KettleCornPop 13
Thank god I've had a kidney transplant since 1991. I spent 1 year on hemodialysis and it was the worst year of my life.
Candy Domination
But the government is closing Planned Parent Hood and similar clinics left and right because the clinic's walls are "not wide enough". Yeeeeah, that makes soooo much sense.
Elizabeth Greene
I choose to believe that Taco Bell approved this commercial. XD
Tony Giannamore
Richard Nixon also started the EPA. No joke.
Jack Conway
America I know how to fix your health care system... STOP EATING YOURSELF TO DEATH!!!!
Elaine A. Read-Cole
I can't thank you enough for shining light on this topic. I'm a you 60 year old awaiting a kidney and have been on dialysis for just over a year. I've witnessed budget cuts happen and that is not what you want to see when your life depends upon the business that is foing the cuts! Advancements need to be made, and compassion needs to be put back in place. Thanks again John for your wonderful piece.
the best against diseases is a healthy guy with a gun.
there was a woman on dialysis for 20 years died because of a unsecured needle which made her bleed to death.
joseph crosby mecham
Oliver and his supporting writers are so talented and I'm happy to see them using their powers for the good of the common man. It's too bad that Oliver is also a member and supporter of the CLiNT_on establishment. One might ask, "Does the time he helpfully spends reporting on issues like dialysis have as much effect to IMPROVE lives as the negative influence he wields as a delusional member of the one percent has to DESTROY those same lives?
Linda Stonebraker
I'm so happy to see awareness being brought to this subject! Thank You John Oliver for embarrassing the shit out of these greedy bastards! You're absolutely fantastic!
Sharon Moore
I have taken care of many kidney dialysis patients. That is a sucky life and they are sick all the time. No normal life there.
Jennifer Isaacs
The whole health care system is fucked...insurance corruptions, hospital issues, poor practices like this in the norm, and doctors that are quacks and charlatans.
Jennifer Isaacs
Misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance is a rampant thing ...almost viral issue I wish got cured by now.
Sylvain Gautier
Kai None
Kidney transplantation is not an option for a lot of people and requires severe immunosuppression. I don't think you should be advising people to do so without knowing anything about their situations.
Should've named the porn "Horse Whores" for that extra pun.
Since when is a third of a billion dollars almost a billion dollars?
nathan nguyen
DeWalt ladders are made by Louisville ladders! feel free to check those out as well.
King Ofpain
I don't hate the person, I hate the evil corrupt things they do, being honest pointing out the truth to brainwashed Globalist zombies is not hateful, it's the moral duty of all who are awake, that can see the lies, hoping it soon ends, the corruption and murders taking place in DC, hoping the MSM can no longer lie to you, invoking hate, racism, and intolerance and false propaganda, is not hateful, you need to turn this trash off, look up Seth Rich MURDER, look up Hillarys connection with Russia, all the dead bodies connected to her and her foundations, look up #chemtrails, these things are hateful, not telling you about them.
2,119 people work for DaVita.
Joe Smith
I used to work for a transportation company that took all walks of life to dialysis 3 days a week, 365 days a year. It was sooo depressing. I was shocked at how many of these places exist, not just those two companies. I hope the worst shit possible for that CEO.
Deceased Crab
I feel like maybe "Kristallnacht for the bowels" was perhaps a step too far. I mean, sure, Taco Bell is bad and bad for you, but, I dunno, that one seemed a bit too far.
Charlie Harris
If you need cheering up after this frankly depressing segment, click on 14:30 or 16:11
American healthcare is ridiculous.
Jack Dever
When the song started I seriously thought that you meant Bob Seger had something to do with this and I was like, BOB NO DON'T DIE OF KIDNEY FAILURE!
is the narrator in that taco bell commercial Master Miller?
Bill Adams
it's just so godamn motherfucking sad that anyone -ANYONE-listens to your stupid ass!!!
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