LBboarding b
I feel like that pancake stack debate will go on to become the next great food debate

kinda like that "is a hotdog a sandwich?" thing
Claire Cat
Adam is all that is good and pure tbh
My name is Damian
gemma feltovich
Are they dating?
Asl覺nur Akbulut
Omg stop making me so damn hungry I'm in pain everytime I watch do they have to look that yummy and y'all make it more fun 拎拎拎拎拎拎
Maureen Miettinen
All that bliss during the pricey brunch was a beautiful thing to watch - lol. <3 <3 <3 I love this show.
Maureen Miettinen
aryan rashpa
dude it always looks like you give Adam left over food and then he smiles !! don't do that
ashlyn boatright
Dude in the backseat is honestly me af
Tyler Orden
is steven wearing the suit he got in the worth it suit episode?
Brenna Noelle
Adams smile with the pancake made me so happy
Emilie-Martine (Emilie) Alden
lucky u work to do fun stuff
- 牊ryZENx -
I want to beat this asian gay Guy up.
He behaves like an animal.
Cpt Onomond
The only food part of buzzfeed
Shelia Warren
I like Adam.
George Dean
I love Adam so much! 歹 (I also love how theyre always feeding him, like yes)
Jarrin Mostofa
"So what's the secret?" Her: tells the whole world
Jim Bones
why doesnt that dude with glasses ever talk. is it a running gag or something
i think adam need to be a co-star in one video and not a camera/audio guy. he deserves more
Im Brianna u can call me breezy
Audrey Yao
Stephen just wants a little love from Andrew loll
Charlotte S
I just love Adam so much he's just there and its great
My name is Damian I promise
Nicole Nyein
12:27 close your eyes and listen
Tyra Phomsouvanh
I儭 ship it
Regretful Strategies
13:11 Steven is slowly turning into that pedophile purple hair cannibal from Tokyo ghouls
Two straight guy's bromance is the best scene in the world if executed correctly
psiko logic
Shera Ahmed
竄You can call me breezy罈 ehm no Chris brown is the only breezy
Rui Yang
Best friends will open the cap of the chilli sauce and dump it on your food.
Sadia Alio
stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks lol steven
Sadia Alio
yummy in my tummy
qill pizz
Best serie on buzzfeed
Clybel Jumir
That eye.
Marvin Felicitas
why do i feel like they were high in this episode sjskjs
Your savage Liviana
He said 11 am and I checked my clock AND IT WAS 11 O'CLOCK
It only took a 40 pound pancake to make Adam smile.
Omg I just love Adam 拎
ruby anahi
The last place they go to, that person looks like someone from Sortedfood UK but with chubbier
Sabita Rani
Hellthy junk food was in the breakfast taco place.
kth x jjk
0:08 !!!!!! so cute
Timothy Crooks
Soooooooooooo addictive.. I thought the vids were lame but omg
Faded Echo
Adam is literally adorable.
crazy challenger49
I get full just watching them eat
Whos Adam dating again?
Gumption Girl
That music for the expensive brunch... it's in "Overcooked"
Director Tr矇
Man I wish I worked for buzzfeed
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