Facebook Killer: Cleveland Ohio Murder On Facebook Live

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Facebook Killer in Cleveland Ohio, Steve Stephens murders Robert Godwin on Facebook live, supposedly over his girlfriend. 

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Michelle Vierling
i cant watch this is makes me cry
Kintu Tucker
I see the subliminal on the thumbnail.This clown has plenty of pics.Why throw the fraternity under the bus?........#WizeCounselor
Mohammed Khalil
thats why there has to be hell and heaven
Polo 966
yep this monster is in hell he should be having fun
python planet
fuck gun control im keeping mine for mother fuckaz like him 🔫🔫
JaeAna Fisher
Now this is that bullshit who would do this to someone who can't even defend there self this video got me pissed
david johnson
only among blacks can this happen. black mentality at work..........
I kinda want to go to hell. Just to torture this cunt myself!
Idan Leder
this murderer need die in hell
Cheen Garcia
thats why i stay strapped up
so wierd he is not been called a terrorist, let the us media put a Muslim next to his name and let us see the hype.
Josh Dao
He's a fucking bitch because he killed that guy
PFCthomas Blackhawk
This low life
was being chased
by the Police
and when his car
was Spun out
He killed himself
Veronika Ergakova
* Viеw рhоtоs оf sеху girls in уоur аrеа. Gо hеrе ->>> sites.google.com/site/6hjba7/sy?C4xd2v4
Danyelle Lopez
This guy didn't snap snapping is going out and just shooting, this guys drive around picked out people to kill and did so, he knew exactly what he was doing and to record it shows no you didn't just snap
stewart humphreys
Catch this mother fucker and lock him in a room with me while i rip his worthless body apart... my heart goes out to that innocent lovely old chap . .
DaJon Ellis
i did not know this nigga was a member of Omega psi phi wow
Tom Blessing
complete dumb ass -- i am sick of people out in the world with no conscious -- no concern for others at all and completely consumed with their own suffering, as if no one else is suffering. More of this seems to be happening more and more and all it does is make them losers. No message in all of this just sadness. And, the attention he is getting from all this is another factor -- seems he really thinks highly of his piece of shi^t self. Soon, everyone will forget about this nut and on to the next.
Jonathan Giggs
Why most of the black people are fucking idiots
this guy is a dumbass... he got it backwards. he shoulda done what he did in PA first. Stupid ass. rot in hell.
Crystal Nichole
why didn't he just go kill that bitch
13 killstreak, Helicopter ready!
J Wilson
Disgusting piece of elephant sh*t!
Rudy Kaspernick
He dindu nuffin!
if u hv a problem with ur gf...talk with her!!!!! not kill ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!
Evon Williams
we need to stop and pray for everyone we don't really know what happened what he went though are her when you hurt bad you lose your mind we are living in the last days wake up people God is coming back soon that is why all this is going on
Tylyr Barrett
I hope this guy rots in the deepest part of hell. This man is pure evil.
Peter Jesik
I wish so bad that this could be fake in an interview his family could barely speak through the tears wept for this sweet poor old man he was just going home from an Easter gathering bless his sweet soul
Charlotte Ng
No kidding she left him he's killing people now
Thomas Onei
London O Cromwell
wtf??? this dude is really old, getting groceries n shit, bullshit. Why not shoot a guy his age build and height??! Coward af
Biily Nation
is someone driving him
My Honest Opinion Odom
then look who he choose to target, a old person who cant defend himself or at least run and try to get away.. real bitch move!
Anna Blando
Yeah also if that was my dad or mom he will be sorry for what he did even if it's not my relative because he's messing with the wrong family his life will be in danger real danger because my family is some thing rare that you don't want to mess with because my grampa is in heaven peacefully so I'm trying to keep my friends and family safe and close also this I'm writing I'm only 9 so sir u mite want to stop 🛑 because a lot of people are agents u so stop ✋ this foolishness
Sad to think people turn out like this... it's sad hearing him talk about himself knowing he's insane
John Wasmuth
he killed himself
Cenko Lino
Fucking degenerate scum! Killing an innocent old man because of a breakup with his ex? I hope there is a hell and this fuck is burning for all eternity.
Kawaii Pineapple
So my friend committed to see his car but it wasn't his he wasn't in there...
Sayiesa Simon
Christy Simpson
DJ Dingo
He is dead now
Milan Marinkovich
This is crazy I can't believe how someone would do this
drop top rain drop
he need some milk
Dr K
he's a total sociopath, no soul... evil and hateful. he'll kill himself, these crazy bastards always do
Marisa Smit
What is this why you shouting a man but what I don't understand why are Brown and black people always on the murder like why
peter griffin: "wouldnt it.. wouldnt it make more sense to kill her?"
Thystaff Thywill
In the thumbnail he's wearing orange and holding up his hands in a satanic sign. Another psyop hoax.
john m
What a DOUCHEBAG !!!!!
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