Michael Keaton vs Christian Bale "BATMAN" in 1080p

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1989 Batman Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. And DC Comics.
2006 Batman Begins and 2008 The Dark Knight Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics. 

Nonprofit Video only for Entertainment.

I liked Keaton's Batman but towards the end of the film, he gets twatted by a massive henchman before taking on Joker. Sorry, but that killed the whole thing for me, canon Batman getting his arse kicked by a goon is not accepable. Keatons voice is better but Bale's Batman is way more superhero and thus the real thing.
Joseph Bailey
If keaton ddi all the stunts and had the same suit as bale. He might of been a better Batman.
The Freaky Crew
Christian BALE!!!
Bale and Keaton's film gave us a dark realistic-ish batman and showed us that comic movies can be big bad-ass epics, but now wer are sliding back in the cheesiness with BVS, SS, JL, and the whold DCEU so hopeully the batman after affleck would be another game changer batman like Keaton and Bale were.
Keaton all the way.
Matthew Brant
Bale easily, he's the batman we could relate to under the mask as well.
Bartosz Tylicki
Michael Keaton is the best Batman
Ryan Maxwell
lets just agree adam west is the best batman
Fabisch Factor
Gotta say that first Batman scene in The Dark Knight was pretty great.
Keaton, Conroy, Bale, Kilmer and Affleck have done smashing jobs. Hell even Peter Weller did an awesome job in The Dark Knight Returns.

But who's the best?

Adam West. ;-)
stephen aekins
michael Keeaton always and forever

BATMAN 89 tells us soo little about batman and a lot about the joker , 2008 we get a lot about batman barely any info/origin of joker
I love the dark knight.. but I don't think that the penthouse scene would be the very first time Batman and joker fight
I know Michael Keaton was short.. but he was a better batman, but bale was better as Bruce Wayne
der Dennis
i like the ost from the new batman films more.
The Gamer Who Does Life
Kevin conroy wins
laith adnan
michael ceaton in batman 1989 is the best over.. no bady seem to him.
Mark Stone
Just watched Bale's trilogy and Keaton's two movies. No comparison. Michael Keaton. He brought a unique blend of humor as Wayne and an intensity to Batman that Bale can't touch. That's not to say Bale was bad. He was good, but Keaton's blend is something no other actor can likely ever match. Keaton as Batman/Wayne is every bit as iconic to me as Ledger playing the Joker.
They both played Batman in different time periods and under different directors etc. What's the point in comparing, they both did a good job.
keaton is the best batman. everyone knows this
Nick Gagnon
Michael Keaton is easily the best!
Jay G
Bale bored me shitless as Wayne and batman, original always wins...
Carlos Gonzalez
Michael keaton 👍🏻
luke t
Fuck Michael Keaton he looks more like the joker than batman
Caisen Bauguess
I like bale but keaton is my favourite
Levi Smith
I prefer Keaton over bales voice
Wasteland Gypsy
Beatriz Aguilera
Bale. No contest.
For the best on screen actor is Michael, but for voice acting, Kevin hands down
Mario F.
Keaton el es Batman y un gran actor. , Bale buen actor.
Chloe Johnson
Christian Bale's voice was sexy af
Seems more a matter of old studio filmmaking versus new. Nolan's visual grammar is muddled and his shot compositions are unattractive. There is a serious lack of method in modern filmmaking.
Alex Frost
Taking in the perspectives of both Batmans and the settings, Keaton is the better comic book Batman and Bale is the better modern/realistic Batman.
Pablo Carmona
Bale is the best one
John Mendoza
Christian Bale.
maximum carnage
keaton just had a cool swagger the way he act the character keaton was the Batman.
Nikita Lee
Bale is the better Bruce Wayne and Batman altogether, he played both parts perfectly.. he will be very missed..! but of luck to you Mr Bale/Wayne/Batman..!😉😘
Aron Redfield
Keaton: Best Batman
Bale: Best Bruce Wayne

Problem solved.
Beldors Beldoes
Thug : Let him go!!!
Batman : Very poor choice of words wohehehehee (Then drops Jack off the ledge)
michael keaton
Damien Suluai
To me, Keaton feels natural as Batman. A man who embodies fear and justice while also unfortunately taking up the personification of vengeance, creating a competent hero but a man very much detached to the society he protects.

Bale suffers from trying too hard, therefore coming off as....well, off.
hello cristian very good actor god bless you
Adriano Dos Santos
Bale turned Batman into a joke
The Ancient Mariner
So how many here think that the best batman is not the one of theit "time"?
I'm curious :)

(explanation:older ones that like bale better, younger ones that think keaton is better)
Legion xavier
Keaton all the way.. 👍
Keaton had the best image potraying the bat. That manly chin with perfect lips.
peach man plays
bale has to lose im come on the voice batman does not use that voice
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