Michael Keaton vs Christian Bale "BATMAN" in 1080p

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Check out my Joker vs Joker video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI0fTjqa9do 

1989 Batman Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. And DC Comics.
2006 Batman Begins and 2008 The Dark Knight Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics. 

Nonprofit Video only for Entertainment.

I like my comic book heroes to BE comic book heroes, not some "real life" ultra rich guy who has access to non existent military technology. If the character is imaginary, I have no problem keeping him imaginary. And really , that goes for all super hero movies. That being said, after seeing all the Batman movies more than once, and playing all the video games, except Arkham Knight, I still think the 1989 Batman was the best.
Shadow Knight
Keaton all the way, bale totally sucks as Batman and you can't even understand what he is saying most of the time. So Michael Keaton gets my vote.
Keaton is the best batman and Bale the best Bruce
melissa Herrera
keanton es mejor siendo el buitre
Levtube HD
hes not wearing hockey pads 😂
Amanda Pach
De Be
Both are good Michael is better than Christian
I like how crishtian bale says i'm batman
Dzzz Nutz
So nobody is gonna mention that a homeless guy is just chilling and eating like there wasn't a shootout lol and don't get me started on the size of that sunroof that Batman pulled that big ass dude through 😂 Keaton is the OG but both had their good and bads
George Varela
Prefiro o Keaton
Bale to Keaton : "lol you wore hockey pants"
kristen rock
Keaton is the best Batman !
Michael Keaton
The Forehead
I like both so?
Spearhead Studios
luciano racedo
Bale the best ever!!!!!!
angel omar soto
Michael keaton is a great Batman
Christian bale is a great Bruce wayne
Sevin Mannan
Had Keaton been allowed the artistic freedom he wished for, things would have tuned out drastically different. It is not simply a matter of who portrayed the character best, but of who understood him the most.
Bale is a good Wayne, but a bad Batman. Was very hard for me to take him seriously with all his funny faces and bulldog-like voice.
Marcus Moore
Affleck>Keaton>Bale Yeah I said Nolan fanboys come at me!!
Dango Deutsch
Wtf ofc Christian bell......
Kevin Roberts
How did he hear him from outside the car?
Call of Duty JR 88
3:43 that is how i am batman
Lucas Wide
While I like Bale's Ninja Batman, I always liked how Keaton didn't run unless he had to. He just stood still or walked to his competition and looked menacing. Keaton can also do an amazingly intimidating smile.
Seno Budd
Am I the only one who thinks Christian bale is the best Batman between this two?
kim north
Bale all the way
Bale will always be my favorite! His look is so fkn crazy, Intimidating, his suit looks badass and especially... the music makes him feel & look like even more of a legend! I find the other one looks a little like a joke with the crappy music but i guess that's how it was back then. I just loved the dark knight trilogy because it felt very dark!
Patrick McHale
They both did a great job on the character.
Niko Bellic
Keaton batman movies were so boring and have absolutely nothing on the dark knight trilogy, don't even try to kid yourself.
Radical Vision
And here we can see even after 20 fucking years the Keaton is WAY better at playing Batman then Bale. They are just not in the same league...............................
Connor Whitaker
Look at his mouth at 2:59 is that a fucking dummy?
Neeraj Chandran
bale's one is miles better
Bill Shinas
I hated the Christian bale voice he put on, overdone, should have toned it down. Michael Keaton did it perfectly, didn't sound like he had flem in throat.
Mr Tickles
both great batmans.
but #Buttflecks yeah he sucks as batman and have a cry fan boys but bvs was a flop and rubbish movie at best.
Boneless Nigga
All the old people only saying Keaton
A Chaps
Keaton is Best. But really, the steel batline hook thingy would have decapitated the goon at 1:20.this video doesn't help Bale's case
JAVY Vasquez
Michael Keaton is the best hands down
Dan Fors
Seriously, the Nolan Batman trilogy should be re-released with alternate auidio tracks having Kevin Conroy doing the Batman voice instead of Bale. It would sell very well. Bale is a good physical actor as Batman but his Batman voice is a disaster.
Dan Fors
2:00 Is it actually Keaton doing the kick? The suit of -89 was known to be very stiff. I suspect that someone offscreen is just holding one of Keaton's boots and swinging it upwards towards the gun.
The main problem with Keaton's Batman is that the guy was simply too small. I'm bigger than what he is so it defeats the purpose a little. Bale and Affleck are big guys.
Night Night
Michael Keaton for the W 🦇🖤💛
The Cowboy
I wanna hear Ben Affleck say: "I'm Batman."
Both awesome but personally I'm on team Batfleck
Ariel Kasztan
George clony is the "best" batman
Superman Prime
Lool look the face of Keaton it's not bruce Wayne
Christian Bale's Batman voice is way too forced. I gotta go with Keaton
anonimus twd
Michael Keaton is the best Batman
Alex Love
Keaton is way better then bale bale just sucks as batman
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