KIDS FUN IN HELICOPTER! Worldeez Toy Hunt Shopping

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Hi friends:)
 Me and Isla did a crazy Worldeez toy hunt in a Helicopter! It was super cool fun making this video and we both love Worldeez toys,i hope you enjoyed the video love Tiana:)

Thank you Worldeez for sponsoring this video:)

You can purchase Worldeez now in all B&M Stores nationally.
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valerie nicole
Plz. Tell me how she can drive one of those I couldn't if I tryed
Raquel Guadarrama
How can tiana drive a car/eirplane
Sean Lorenz
Sean Lorenz
oh no you are going to get your mom mad and she won't like that you made her mad she won't like it
Eryk Maj
jak ona prowadzi ten jebany kurwa helikopter
Hh Hh
Laila Pertermann
Stacey Chamberlain
my mum ask a at bam
Alex A
Remigijus Matukonis
Guys can you make vido called dit fluffy slime
Joseph Woods
no you shut up your like a pooping sloppy baby
Joseph Woods
ruby I would burn you but my mom told me not to burn trash
Twelvie Lol
Orange Juice
What the kind of a kid is driving
I love how this is in lady bay
Alisiq Asenova
Alisiq Asenova
Marcin Ju
hhzhzjjzjkXX 😡😯😆😆😢😄😢😆😮😣😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😄😆😆😢😧😕😧😆😧😆😆😧😆😧😕😨😆😨😆😢😆😢😆😢😆😆😢😆😢😆😢😆😆😆😆😯😯😯😆😯😆😢😢😆😢😆😆😯😢😆😆😯😐😆😢😆😢🐺 ' " 2&#7#*:3&3&;#&#*#*@&@
dokfien doodee
ไประพพ้พพ ว
Star Gamer
Und wie
Jen Bird
So dangerous
Samsung Samsung
Is so bad
Kuljit Kaur
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
Lily can you do a worldeez give away for the first 6 people to say worldeez
Lily NaNa
Nice video, I like your video
Kiran Tear
Hannah Kennedy
No wonder they were only showing the passenger side
Christopher B
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gbaka Bosse
Gbaka Bosse
is't realey
Marcus E.
Aida Salim
Athena Gillmore
I like both of you’s 👨‍👧‍👧I’m behind you both watching you’s always
Wildan Permana
Adel Aiad
It was a good time
Adel Aiad
I love you and your family and friends and
Adel Aiad
I love you and your family and friends of the best way to get the best way to get the best time for me and you
Antony Corozo
This was cool to watch! Btw for the people asking if she was flying or not in the right seat at 5:29 you can see the pilot in the right seat.
Anna The slime lover
It's so funny seeing u act spoilt i no u r not spoilt
Eva Amelia
How do you fly that helicopter
Your Mum Is Going to Ground You
Izzdinniy 07
ok tiana
Always Erika
First a car then a helicopter wow you are gonna get your drivers licenses really fast
Amber Savanah
It was pretty fun bonjour im amber savannah I was in tiana and I've.seen her 20 months omg im happy because my birthday is monday like if you agree
Elizabeth Knox
I love you tiana
Elizabeth Knox
That was so cool
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