Color Song for Kids: Learn 9 Colors

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In this fun color song with balloons we learn 9 colors. Sing-a-long and wave bye-bye to the balloons! 

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Original song by Matt Copyright 2012

Dayana Aded
We have watched your videos in Rio, Brazil! My students always have fun with you! Thanks!
Alex Smith
Hi Matt, We love your videos but are disappointed to find that the black balloon was not introduced with all the 'beautiful balloons ' at the beginning. The black balloon was also patently obviously missing at the end when the children have to 'say goodbye to all the beautiful balloons'. Why? What inference is being made here? How can I explain that to my classroom of many colours? You should include the black balloon among the beautiful balloons.
dark player
thank you
Mardrian 03
Mai Huỳnh
red, yellow, pink, bye bye pink

green, purple, orange, bye bye orange

blue, brown, black, bye bye black
Bui Thu Hang
thank you very much
Curiosidades de Evelyn Silveira
perfect !!! beri good saludos desde Uruguay pero hablo ingles
English Now
Hello! I need to find a song i think it's your. It's very simple it's only have 4 colours (red, yellow, blue and green) but it has kind of electronic march after the colours were mentioned.
Can you help me? please :)
maria mattos
Great! I love Dream Kids.
Where's The Pink Balloon ❓❔
city of gaming
it' so good for a kids!!!!!!
nguyen hieu
dung trần
Thank you
dung trần
It love it
It love it very very very much
Ramazan Aydin
I like english sings songs
Thank you
Ruslan Kolomiyets
Matt, you are wonderful!!! Kids just adore your videos!!! Keep up the good work!!!
naori.lapat sonchaii
lan anh nguyen thi
Great job! I really like your video <3
Emilio Abad Chamba
beautiful song, congratulations
Minh Thuong Bui
Thank you so much. I love you
Nhan Nguyen
Shanel Antonevich Talarico
You always save me, when I dont know how to catch my pupils' attention :) Thanks indeed.
S. Sajjad Shahid
llewelyn sermona
Luciene Oliveira
Nice job!!!!!!you rock!!!!
Olly Cook
i love u
Marilena Bulai
you forgot grey
Мухаддин Амануллаев
Мухаддин Амануллаев
Мухаддин Амануллаев
Buena musica para aprender english
Cecilia Halley
Looove you!!! you are awesome!!!
Tin Do
Rashad Soliman
Such a great work . You are my childs inspiration
Ash Patel
Евгения Артемова
Thank you for your SO nice songs
Esra Nehir
It's perfect
Hazel Kulak
Matt you're making great job, im searching for lots of songs on youtube but the ones you prepare are the last decision of me :)
Đắng Kẹo
My students love Matt so much and they always want to hear and sing all of songs with Matt. Thanks you for the useful videos and songs :)
Anna Midiwo
Thank you for your songs! The children love them.
Selda Akkaya
Almost all of my students know Matt and love him. Thanks for the video I can teach any subject by the help of your videos and songs :)
majp raj
I don't know how to thank you , your videos are very useful for our autism kids. My sons likes ur videos and he learning more words from you... Thanks from autistic mom .. thank yoooooo sooooooooo much thank you. Expecting more informative videos for autism kids ...
Satish Patile
Thanx brother, my kids love u and your videos.
Manuel Galán Privado
Thanks you, its a great resource for my and for my childens!!
Bernd Kummer
Tolll and cool
Laís Santos
Excellent videos! Congratulations!
You're funny :) Love the songs!
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