Russia Forever
Now the boxing game fight is over and I'm writing my comment now just to address that I got a huge respect for both but I knew in advance that Conor won't stand a chance in the boxing ring but at least he has done his best which is already great and amazing from his side but for me that wasn't a real fight let's take it to the streets and see who is gonna get his ass whooped sure Floyd will dead in a few minutes and that's a fact .
Maida Dutcher
Right now I am watching online on ScreenVariety and I am satisfied :)
Jose Talavera
Ranveer Singh
fuck you mayweather
Inked Skin Deep
Connor says this & gayweather says that & blah blah blah, you guys sound like a bunch of girls. We'll see what happens on the 28th or whenever it is. Until then, its speculation & you know it
Leomar Sahagun
Man it's so hard to pick dude with xp in his fighting realm and the best keep away boxer vs a young hungry guy with pretty awesome standup himself going into the boxing realm. I think I'm just gonna watch and enjoy. And about the just for the money thing I don't bet anyway.
Leomar Sahagun
Man I don't know i'm glad im not the betting type I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy
General Lee
floyd isn't the one with bodyguards
B Charron
**People are forgetting that Mike Tyson knocked the shit out of many fighters that were way better boxers than him. He had an edge, and that edge besides being a hard hitter was his ferocious appetite for destruction, and his will. Sometimes Will overcomes skill. I think Conor has alot more will and motivation than Mayweather. Conor is bigger, stronger, has less ring rust, and is younger with more range and power. Why are some people not giving him a hope. I doubt Conor will try to outbox Mayweather cause he can't win that game. Instead he will have to impose his will, and find a way to break through Mayweathers defence. I know its a miracle for Conor to beat Mayweather, but I believe Conor is the one guy who can pull this off. After this fight we will have to call Conor, "Saint Conor" after he KO's Floyd. An upset of the millenium in in the works i feel.**
philip gray
mayweather has not lost a fight in 21 years against boxings best and
conner reckons hes gonna knock mayweather out in 12 minutes
tony 'too sweet' swann
Conor fans emergency! Conor hit other mma fighter's with his "lethal exploding nuke bomb missile pulverising left cross" and they didn't go down or get ko'd, hoax hoax hoax! Dana someone tampered with the highlights of the video, Zabruda your fired!
Cake King
50-0 retires undefeated -pure legend-TMT
Pryo Lai
Bitches bites dogs barks
Pryo Lai
Dana white carried your bag because he thought you are a ugly enthusiastic little.girl you daughter of a fallen cowboy
Pryo Lai
Pryo Lai
FLYOD IS SHIT! Tell me about it, i'll knock you out if i want to, so stop trying to get my attention
Triton Patch
McGregor will be lucky if he comes out of this fight alive. Seriously, he will not stand a chance against Mayweather.
Gabino Barrera
Lo mejor es no ver la pelea porque los asen más ricos porque lo que estan aaiendon es un circo y todavía le presumen el dinero y humillan al público en la forma que lo asen y el público es el que les da decomer y despue le muerden la mano en la forma que lo asen
M Pate
Everyone knows Floyd got famous off of mcgregor
Jarek Kopicki
Leon Peeters
This think grand lbcrpk hurry face lay finish car all.
JordanATLcha Se
floyd by decision
Neil Camacho
Connor is a scared bitch
kawa yavari
I can care less about mayweather but Conor is way behind him. Even if he beat Mayweather , Floyed still way ahead of him. In terms of status and money. And everything else. Conor became famous cuz of Mayweather. Conor equals classlessness
Jacob Prieshoff
conor mcgregor do us all a favor and shut the h-ll up,all u do is run ur mouth,and act like ur tough,i used to like u until u said wwe wrestlers are pu--ies,u try going on road 300 days of year,not seeing ur family or friends for 300 days,so conor please shut up u dirtbag! i hope "money" mayweather knocks ur b--ch ass out!
Conor McGregor fucking gay pussy white cracker bitch
Floyd the best
There needs to be a knock out in this fight or I want my money back If this ends in a decision mcgregor won. I swear all this hype I'd thos looks like that scrap with t.i I'm going to be pissed I'm just saying t.i the rapper didn't get knocked out either. I'm just saying you saying the greatest ever that paquaio dud that yall got hustled people into paying for I'm not paying to see no damn decision boxing mother fucker. all that defense talk stop. this dude is not even a trained boxer I don't think that's too much to ask for. yall stop buying all the hype. I know where's tyson, Lennox damn holy field ,? I know we all love boxing but these little niggas fighting with no k.o is killing me!!!
ניר י
king McGregor will win after 20 seconds
Echoes of Shildon's Past
Big Mac all the fucking way man!
Luca Brasil
mcgregor will get fucked up. but will he die is the question?
U know the odds are 1:5 in mayweathers favour....clearly he gonna win
Vukasin jankovic
connor gon get his ass whopped
Kendrick Manes
Brownskin B
conor talk to damn much...
Mike Palacios
wtf does it matter
How much he make smh
Minh Nguyen
People have been buried in the desert for less than that. Savage
gimme a million and ill fight floyd
Mark Cadz
lohera kho
i hope this game is true .i love conor he is clean how to doing his fight
matthew roberts
floyd will lose because he has no experience other than boxing. conor going to take him to the ground and wipe the floor with him. floyd nothing but a poster boy bitch
mr k reporting
rip floyd..u wont be missed
Mini Panini
why is conor doing?boxing is a dead sport,just stick to mma.
Ethoz Kollizion Innertainment
I wish Mayweather wasn't such a pussy I would fight him with regular gloves no kicks though because the Mayweather we get destroyed we all know Mayweather would get destroyed in a street fight but if it's going to be boxing in his room let's at least make no boxing gloves I mean come on we know this fight is fake just for cash just so they can get rich and they were really trying to see a real fight they would put MMA gloves on both of them and make them box only this is all played out
This is fake, scripted and the stage paid audience are fake. They all are acting to suck your stupid brains and money.
Travis Channell
Alright look, I know either one of these guys would whoop my ass, but I don't see why they don't fight where anything goes. I feel like the boxing ring is the only place in the world gaywether has a snowballs chance in hell at beating mcgreggor
H Y Matanovich
TWO clowns putting on a show and people are buying into it.. boxing sucks ass..
Romeo Adrian OiDitesM
fucckk floyd, McGreGor's gonna beat his ass....
marque edwards
Honestly I think Floyd is scared and he knows he is going to lose
Michael Juliano
Floyd has the personality of a rich, uneducated toddler. What an ass.
Johnnie B
wow so we gone act like a UFC fight ever got this much attention ... he really tried use Floyd for UFC exposure and it backfired now yo dumb ass gotta box
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