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I've done a lot of crazy and wild video topics over the past few years, but this one is BY FAR the most unrealistic video idea on the ExplodingTNT channel. What would happen if ExplodingTNT found himself his very own girlfriend?

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Actors: Mikey_MC, Cheeseboy157, creeper321448, The_Mine_Mayor, xBaconPhoenixPvP, ItsMaree, _SuperEffective, Tekkish, LaurenLovesLies, Luigieight, Euro
Also thanks to craftisabel for helping with this video!

It's great to see you guys being out there and creative with the suggestions you leave... but let's get a little more realistic here...

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Jodi Gioconda
Oh snap pink sheep you were gonna marry oh snap
Jodi Gioconda
Saion Clarke
So sad
1:23 I wish it was that easy...
2:35 Are...are you serious?
3:48 Not even
4:03 Oh your f***ing kidding
4:40 GET TROLLED SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delali Angamah
If everyone was naked in Minecraft
Delali Angamah
Do more
Abianto Manis
im sad exploading tnt alone im kill failboat and i no subscribe failboat
Dark Knight
No explodingTNT I'm forever alone
Julius Dionyt
Do if exploding tnt and pink sheep are enemy
maria lugo
expliloding TNT :-(x-(
Nykolas o
that was fkdup
Giang Ngô Mê
erm.....this is awkward...
minecraft golden fan
if exploding tnt fathers play Minecraft like if u agree
Kiswa Waqar
Aw that was sad about Another girl friend of tnt she died
wow explodingtnt loves cheese
Lien Dang
she is too good for him anyway
Gaming Central
Do if Exploding TNT was a girl 😂
if everyone in minecraft was naked
Yhen Bermudez
if herobrine is the creator of minecraft like if u agree <3
Barış Şahintekin
did if exploding got a family
Thành Vinh Phạm Nguyễn
Lololololol I Think TNT for ever Alone
BubbleNugget 241
Whoa whoa Tnt U gotta Know Her first
Police Officer
LOL THE END😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
noob noob
If exploding TNT had a girlfriend part 2
Reynaldo Soliveres
Mega RayquazaMasters
If exploding TNT had a family
Gucci Nugget
CoryxBrunn Skittle Bros
wow TNT you blew it.....letting your ONLY girlfriend blow up #FOREVER
alizealize aj
If a hacker demension was added
The True Of The ExplodingTNT Hes A Cheater O_O
Gameloft gaming
TNT i am friend with you
belita beli ta titi
J'ai rien faitsi tu veux
Adam Hodroj
if love dimension was added
sarbast barkal
Liêm Lê
Phải nói tiếng việt nếu không
Oriel Encarnacion
if Exploding TNT Take over the world
Gurlivleen Kaur
if notch got a girlfriend please please please .like if you agree😉
Rosa Musun
tnt i know what did to failboat
Aza Mobil
Don't insult exploding tnt
The 11th doctor????
Janette Medellin
R.I.P. girl
Janette Medellin
ballora dancer
do if notch had a girlfriend
Homie Pikachu
Do if Minecraft was like PixelGun3D
Homie Pikachu
If No-one went to school if you agree because they will become a pro! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 #MouseNation
Magdalena Antic
If ExplodingTNT have wife and kids? 1 LIKE = 1 AGREE
Risya Putri Atsiila
Azizul Azhar Razali
lol TNT
They just convince him with cheese lol
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