If ExplodingTNT Had a Girlfriend - Minecraft

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I've done a lot of crazy and wild video topics over the past few years, but this one is BY FAR the most unrealistic video idea on the ExplodingTNT channel. What would happen if ExplodingTNT found himself his very own girlfriend?

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Actors: Mikey_MC, Cheeseboy157, creeper321448, The_Mine_Mayor, xBaconPhoenixPvP, ItsMaree, _SuperEffective, Tekkish, LaurenLovesLies, Luigieight, Euro
Also thanks to craftisabel for helping with this video!

It's great to see you guys being out there and creative with the suggestions you leave... but let's get a little more realistic here...

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Svinjac Svinja
if notch had girlfriend
If expodingTNT had a brother
Ileana Motorca
do pink sheep have a girlfriend
Why does exploding TNT cared about the cheese lol look at the other one too he liked cheese again🤔
Sancho Griva
Explodingtnt looks like a hampster because of the white face
Sancho Griva
If failboat had parents it will be so funny
Tonja Kovalenko
1:30 XD
Nghaki Vanla
hey explodingtnt you love cheese then your girlfriend?
Can ExpodingTnt be a dad?
Kristijan Kocev
funny vidio
Kristijan Kocev
But noting
Kristijan Kocev
it's so funny
Mega Luke
The only way to marry explodingTNT is cheese..
Dana Hamdani
When they die together there gonna explode 😂😂😂😂 and a explosive ending 😂😂😂😂
Cheese = life
Salma Kousar
If Exploding TNT got married
Paul Archer
Araceli Santos
if exploding TNT had a family
Alam Olguin
do if ExplodingTNT have a PET!!!!!
Master Craft
If everyone was nice to TNT
Rasya Aureliandra
Exploding TNT, if you are forever alone,why don't you be friends with my sister. my sister likes you
Caden Sayre
Εμανουελ Λακαι
if all players have the same skin
Kykytje 12
If ender dragon Get love
XD why you didn't keep your old skin that creeper one ExplodingTNT
Patric Lau
Make if explodingTNT is a mouse
Blue Flare
4:50 wow (girl freind)
what the heck cheese really cheese hahahahaha its make me hahaha its make hahahahahahahahahahahaha its so funny dude
amadeo melchizedek
if exploding tnt is A girl
KevinHart Velasco
lol to noob
Elly H
do if notch wos not the coratere of minecraft
Big Bald Head
Of course ExplodingTnt wants a girlfriend but he doesn't have hope because he's a mouse no one likes that much...
Cena Jhon
JJ Bocachica
can you make a pocket edition server PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you are better then pink sheep LOL
logi j
LOL explodingtnt
Raul2010 Militaru
Jeric Cupin
No offense t
But the girl tnt pro girl is cute but the tnt couple without the pro girl ugly
Aldo's World
So TNT will do anything for cheese well here's cheese throws* cheese 🧀 LOVE THIS VIDEO AND GET MORE CHEESE (once love video look down of my comment)

jayden Campbell
he he ha ha
Tammy L. Salgado
if Exploding TNT had a little cute sister that looks like him but with girl eyes and blonde girl hair
Tammy L. Salgado
if explodingtnt had a wife
Rockmob2008 pryor
If Minecraft was for pros only
manuel mejia
do if failboat took over Minecraft
Fruity Slime
0:38 lol so true #foreveralone
rosario fernandez
i am sad for you
Corey Blount
Mcnate 5
do IF Noobs have girl but not pros
Donut belly Fat cat
Who in the right mind would date TNT??!😱😱
abryn banaga
cool vid
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