Like 290. Good video
awesome coverage
Tallica 4Life
Pretty cool when even the engineer railfans.
Zach Gillespie
Interesting that even Amtrak engineers have time to 'railfan' on the job! lol
Edith Frank
The Gamer
Nanou C
Et donc? il fallait voir quoi de sensationnel?
Aman Karidaev
Чёза бред
Ryan Alessandro
that video almost tops my 1:45 min. footage of the old man on the mountain.
Андрей ③③
о чём видео?
Oh... We're talking serious rules violation here!
Betty Cocker
this is cool and everything, but as soon as I'm done here I'm watching train collisions. praise YouTube.
rosa lainz
thst smazing oh my GOD
Evergreen Rail Productions
Hi Baltimore great video
Owen Evans
That's quite a view.
ironmatic 1
I think 83 was the same locomotive that pulled the Texas Eagle that I rode last summer.
That is not how I imagined the engineer to look at all....maybe I'm stereotyping slightly, but I thought he'd be wearing an oil-stained boiler-suit , and a cap turned back-to-front!
I bet the engineer was bored....@4:54, you can even hear him snoring !
Will you love this comment? I'm not saying you have to, or are you a savage and don't love it
Mike Wilcock
Are those people getting off at 3.08, top right of the frame...Mike in Llanblethian, Wales,UK
Mike Wilcock
Such different sizes of stock....................have a look at my UK clips on....TheMichaelWilcock.................thanks
I'm confused
Jorma Gifu
Wow, stunning point of view! Great job. 👍
Randall Banks
What an amazing viewpoint. Is it open to the public, and if it is how hard is it to get up there.
Ginger Megs
Isnt that the icy river where a jet crashed into years ago and it sank so quickly only a handful of people survived.
Potomac River but I could be wrong.
Thats the train driver? Thought it was a random guy. Uniforms for railway staff exist Amtrack
+BaltimoreAndOhioRR nice view of the Amtrak
This is the original "when the engineer gets bored"
jeez, while the driver was at it, he should have taken a selfie
What was the guy in the blue jacket doing?
Gary Plastek
God forbid you take a picture of the planes at an airport. You will probably be detained.
Any idea why they stopped the train?
Marc Creter
Wesley Young
Nice catch&great video
I have several more here on YouTube shot from here. Don't know if/when I will do it again.
Great video!!!! I don't know where you shot it from but can you get more from this location?
The far side is West Virginia. The vid was taken from Maryland.
MetroNorth Fan202
What state is this?
Matthew Smith
When you go to Harpers Ferry, where do you park? I know if you park up by the campgrounds its $10, but I don't want to be reliant on the shuttles. Do you park at the station? I hear it is $6 if you park in the overnight lots, but park rangers check the lot regularly. Any suggestions?
Justin Voelker
what was the guy talking about on 11-17-12
You seem to be the one talking. You see the video.
Brian Paulus
You're a real tough talker boy, but that's all you are.
& you heard what I said. I'm not kidding either.
Brian Paulus
You're so full of shit it's a wonder your dumbass doesn't float away. You heard what I said boy, and I'm not kidding.
I know exactly what I'm talking about. And tone all you want- I wasn't trespassing, I was on park property.
Brian Paulus
first of all Baltimore & OhioRR you don't know what the hell you're talking about; the train had to hold until HF due to an event going on at Weverton (Canal Xing), that's why we were there longer than normal..and if i ever see you again above the tunnel trespassing like you did on 11-17-12, i will tone in the dispatcher on the EMERGENCY frequency and report you; and for your post above, and "oldtoots" above it... Fuck both of you assholes!! I will be watching for you.
Brian Paulus
you sure are a dumb ass
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