Facebook KILLER Steve ‘ Stevie Steve ’ Stephens : CONFESSION #2 REACTION


Original video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLldkzHe9-k

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Your Adopted
You should watch the actual video of him shooting the other man
Rising Wind
God please resurrect this dude so I can fucking torture him.
Rising Wind
ill kill this dude. im a man of law, i understand he killed himself. but he's the only excuse id kill. id gladly kill him for life in prison, no fuck that, death tbh. ive never felt anger like this in my life.
Supreme Kidd
He just needs to kill himself
React to 21 savage "ISSA"
Curry's Ankles
Yo fuck this nigga, Kell I know you saw Donterio roast the fuck out this bitch
Gwop Tez
I'd stomp him if I seeen him, Id pour hot water on his face then poop on his face the b stomp him again and Pray for Robert 😭🙏🙏
Savannah Miniard
When did that video come out
React to Lil pump - Molly
Diehard Nola923
React to next by lil pump
DeGoat DeRozan
Shit fake
Isaiah Miller
Listen To Nintendo by Jay Critch and Rich The Kid
b s
u gon be big on u tube 1 day nigga. when u do dont forget bout me
Tomas Björnsson
epic pause-talk around 1minute! big up from sweden
Snagz Too Lit
he died
Syco Shoota
wait a sec... the Facebook killer is in the passenger seat of the car...
Syco Shoota
wait a sec... the Facebook killer is in the passenger seat of the car...
somebody saw him at McDonalds so he left 10mins later he was found dead
he killed his self doe
shay jefferson
what a cute face you have, and I like your hair.
black girl
Kell said she got that murder pussy..got damn...
Cameron Herndon
i believe dey wanted dhis monster to kill . bcuz dey know dey know where he was when dhis happened
kay jay
Do your parents know you are making an ass of yourself on camera? LMBAO! And find another besides NIGGER to express yourself.
Paris Taylor
Kell cracking jokes & shit. "She got that murder pussy"
Armead Lee
r.i.p mr.robert
Low Down
This is to create fear!
Low Down
Kcrossover 56
Who ever asked for his number and called him u should go 2 him 😂😂 dickhead
Pnb Manny
My son kell
Robert Hirschbichler
I feel sry for the family from the victim but tbh: Im not surprised when i read in which country this happened.
No sir he made himself look bad, we as a society we need to learn to how not group people together
Jacob Chuntz
he looks like lil Uzi vert
A Rogue Chihuahua
You're fucking right man
why didnt he just kill his ex gf
He can change vehicles anytime he wants, not an easy mission for the authorities.

You better shoot him and then call the police- he doesnt give a fuck
Robert Presti
Sorry, but black folks made themselves look bad already with the killing of each other all day long and thug life swag bullshit. At least you sound positive trying to give black people and good name lol
David Escalante
Hey! Who is he riding with? He's obviously being driven around. The seatbelt is over his right shoulder! This screams fake! Wake up! His name and his testimony sounds fake! " I snapped, I fuckin snapped over a bitch!" Really?! Jim Jones I'm not gonna be able to come to work tomorrow?! Quote unquote? This is a false flag!
This was all a setup to cover up what's really about to happen stay awoke. 💯
Princess of Keys
This man needs to suffer for what he did!!!! 😠
Mental health problems bro.This guy is a victim too :(
James Gordan
All of you have been fooled , this has been a set up to distract you all from the reality of what's really going on , cough cough the brinks of ww3, beside the fact this whole video seems played out and orchestrated , RIP to this mans soul for being a pawn in someone else's fucked up game
Hank Newsted

stfu and stop saying niggu so much.
You know, I saw a thing on the internet that promised the complete uncensored vid on this old man getting shot by Stephens. Had just heard about it and was curious. I clicked it and watched. Regretted that I did that. It's been a few days now and I don't feel right. Should not have watched it. I later looked up who this old man was and saw pictures of him with his family. He was a father--grandfather who was walking home after just having Easter dinner with his kids. He was a good man who went to church and lived what they preached. Now I even feel more sick and disturbed by that fucking video I saw. I'll never be the same, I swear. I cried when I learned about that innocent grandfather. I would have been proud to have had him as my grandfather or even friend. Maybe I need to cut down on this media stuff an' all. It's getting too explicit and crazy.
Martin Nordhagen
How many times eid he sau the N word
Leah O Neill
he killed my best friend
Sienna Christy
our world is messed up..
Carrie Bizz
I'm in Australia and i fucking can't believe this cowardly motherfucker. Its a disgusting dispicable horrific crime. Thinking of all the families of the victims
Christopher Adams
Where are the Police at this point, How did he kill 13 people and get away with it
Little Bill
its a hoax dude
remember ww1
he deserves to be stomped on
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