Philip DeFranco
Maybe I'm just a cynic...
That said thank you for another fantastic week!
Hiroshi Mishima
I'm sorry Phil, I just.. can't bring myself to agree with you regarding Pedophilia. How the fuck can you really condone shaming and belittling someone simply for the thoughts that pass through their brain?

I TOTALLY understand vehemently loathing child molesters (or sexual predators of any kind) and wanting them to magically disappear.. but SURPRISE we don't really have full control of the thoughts that pop and fizzle inside our heads.

If you were walking down the street and saw someone who tripped your trigger and you ever-so-briefly contemplated the idea of having sex with them, does that automatically make you an adulterer? I would hope not, or your wife would have an awful lot to say to you every time you mention attractive women in your show.

Similarly, we are not supposed to shame or vilify someone for being attracted to the same gender, or who is happily in a monogamous relationship but would kinda like to have a threesome.

Here's a hypothetical situation. You are a healthy young kid of let's say 13. You know what sex is, or at least you think you do, and you've had attraction to other kids your age. We're told /that's fucking normal/. Now, and here me out, as you got older, your interests just.. didn't change? And you couldn't figure out why? After all, we see/hear about relationships between adults of vastly different ages, right? So why should a kid of like.. 16 be worried cause they like a 14 year old?

Now let's go a step further. You're an adult, you like adults, you fantasize about some hot or cute person you saw, you're like "everyone else", so to speak. Except you still find attraction towards those 13-17 year olds. You can't help it, those feelings simply never went away, just like you can't stop yourself from wanting broccoli cheese soup - even though you know you can't have it anymore cause of medical issues. You resist, you don't act on those urges and continue to have relations with fellow consenting adults, but you DO feel a tad uncomfortable about teens sometimes.

It might surprise you (and doubtless others) that this is actually something a lot of people deal with. perhaps not a huge majority or anything, but it's a concern many people do face. There's nowhere they can talk about it except maybe on a message board or IRC channel where they aren't immediately labeled as utter and complete monsters. However that's not going to get them professional help, it just potentially gives them a place to talk about it occasionally without pitchforks and torches coming out.

Now what I can say for the vast majority of people is that WE ALL LIVE with something similar to that. Thoughts or urges that we know we shouldn't have anything to do with or to act upon. Maybe not every day but certainly several times a month we may think of something that horrifies us or makes us feel ashamed. Hell, I think I just described anyone with a particularly weird kink, but that wasn't what I was going with.

The overall point I'm trying to make is that just because someone might have an improper thought around someone underage does not immediately make them any worse than the rest of us. If they cross the line or feel/act like they want to cross the line, THEN BY ALL MEANS get them help. But you know that old saying, right? Innocent until proven guilty?

Otherwise it's nor less damaging than blanket statements like "all whites are racist" or "all men are sexist" or "all Muslims are terrorists". IT HELPS NOBODY, and only causes undue harm and stress and gives openings to people who MIGHT do harm.
One sentence...cut...and this exaggerated unnatural gesture😔, clickbait thumbnails😟.
Offending no one here but where's quality content here, is this a "news" channel for adhd kiddies?
The Freakshow
Welp, hooked me with the title. I'm always interested in hearing why people don't believe. I can see that it was about that one Pastor who's "anti-gay" and molested a child. I want to know, cause maybe I missed it, is he just against homosexuality? Or against homosexual people in general? If it is the latter, he needs to take a look at Jesus' life. He might be as shocked as a Pharisee to know that Jesus hung out with the sinners and loved them so much, he chose to die for them. Plus, let's get this out of the way, it is sad, indeed, that Catholics and Christians have gotten this reputation for pedophilia, just know that is not a huge statistic of addictions and hangups in Christianity or Catholicism, it was just a few that made the news, and we all know how people take that. With that said, I love ya dude, I dig your opinions(I don't agree with them all). Keep it up!
Casey Neistat is the most annoying person to look at and listen to EVER on the internet. He's like a human version of Dobby from Harry Potter. How much of his internet money has he spent on blow in order for his nostrils to get that fucking size. He could snort a pound of blow in 3.05 seconds.
dude i really appreciate there being sub titles on your videos, it's great for the hard of hearing :)
15, while bad, isn't too bad, in Washington the age of consent is 16
Alec Skinner
If keeping a dude from being so injured that hes bloody throws me in jail then fuck our justice system.
1. That's a cool shirt Phil. i looked at it while you bored me with YT ad bs. Only dummy's watch ads on yt.
2. Dr. Dao is a rapist drug dealing piece of SHIT.
3. Spicer is better than every single Barry press "executive assistant".
4. WTF. Use the biggest bomb possible. They work better!
Physics Land
he is better than Onision shittalks
Elina Lappalainen
They (YT) have verified tutors for YouTube users, maybe they should have verified NEWS channels also? Hmm..
The problem is advertisers think we actually care about their ads, and they believe that we associate their products with the videos they play on, we don't. The people that do are a minority.
Marz Wallace
I've just watched about 5 of your videos straight and saw no Ads.
Douglas Lorenzi
I Hate Anna Akana. She is a mysandric, racist and disgusting person.
can someone explain to me the voice activated thing turning off peoples xbox that phil is talking about trolling? im out of the loop and not up to date with technology. thanks.
i wish i could just have phils hair style everyday.
Kyozoku Kyokyokuu
I'm bingeing news because I've been actively avoiding it the past couple months due to my desire to just scream at all the shit. And the Burger King "hack" doesn't affect me because every single smart device I own has custom wake up phrases for a reason.
It's nice how millionaires are upset about youtube earnings... for millionaires.
a DIY Car Guy
lmao a youtube guild
YouTube should fix their stupid copyright robot and also penalty companies who are abusing it.
Phil, wish I could be one of your consultants. Never gonna happen, of course. Just a dream. Did my reverse psychology work? I know, pathetic attempt at double reverse psychology.....😝
Phil, wish I could be one of your consultants. Never gonna happen, of course. Just a dream. Did my reverse psychology work? I know, pathetic attempt at double reverse psychology.....😝
hey man please get on podcast asap.
Phil, over 5mil sub....I might sub.
My 677k subs means nothing to youtube Im getting paid like I have 10k subs even when I post different content from what I usually do. Its like I have been black listed
what most people forget YouTube did not always pay people for there videos it was a nice jester on YouTube's part. and now they don't have the money they use to so YouTube can't pay anymore. now if you make all your money from YouTube guess what the ride is over pull up your big girl panties and get a real jod.
Patrick Curtis
Am I the only person in the world who thinks bombing civilians shouldn't be allowed in any form at all?
Patrick King
Go ahead and push that button...then none of us will have to watch your channel :-p Learn a little about history, all our ancestors were "pedophiles" When most people died at 30, guess what, you had to fuck and have kids after puberty or none of us would exist.
Kyle Sya
At talking about "slamming the button to kill all child molesters" , you got yourself a new subscriber :D
Good to see a voice of reason. I don't like Trump and didn't vote for him but I am so damn sick of Democrats and vaguely leftist people praising Obama for shit he didn't do and getting mad at Trump for shit Obama did do. This is why the party system must be dismantled if we are ever to have real discourse.
Robert Cremin
So you tubers essentially want a workers union
That feel when you have adblock :/
R i m D r a w s
i love the video but i'm lowkey pissed about the fact that the person 4:33 called Dr.Dao Chinese even though he was actually Vietnamese XD idk if it is still a stereotype in America that all Asian-looking people are Chinese and because I don't know that, I don't want to judge, but still, lowkey pissed lmao
Alexander Falconer
Casey Neistat...don't trust that sellout at all. Anyone who demands that others vote for his candidate and has huge ties to a certain news corporation....what a dick
Akmal Ibrahim
Lol. Do you guys think it's easy defending the bullshits coming out of the Trump administration every single day?
In reference to the United racism situation, I can understand why some people would think this was a racist act if you think of it in terms of the passenger's treatment and not their selection to be booted off the plane.
Hmm I got un subbed 😕
Fernando Contreras
Awesome. Looking forward to the podcast.
Charlie Pancake
This must be that DeFranco guy
Video What
The issue is that it's not YouTube. It's the advertisers. But you truly can't blame them either because they can't help the insane pushback they get from customers. The real issue goes back to those who freak out over everything. The true fascists and those against free speech.

They need to stop trying to force everyone to bend to their whims. And the guilt by association needs to go away. Stop trying to destroy livelihoods just because you may not agree with someone's ideas or thoughts. You win by arguing and debate, not trying to shut them down.
L Yost
Why are we separating child molesters from pedophiles?1?! There are active groups trying to add pedophiles into the LGBT moniker. WE CANNOT GIVE ONE INCH ON EITHER OF THESE TERMS, THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! And by labeling one as bad and the other a MENTAL ISSUE we are showing sympathy to people who want to have sex with KIDS!!!!
me nosay
Akilah? I bet I know what she wants to see represented at the table, and I bet it is a whole lot more melanin and a whole lot less pale skins.
Agdaan Ahaan
When I saw her face - I'm a believer
Sarah Yates
I just started watching your videos a few days ago. I subbed wish I would have found you sooner. you may have just became my favorite you tube.
Decoy Candy
only love. You, your crew and your family and just great folks to watch.
Alexander Cross
Daily update on YouTube shit. Never cover any news anymore...
Runic Rigel
Yep my revenue was cut 30℅ too ...people don't realize it's a lot of work and increasingly an uphill battle
Titty Kitty Cookie
Why was I unsubbed from you? Weird
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