YouTubers Uniting Against YouTube and Why I'm Not a Believer...

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FRIDAY SHOW IS BACK!... Well, for now. Let’s talk, Nation!
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It just doesn’t make sense…
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Philip DeFranco
Maybe I'm just a cynic...
That said thank you for another fantastic week!
Fernando Contreras
Awesome. Looking forward to the podcast.
Charlie Pancake
This must be that DeFranco guy
Video What
The issue is that it's not YouTube. It's the advertisers. But you truly can't blame them either because they can't help the insane pushback they get from customers. The real issue goes back to those who freak out over everything. The true fascists and those against free speech.

They need to stop trying to force everyone to bend to their whims. And the guilt by association needs to go away. Stop trying to destroy livelihoods just because you may not agree with someone's ideas or thoughts. You win by arguing and debate, not trying to shut them down.
L Yost
Why are we separating child molesters from pedophiles?1?! There are active groups trying to add pedophiles into the LGBT moniker. WE CANNOT GIVE ONE INCH ON EITHER OF THESE TERMS, THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! And by labeling one as bad and the other a MENTAL ISSUE we are showing sympathy to people who want to have sex with KIDS!!!!
me nosay
Akilah? I bet I know what she wants to see represented at the table, and I bet it is a whole lot more melanin and a whole lot less pale skins.
Agdaan Ahaan
When I saw her face - I'm a believer
Sarah Yates
I just started watching your videos a few days ago. I subbed wish I would have found you sooner. you may have just became my favorite you tube.
Decoy Candy
only love. You, your crew and your family and just great folks to watch.
Alexander Cross
Daily update on YouTube shit. Never cover any news anymore...
Runic Rigel
Yep my revenue was cut 30℅ too ...people don't realize it's a lot of work and increasingly an uphill battle
Titty Kitty Cookie
Why was I unsubbed from you? Weird
This is the first time i'm watching your video and I'm already in love. NEW MEAT TO THE FAMILY! :D
Wanton Capital punishment? Yikes, glad I am not subscribed.
Burning question: is the bed in use or just a prop?
why did you have to TALK about Dadyofive their life is ruined
Rome Janairo
President Duterte killed All the Drug Addict
Philip Defranco killed All the pedophile and Japanese

Me I say killed everybody to make everyone happy

By the way subscribed feeling sorry for ads less channel then unsubscribe again
Reece Marshall
You made a clear logical distinction between paedophiles and child molesters and then proceeded to group them together and state that you were disgusted by both groups and could compare them to serial killers. Like you stated, child molesters act on their urges, as do serial killers. Paedophiles , similarly to homosexuals, cannot change who do are attracted to. It's an unpleasant fact but a fact nonetheless.
Mojo Komodo
pedophiles need psychological help. they are sick and some of them do not want to be attracted to children. after all no one chooses to be attracted to children.
Douglas IRL
So my real question is did Mike from Semaphore use your name to push this idea to other youtubers , and get them to sell their channels too? And do you still trust Mike?
Douglas IRL
Facebook, CNN < And other Globalists are working together to find ways to shut down opposing views...Casey just sold to CNN, so no I don't trust him
No, We have stupid TV ! Peace.
1Sekc MOFO
I am not a bastard! I AM THE BASTARD! 😀
So a union of Youtuber, what they gonna do go on strike... so what they will just lose credibility and fans. Also remember youtubers are self employed not employed by Youtube so they have no real power over Youtube.

You don't like Youtube then don't use it.
Ric Poitras
casey neistat is 1 ugly mofo... just noticing this ha
Jose Tovar
Eric Tovar : philp Defranco you re nothing but a piece of garbage asshole making false accusations on an inacent family what the hell is wrong with you dick face better watch your back now
Lola Freeze
im not defending the guy, i mean a 50-something year old man having sex with 15-year olds is disgusting, but its not pedophilia. age is just a number, and as many people has pointed out the definition of a pedophile isn't defined by the age of the people he/she is attracted to, but by the maturity. if the person is prepubescent=pedophile. if not, he's just a creep, but not a pedophile
Mick Dundee
Don't fuck kids. Top notch advice! 😂
Gospel Worship Songs
I think we have to band together to strengthen YouTube and fight companies like WSJ
The beauty of a pun is in the "Oy!" of the beholder. If you hadn't guessed, I like puns, Phil free to make as many as you want.
I see it as mental athletics, people that don't like them are pissed because they had to think to catch it. People that do enjoy them are a bit faster mentally.
victor zuniga
so basically he's right and everything he says is true and everyone knows nothing lol
Artin Sazgar
Being gay in islam is "haram" ( taboo ) and gay people are killed which is the reason the Iran president denied the existence of gay people
I agree with the all points you discussed about Sean Spicer. As much as I dislike him it is nice to see him laugh some times at the beginning of some press conferences​.
After watching a few of your videos, it's obvious you have the right strategy. Hope for the best but prepare for the worse. Diversify your revenue streams and your wallet won't be impacted by the loss of ads. Your channel is awesome.
For the Pedophilia vs child molester thing, I totally won't blame you for not wanting your children around pedophiles. As a matter of fact those who are, try to keep away from children to keep themselves from getting into temptation.

My only issue is when pedophiles (who don't harm children or consume child pornography) are looking for help, they get lumped with the child molesters, and trying to harm someone who may be fucked up in the head but doesn't want to enact their desires/is seeking help is equally fucked up to me. I think they should be able to come out, admit they have a problem, and get the treatment they need.
Zachary O'neill
Omg he's sooo hot
Midorima Shintaro
Hey Philip, Nice video but I got kinda curious why is your lamp turning on and off. lol
Ash Hay Brax
Youtube is killing itself. Suffocating creators means suffocating itself.
This Kid, Me Has Anxiety
oMG I was thinking about about Phil and Roman Atwood and I suddenly said aloud Phillip Depranko i m crying
char lev
Why are ur lights going on and off
John Galt
That deformed Jewish guy who shills for Hillary all the time is obnoxious. Apparently he's been hired by CNN or some shit? Either way he's cancer.
Adam Lefthand
I believe this guy would be a hit on satellite radio..eff youtube
Slug Rider
im confused.. ur videos ive seen recently have no ads.. so.. ur making no money from utube at all? :/
HD Fashion Girls
Today has been interesting... I have had 2 channels deleted. no warnings just straight up deleted by Youtube. Anybody else?
Parents abusing their children has love too. I will end with that note. Love you Franco.
Anders Ørnfeldt
Most of what was talked about felt like a "Phil'ler"
GimR's Lab
Twitch is REALLY good to their partners and are really into helping the little guy. My channel had 1000 followers when they gave me the best front page time possible. Their support is not matched. If we formed a union around them we'd be jerks.
matthew baker
i can't believe that i'm saying this, like i reeeeeeally can't believe that i'm saying this, but i disagree with your views on pedophilia......... please hear me out... don't get me wrong, anyone who has sex with someone who did not/ can not consent deserves to be set on fire, but i feel as though pedophilia is a little more of a grey area. i mean, when you think about it, they didn't choose to be sexually attracted to children, the same way that we didn't choose to be gay or strait or A or... whatever. i'm not saying that you shouldn't feel uncomfortable about it, i'd be surprised if you didn't, but i feel like we should change our attitudes from "they're all bad people" to "it's a shitty situation for everybody involved".
eggplant iguana
yeah theyre wired a different way but that doesnt make it excusable. its still horrific
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