Coco Trailer #1 (2017) Gael García Bernal Disney Pixar Animated Movie

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Coco Trailer 1 (2017) Gael García Bernal Disney Pixar Animated Movie [Official Trailer]

Title: Coco
Release Date: November 22, 2017
Cast: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Renee Victor

Creative Dreamer
I didn't know the Book of Life was getting a sequel.
ana star
great another movie basically about day of the dead
Grayson Hutch
Rip off.of book of life
Juan Arcos
it says DLC
James Kang
❤️ C░o░c░o░ ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░(░2░0░1░7░)░||░H░D░|| ❤️
░W░A░T░C░H░ ░N░O░W░👉👉👉👉 without registration
jose de jesus jimenez isidoro
el charro creo se parece a Pedro infante
Luis Gomez
I thought the dog was el chupacabra
Tony Maldonado
the book of life 2 looks pretty good
Stephanie Lumsden
I dont really understand the storyline... anyone who is reading this comment care to tell me so I could understand??
Mohammed Althani
Best animated feature nomination. MARK MY WORDS.
Musix & Feelix
Oh boy
Can't wait for the riots...
"Hollywood keeps shoving diversity down our throats!" - Trumpers mad af right now.
DK Films
This reminds me soooo much of the book of life 🤔
Leonel Soto
I don't know why but the face the kid makes on 0:39 makes me think that it could be a good movie.
Letícia kovalski
festa no céu. ....
This is pretty much the book of life
AOT Fangirl
they have Caucasian native American mexican but they can't make a good African American movie besides princess and the frogs yet there here making a remake of the book of life
Hanit Suarez
un mariachi mexicano cantando en ingles :v XDXDXDXDXD esto es ofender a mexico
juan david medina herrera
a guebo se ve chido
Engineer Gamer
Jason Acayen
looks like "the book of life"..
Miguel Angel Villicana
I gotta se this movie
It seems Disney Pixar can't go wrong. They're fantastic.
This film will be directed by Lee Unkrich, who worked in most of the "heart-warming/tear-maker" films of Pixar, so spect sm good shit with this one...
Henry Bover
Sony Pixar Disney and ABC channel are a family
Jazzletheunicorn 97
marco diaz in his red hoodie lol
Graphic .J
Why is it all the time that Mexicans are portrayed in the Hollywood or gaming media it's always about "Day of the Dead"? Many of us Mexicans don't believe in that VooDoo shit. Wtf gringos get the culture right for once. If it's not that it's Lucha Libre.
I am not gonna lie I love Day of the Dead impressions their interesting and just so fun to watch ~ the beautiful bright colors, the traditional clothing, and the music best of all .... are all fascinating to see ! ~ and I can't wait to see this movie because Day of the Dead is a really huge tradition for many Latinos around the world so I am not tired of seeing this concept :) at all!
Dairokuten Maoh Oda Nobunaga
It looks like a love child between Book of Life and Kubo.
Redd Wolf
I want to see this kinda reminds me of The Book Of Life. This Day of the Dead is really interesting i would love to know more of it.
Weird hearing my name in a movie XD
(btw I'm referring Dante)
NerdXZ97 001
so a mexican spirited away.
pacheko Estrada
Dante is a xoloescuintle lol
Darciel WOT [INVIL]
0:09 DLC
Blue_ TheShark
So this is just pixar's version of the Book of Life
Gerardo Rodriguez
I'm like this film already, I want to see it
Ibadurrahman Farooq
Soooooo disney and pixer working on a single movie? pls dont fail.
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