Rudy Mancuso
Thank you all for the love. Hope you enjoy.
Anastazja Zygmuntowicz
i almost cryed 😭
авава вававава
Russiang guys is looked your videos, it's cool. yaaaaaas(каеф)(да)
авава вававава
русские оценили
Maximal Theatralisch
nice one
aaaah da ist ja das orginal von julien bams kopie
Blizzi 2.0 I Ich mach caazeopenings
dope shit
Dancers By Heart
weren't you the dj in Albatross?
Julien Bam
Bensrhir Salah
can you please give me the name of the piano song you played and also the one in the last periode of the video
Diasheena Gabriel
When he wears his tank top he needs to shave his armpits
Wer kommt auch von Julien Bam?
John Anderson
Which country was this recorded in?
This is a fantastic video.

WTF tom
i watched this video 25+ time and still counting.....
Artem Gennad'evich
Что она ему сказала?
Kayhan Sajid
I love the tune at 0:38
Leydi Esteban
hes kind of cute
Joey Miller
Love the vid. Great job
This is a modern masterpiece
Amazing lol
I watched this like a billion times and I can't stop. The video is amazing😘😘❤️
Adal P.Garcia
what is the song he plays on the piano?
The Original HavazZ
Kommt noch jemand von JF not Kenedy?
At the End: Mila Kunis on the left side? xD
Dor Sagi
Wow that's amazing that the sounds of the action's that you were doing matched the background music
ronald morrell-pruitt
lmao. so superbly crafted.
Na wer ist hier von Julien Bam's Video?
Paula Laracuente
I've watched this over 5 times I love this video
Paula Laracuente
What is the song that's playing all the time called???!!!!!!! I'm obsessed
jerome vigneault
love the piano can u make a fill version
Josephine Baldridge
my life
Giulia Souza
Wer ist wegen Ju hier?
Samuel #Gurke
Go to Julien Bam newest Video its the Same
Julien bam...
Ellie oJelly
The German Youtuber "Julien Bam" stole your Video. All these german guys who want to hate me Right now. Just watch the latest Video of "JF not Kennedey" You'll see. Ju isn't as perfect as you ever have thought! :)
Julien Bams Video is the same...
Angie Alvarenga
My causen said you are a dick sorry he said that you are not a dick O.K.
wer iz auch wegen jf da
Khrystyan Walters
That was one of the best videos I have ever watched
Wer ist auch da wegen JF Not Kennedy
Das Eichhörnchen
Wer ist wegen JF hier?
Wer kommt auch von JB oder JFnK? :D
Gökhan B
Julien Bam
Jean Pitarch
this is the life men :v
Julien Bam hat dein Video bisschen nachgemacht!!

PS: egal ob du mich verstehst oder nicht 😂er hat trotzdem dein Video bisschen geklaut!
Lasse Filmt
julien bam stoled your video
Fade • Skywars
Julien bam has stolen the daily routine from your video !!!!
Martin_X- Playz
Looser 🍎
Married me?⚘🌷
Sydney Anderson
Can you make a video with just the guitar riff? And then put it on repeat for 3hours
Sydney Anderson
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