Rudy Mancuso
Thank you all for the love. Hope you enjoy.
ilham fauzi
This is super genius
İsimsiz Kanal
Piano part was awesome
Aya Faour
Best video ever ...... Does any body agree
YouTube Girl09
Rudy is still single to this day...
Doris Luo
That video was amazing, I already subscribed to your channel and liked the video.
Mariah Foley
what race is Rudy
Charlie Morley
You don't brush you're teeth before bed ????
samantha arnaiz
can someone please tell me what was the song he was playing on the piano
Zohra PotterGirl
Omg I love this😂
Kimmie Persaud
love u Rudy plzzz reply me just one saying something
Kimmie Persaud
love u Rudy plzzz reply me just one saying something
Danny Lewis
What's the song at 00:38
Gabby Clark
So good
Amaya David20164 Amaya
and he found a kiss a girl xD aww
Amaya David20164 Amaya
OMG did she slap him in the movie theater that's sad
Apo leo
you know that you're brushing your teeth wrong!
Susana Martinez
I love the video
Sebastian Vettel
What a boring video
Mahmoud Alashqar
I have a boyfriend tamer and he kiss me know
slime craziness
innana actually kissed you at the end but hannah and the other one didn't
Alex Rider
Anyone know the piano patterns at 0.35
Sam Prrez
I love this video. The beat is legit 💖
Ariela Genao
A youtuber with actual talent. Love you rudy!!😆
pixie _ girl
Wow never know you had such a talented
FartBlunt 420
how the fuck did he get Mikaela Hoover to do this?! lucky bastard
Caro AC
alguien sabe si la parte del piano es de una canción? jijiji
Gaming w/ Isaac! Animations,Gaming and comedy!
Who is the lady in the end that broke up with rudy
singam suryaaa
Nice music man
Miranda Grijalva
Im crying
James Brouskos
Mikaela is soooo beautifuuuuul!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Izabella Iza30
I don't know why,but i love this video so much💓
Soldier A1
While I struggle just learning an instrument he is over here playing his pants zipper like a pro
Marcio Henriqur
0:38 music ????
gabe cruz
Is that Mila Kunis at the end?
Dominic Kerr
H. N
Joshua Thompson
looserrrrr xD
sandeep aggarwal
isaac morales
That girl finnneee
MF 8
I saw your older videos.
Maaaaaan how did you get in this shape.
You're not real.
Ace Ault
Rudy your a pretty good person but I don't watch you alote cause you cuss but I'm subbed
Alejandra Colon
Marry me I want to break up he's like what and she's like sorry and I'm like what the heck now he is going to get drunk
Ho Plato
i love the music at 2:33
dont click pls
This is the circle of views because i wanted to watch this over and over

It very good
Story of my life in 3 minutes 11 seconds.
Auston Bhagwan
I'm high!
And this is very cool mane,
Lena Hadi
0:38-0:45 splendid piano <3 do some more with it ;3
Bloo Evanss
What's the name of that girl? Please, somebody know it?
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