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One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to “get there”. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife.

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The Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Inkk Vibe
saw the movie, liked it, I think this afterlife with multiple realities, scenerios actually exists. And there are plenty of cases of people who remember past lives and languages they did not learn in this life, so why hasn't this phenomenon been established as fact?
Sophie Noor
The idea that people will kill themselves if an afterlife is proven to exist is absurd. A. The instinct for survival is too strong in people and B. Its equally scary if you know it exists but don't know where you will be going. I imagine the survival instinct will only amplify. Besides most people follow some kind of religion and all religions have some kind of hell in it or at least some kind of retribution system e.g. being born again as a rat or having to go through some terrifying bardos and trials before being purified.
Having said that, I love the location scenery in this movie with its island and large house and its kooky characters.
Terrance Quinn
Flat Earth truth is spreading. That is what that movie is about.
Angel Brock
this is actually a good ass movie..
Deivid CM2 ツ
Luis Luis
Very bas movie, so bored, I would not recommend you
why do people star commenting on atheism its just a film chill, or do we start talking about alien life when an alien movie comes out?
Acid trip movie IE fucking weird...
Cliff Lyles
Just finished watching this. Poor Segel, this sucks pretty hard. The music score in this trailer contains more action than the whole movie. Soooooo......frikkin.........sloooooooow. Forced myself to sit through it, expecting something to be interesting. And no payoff. None. Such a waste of time. Just a low budget spin on The 6th Sense.
dark lord
What is the name of the cello part in beginning of the video plz
Peeta Griffin
Marshall in a serious movie? No way.
So many people guessing as to what this is about- and being wrong! One thing to guess- that's fun. But don't assume that you actually got it right!!! Lol! No, not a sequel to OA. No, not offensive to atheists. No, nothing to do with curing overpopulation. No, the scientist didn't lie. Maybe you want to watch it? Maybe no. I found it fascinating and watched it twice. Also went to boarding school in the building where it was filmed so that was very fun for me to revisit and my first motive for watching it. But I was hooked within the first 30 seconds.
Dodo M
This came close to beeing a masterpiece.
Dhia Rzig
What is the Opera/Symphony used in this trailer?
Joy Gill
This movie solidifies something that I have thought of for a long time. I loved this movie.
syarifah hanyna
I actually enjoyed the hell out of this movie! quite provoking but very enjoyable and also beautiful movie
shaunna trapps
This movie was really good. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has a short attention span because it has a complicated plot. But still a great watch.
sky blue
Killing oneself doesn't solve anything, we are here for a reason. We will continue learning the same lessons even if we kill ourselves, and will probably choose to come back here no matter how hard our lives have been, because it would take a lot longer to learn those same lessons in a different dimension. We come to Earth exactly because it is so difficult here; the harder the life, the faster we learn. Everyone who chooses Earth is very brave, as this is one of the most difficult places to live in the entire universe.
Roxana S
best movie ever
IR MadCow
I thought it was good for what it was. It told a very interesting and thought provoking story, its not meant to provide you answers. There are no answers. After the movie is where you get to use the grey matter in your noggin to contemplate things bigger than you or me.
Watcccch TTThe Disccccovery online here =>
based on true events
Error Loading
This movie actually sucked. Netflix is a hit or miss when it comes to original programming.
abdulla foad
so what happens if you kill your self in afterlife?
Stratton Jacobsen
Was I the only one who thought the suicide number they picked in the movie was very low? 4million over two years...thats only slightly higher than the current actual suicide rate, no one would even notice if it actually went to 4million.
Aurora Lara
people, humans, are so fucking greedy it really disgusts me. The thing is, if something like that really was discovered, people probably would kill themselves in the millions, because we think we deserve more, or better, or happiness, we think we deserve good things, we're selfish and we want to claim everything for ourselves, it's so fucking annoying. We don't deserve any of that, we will probably just destroy it like we do with everything else in our reach.
Mariana Marinoni
Nobody? Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind + The Life Aquatic + OA (and maybe Shyamalan)
nisr medo
Watch TTheeee Discovery online here =>
Geoff Schmidt
Shit movie. Can't make it past 30 minutes. Why would everyone suddenly kill themselves with 'reported' proof that an afterlife of some sort exists? As if that's the only thing holding most of us back is whether or not we live on. Bullshit. Why would Aila bother to weigh herself down to drown herself - OR - when stopped, bother going with the guy who interrupted her instead of persisting in her mission? The weights are themselves a cry for help and that just doesn't fit the bullshit narrative of this film. Regardless whether she had some fantasy of just 'doing it this particular way' or not, her end goal would have been success, and she left way too much chance for failure.

Finally, so far as I could stomach this disaster of a film, and beleive me, I'm happy to suspend my beleif to a point, in a world where people freely commit suicide in the (fatal flaw) beleif that an afterlife merely exists - nevermind that noone knows exactly what that afterlife is - if you don't buy into the bullshit, is anyone going to stop you from beating the shit out of those who do?
Obada Albrmawi
the full movie on my channel to watch
Jon He
End of the series...
It's just a PRANK bro!
Mark van der Eb
Do not watch this trailer before the movie, spoilers everywhere!
Tamerlan Musayev
55. From the (earth) did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you out once again.
Dylan Kelsey
Put this thing 👹 and this things 👺 in a blender on high for 30 seconds, pour the contents in a cup and you'll have the demon from Insidious. . . . IM JUST SAYING
This trailer shouldn't be edited this way. It shows already some plot-twists and the overall deduction you have AT THE END of the movie.
man if jason segel does the right movies i know he can be the next chris pratt
Vicky Rizal Al Akbar
this film completely nothing without rooney mara.
ignore the trailer just watch it you can't explain how it's good with out spoiling it. I can say at the very least it's a interesting take on the topic of the afterlife and let's be honest no one knows what happens after we die so just watch it.
wayne stadtmiller
i just want to argue for the sake of arguing...
Okay so if slaves had knowledge of an afterlife, who would do all the work for the dictators. THAT'S RIGHT, THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.
Blue Playz
Really great mooovie. I found it here =>
Dave Mason
I prefer to call it a new plain of excistance. cool statemant.
Gursimran Singh
guys we found GAIL!!!!!
Patrick Caya
im an atheist and i think this movie looks really interesting. sorry not triggered
worth watching?
Thinking Out Loud
Atheists (generally) don't believe in this stuff because there's insufficient evidence. A story about an afterlife being PROVEN is right down an atheist's alley. Evidence-backed proof of an afterlife would make atheists overjoyed. It's religious people who would have a problem if this actually happened, because the details of the discovery would be bound to conflict with some dogma or another.
This was the plot to an episode of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs
Brandon Haughton
omg the first 4 minutes was hilarious lol
Gustavo R. Rojas B.
Just saw it... HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What a Great Film!
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