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One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to “get there”. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife.

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The Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

So is it good? Let me know so I don't waste time.
Imran hussain
Wow, something new. Its about a miserable peoples, all who wants to die
Is this movie scary? I generally can't watch scary movies or at least alone and I get sorta triggered and I noticed some scenes with a ghostlike woman walking. So I'm just wondering would you guys say it's scary?
Juri Luzi
Any comment realeted to the movie here??? 😑😑
Zubair Shafiq
This is the niсеist movie i evеer sее!!! I аааdvisе eеvеrуboоdy to watcccch it :)
Benjamin Uribe
I'm an atheist and I'm not triggered because it said the afterlife was scientifically proven it's not a religious nut saying heaven is real without proof. Other than that the movie looks. interesting
Van Iyke
No wonder Netflix is 20 billion dollars in debt.
This is a soft disclosure of the government actually found when they studied temporal traveling and time dilation. This information is being put in front of your face now. The time is now for the great unveiling of all tech and spirituality. Break free from the matrix my friends. Stay thirsty!!
Believe what you believe if it works for you. Believe that next is nothing. Believe in heaven. Whatever keeps you ok because no one might be right or everyone could be right. We don't know, but don't spend your life thinking about the end. Think about now. Think about how you could make life here and in the present better for yourself and others. Regardless, after the end we still live forever in the memory of those who knew us... and we all have a chance to make THAT life better
Heath McCullough
all these people talking about triggered atheists and I am just like holy crap thats marshall eriksen
erika robinson
Thought this was for the OA
Lovro Peruško
Yоou cаn't find this mоооviе with bеееettеer quаaаlity than heere =>
monkey magic 369
Can someone just comment on what the movie was like!
Michelle Wineijes
How many dumb ass religious nuts are going to watch this and view this as proof?
John Dow
Waste of an hour and forty-two minutes
as an atheist myself, i love stories about the afterlife, ghosts and other supernatural and/or spiritual phenomena, either for horror or dramatic and narrative effect. it provides some really good background for developing our life in the very real physical, mortal plane by abstracting it to a hypothetical afterlife or paranormal phenomena.
Anastasia Burlak
what a waste of my time, horrible movie .
Godd Twynn
That was the weirdest episode of "How I met Your Mother" I have ever seen.
Jam Rock
This is thе niсeist mоvie i еvееr sее!!! I advisеeeе еverybоdу tо wаtch it :)
amar douane
I watсhed The Discovery full mooооvie herе
James Bond
Someone tell me the ending
ImplosioN Gaming
Тhis mоviееeе is nоw ааааvаilаblе tо wаtсh hеrе =>
tarek zaie
could some one suggest some movies like this plz
Baka Iggy
Came here after the movie to see what people thought about the concept of afterlife and just found triggered ass religious comments.

Typical people, why do I even bother
akhil akki
Wаtсh The Disccccоverу оnlinе hеrе =>
If you're debating whether or not to see this movie, watch it. It's good and has nothing to do with religion idek what these comments are on about lmao
Тhе Disсоvеrу mоviе heеerее =>
trash movie
Fujino Oyuchi
Hellо уоutubеrs watсch Тhe Disсоvеry оonline hеrе =>
hate the characters. they feel like a crappy joel and clementine from spotless mind.
sellsword chick
I do so like Roomy Mara as an actress, so I'll endure the awful Redford for a great actress and perhaps decent plot. Redford. oh gag!
sellsword chick
If it weren't for Robert Redford who I cannot stand, I might watch it. ugh.
Alfred X EDEN
This movie is now aaaavailaable too watсh here =>
Gonna be fun when humanity finds out there is no death
Danial khan
Well, the creator has already told us that there is infinite afterlife. If you still don't believe in the words of your Lord, I don't know about who else can better explain than the creator itself.
Inkk Vibe
saw the movie, liked it, I think this afterlife with multiple realities, scenerios actually exists. And there are plenty of cases of people who remember past lives and languages they did not learn in this life, so why hasn't this phenomenon been established as fact?
Sophie Noor
The idea that people will kill themselves if an afterlife is proven to exist is absurd. A. The instinct for survival is too strong in people and B. Its equally scary if you know it exists but don't know where you will be going. I imagine the survival instinct will only amplify. Besides most people follow some kind of religion and all religions have some kind of hell in it or at least some kind of retribution system e.g. being born again as a rat or having to go through some terrifying bardos and trials before being purified.
Having said that, I love the location scenery in this movie with its island and large house and its kooky characters.
Terrance Quinn
Flat Earth truth is spreading. That is what that movie is about.
Angel Brock
this is actually a good ass movie..
Deivid CM2 ツ
Luis Luis
Very bas movie, so bored, I would not recommend you
why do people star commenting on atheism its just a film chill, or do we start talking about alien life when an alien movie comes out?
Acid trip movie IE fucking weird...
Cliff Lyles
Just finished watching this. Poor Segel, this sucks pretty hard. The music score in this trailer contains more action than the whole movie. Soooooo......frikkin.........sloooooooow. Forced myself to sit through it, expecting something to be interesting. And no payoff. None. Such a waste of time. Just a low budget spin on The 6th Sense.
dark lord
What is the name of the cello part in beginning of the video plz
Peeta Griffin
Marshall in a serious movie? No way.
So many people guessing as to what this is about- and being wrong! One thing to guess- that's fun. But don't assume that you actually got it right!!! Lol! No, not a sequel to OA. No, not offensive to atheists. No, nothing to do with curing overpopulation. No, the scientist didn't lie. Maybe you want to watch it? Maybe no. I found it fascinating and watched it twice. Also went to boarding school in the building where it was filmed so that was very fun for me to revisit and my first motive for watching it. But I was hooked within the first 30 seconds.
Dodo M
This came close to beeing a masterpiece.
Dhia Rzig
What is the Opera/Symphony used in this trailer?
Joy Gill
This movie solidifies something that I have thought of for a long time. I loved this movie.
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