Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Arriving in your galaxy December 15.

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Josh The Gamer
I am so excited for the last jedi
Pierre le Paspa
Guy's I'm so shocked !! After watching it 20 times, my brother made me realize that the ending sentence " end" is said by Luke !!!
Cobalt Blue
why do they keep animating ships almost crashing, then not crashing. it's so cartoon compared to the mostly realistic physics they used in the originals. that's the kind of stuff that bugs me, and they do a LOT of it in the newer movies, not just new Star Wars.
I have a bad feeling about this
Rey's parents are Snoke and Leia. You will see.
Beyefendi Ipek
it's going to best movie in the entire world
Hammer And Sickle
wego bego
midnight view
twist the plot, kylo ren is the last jedi
Gamer-ish [TMT]
That moment when you feel the force in you...

I nerd out when it comes to Star Wars...
Is the next word you say "no"?
Gyuri_ Torma
like aki magyar!!
trolololo trolololo
eikä joosea tälläkään vitun videolla
Triple awesome 1237
Did anyone else think that rock was another Death Star at the fist scene
Not sure how I feel about this dark side/light side balance stuff if that's where this is going. Even when they were referencing the 'light' in Force Awakens, it rubbed me the wrong way. No one ever talked about a 'light side' before, aside from expanded universe/fan fiction content (video games etc.).

The Sith WERE the imbalance, with their warped views on the force and its purpose. Vader fulfills the prophecy of restoring balance by redeeming himself and killing the Emperor. But now they gotta make more movies, and with Lucas gone he's already said that their direction doesn't match his original vision.
Hal Effect
Funny, there is no official grey Jedi Pledge here are a few I found: (In depth analysis also found below of the Jedi and Sith codes and what they mean, and what a "grey code" should contain. repost at will, or not.)

1 )
There is no Light, without Dark,
Through Passion, I gain focus,
through knowledge, I gain power
through serenity I gain strength
Through harmony, I gain victory
There is only the force

There is no dark side, nor a light
There is only the force
I will do what I must to keep the balance
There is no good without evil
but evil must not be allowed to flourish
There is passion, yet peace
There is serenity, yet emotion
Chaos, yet Order
I am the wielder of the flamer, protector of balance
I am the holder of the torch, lighter of the way
I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance
I am the guardian of balance,
I am a grey Jedi

There is no Light without the Dark
Nor Dark without the Light
Through Passion, bound in Patience,
There is Knowledge
Through Knowledge forged in strength
There is Power
Through Power entwined with Serenity
There is Harmony
Through Harmony unified by Chaos,
There is Balance
Through Balance, there is the Force
The Force shall set us free

There is Passion, yet Peace
There is Strength, yet Serenity
There Power, yet Harmony
There is Chaos, yet Order
In life there is Freedom
In death there is Purpose
I will do what I must to guard the balance
For the Force is all things and I am the Force.

Just for comparison's sake, here are the Sith and Jedi codes:
there is no emotion, there is peace
there is no ignorance, there is knowledge
there is no passion, there is serenity
there is no chaos, there is harmony
there is no death, there is the force

peace is a lie, there is only passion
through passion, i gain strength
through strength, i gain power
through power, i gain victory
through victory, my chains are broken
the force shall set me free

Analysis of Jedi:
Note the lack of any begining or end in the structure. what you find is a list of statements, bringing about a philosophy of what could be said to bring "extreme" rationalism. It may appear to be a philosophy of moderation by the incredibly rigid structure implies only conformity. There is also a distinct lack of a "person" here, "you" do not exist, only the ideal exists. It in essence outlines the dualism present in humanity, and refuses the passionate part of your "self", to the benefit of your conscious and rational mind. A philosophy much directed by many philosophers throughout the ages.

Analysis of Sith:
Now this is also a set of statements, much like the Jedi code, but there are major differences in the formulation. "Peace is a lie" is not only a refutation of a fact, but also an aggression upon the other philosophy. From the get-go this is a philosophy of aggression, and it can be felt. But instead of general blanket statements, there is a definite beginning and end. Passion>Strength>Power>etc... gives it a very linnear and directed structure. Unlike the Jedi code, it is not uniform, there are differences in structure and a very large emphasis on the self. Once again this ratifies the importance on your "self" that the Sith have.

Note: This dualism of human nature has always existed, emotion vs reason, French vs English gardens (example of this), etc...; the 19th century however brought a few other options to the table (I'm really not aware of Eastern Philosophies so don't crucify me if this has exists for like 10 000 years in China or something)

Now knowing this the Grey code needs to stride both, a balance of both good and evil, but structure, and diversity, ideals and self.

Seeing this, I would say my favourate is number 3. diversity in structure, statements but also logic, and in the end "us" which strides the line between "ideals" and "self" quite well I think. What about you guys?
daisy ridley has iconic unique trade mark HER SEXY WINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sverre einrem
i cant wait
Cele Brity
I am still flying
Braginan gamz
Cant wait for the film :D
star whores
FaZe FaZe
I know that leia will die cuz Carrie fisher died but who thinks that Luke will die, I personally think he'll die in Episode 9
I´m a male at the age of 48 and I grew up with the 3 original Star Wars movies, I saw all of them in the cinemas. Imagine seeing them in the 70s and 80s, it was nothing of the likes in which there have ever been seen before! I feel in love with the Universe the second I saw it. I´ve seen the 3 original ones countless of times. When I found out that George Lucas would make the 1,2 and 3 movie, I was extremely exited! So when I went to see Episode 1 in 1999 i had high hopes for it. Neat less to say I was disappointed. The magic had disappeared. I then saw it again on DVD, it was a little better without those high standards added to it, but not that much. And so when Episode 2 played in the cinemas, I didn´t have my high standards like last time. It was better than the 1st one, I wasn´t disapointed, but then again my standards wasn´t really that high. And finally Episode 3 came out and of course I saw it in the cinemas becouse I am a big Star Wars fan. It was OK, but then again my standards wasn´t that high just like with the last 2.

Then many years passed and the announcement of a new Star Wars film were made, and I heard that the original characters such as Luke, Han Solo and Princess Leia were in it, my interest awakened yet again. When I saw the trailers to it I was really hype and I could feel the same magic I did so many years ago. I really looked forward to seeing the old staff and movies again. I was so exited to see Luke Skywalker as the ´main´ character, he was supposed to bring the whole movie together. But then the film progressed and Rey got her Jedi powers. Even before the film ended she had mastered Mind Tricks, could pilot the Millenium Falcon, was better than Kylo Ren with a light sabor (just like a Jedi Master). She took a Light Saber from him, even though he could stop a laser beam in the air. So before the movie ended and as they were supposed to find Luke Skywalker I felt like there weren´t any need for him anymore, becouse Rey could do EVERYTHING!

- Sincerely an old Star Wars fan
Wonder Neo
The Rise of the Jedi
The Fall of the Jedi
The Rise of the Empire
The Spark of the Rebellion
Kade Green
Is this true?! Because if it is I am SO pumped for december.
Savion Ramsundar
Sith > Jedi
I am So beast
At 0:55 you can faintly here "the dark side"
DC legend
roses are red
violets are blue
if you love star wars
May the force be with you.
James Logan
The 23K dislikes are stormtroopers hitting the like button but missing.
Vincent othieno
me and my son watched Star Wars the force awakens so we can't wait for December to come for this movie and my son new that one day the Jedi would come to an end also Rey will be the last Jedi oh that's why this movie is called the last Jedi Rey is the last Jedi I knew that but I didn't look at it from that perspective can't wait 🤗
Kovi #Greener
Star wars copy!!!!
wildfire 99
So will they kill leia in this film or will they just use cgi for Star Wars 9
Kamden MC
When he said "It's time for the Jedi.. To end." It would've sounded much more badass if he said "It's time for the Jedi.. To fall."
Tony Stark
So excited
I'd fake everyone out about Rey losing her hand (to parallel the other movies). Stretching her wrist, and working her fingers throughout the movie. Then at the end nothing happens. (or she cuts off Ren's hand)
Hope this one will be better.
Star Wars is such a dead meme lmao, who still cares about this?! 😂😂
Nelly Lundström
Mose Tuali'i
'Light, darkness, the balance' man I thought she was going to say 'long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, before the fire nation attacked...' lol
Gorbag Quick-Blades
Plot Twist - Luke is actually Joker....
Иван Бакастов
Please, stop this madness!
Judsin Kollman
this trailer = very, very intense
Colleen McMaster
the scene when the rebels are racing towards the walkers and are dragging part of their (ships) in the dry sand reminds me of the scene from the force awakens when the rebels go to rescue Finn, Han and chewy and are flying right above the water making it spray everywhere.
Bassel Kabbani
1:31 Phasma is alive :D
Just here to drop my dislike.
Anthony Nero
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