Nick Bohannan
Are any of these shots gonna be in the final cut or is it gonna be like Rogue One ? I think thats an important question.
Tibs O
Jar Jar is at 1:16
1:42 that bit right there where the main theme plays very high in a very dark tone while the red logo fades in slowly, always gives me the chills. Ot actually terrifies me on how dark this movie might be and what will happen to our loved characters. I can't wait!!
Luke: (after being impaled by Kylo Ren) Rey.. Take the younglings and go. You don't have to fight anymore

Rey: (sobbing) No.. No!

Luke: (losing energy) Rey.. Don't be what the First Order made you.

Rey: (barely able to speak) Father...

Luke: (feels one with the force) So. So this is what it feels like...

Luke then vanishes from his robes
Issac Marquis
The new generation SW fan gives me cancer. This trailer is only 2 minutes long, and you people are already saying "it is the recycle of the empire strikes back"? LOL If you Just want star wars to be the kind of generic Hollywood blockbuster, then why don't you go back to watch your precious prequels? You may not like TFA, but old generation fans who deeply love Star Wars remembered how much damage the prequels have done to this beloved franchise, and TFA fixed them successfully. Yes, TFA have copied too much from A new hope, But it doesn't deny all the good aspects of this movie. I am pretty sure Disney wouldn't do the same to the last jedi again, because it's no longer necessary.
Vishal Manhas
I love star wars alll movies
Alan Wilson
Just when you think the trailers can't get any more insurmountable, any more completely gripping, Williams goes and does it. My flesh crawls when Luke says, "Breathe" the first time and we see the island. Those male voices in the choir, sweet jesus what legendary composing by Williams, legendary discipline by the singers.
JJ. Abrams ruined the series
Anyone else get goosebumps whenever the millennium falcon flies by?
Did anybody else hear "help me obi wan" ???
armando miguel chaves jimenez
igual al imperio contraataca solo que mala
Tony Jasmine
PLZ MAKE A NEW STAR WARS MMO...with global cooldowns a lot quicker on every class...and def and off abilities don't share global cooldowns...AND MAKE IT PVP FOCUSED MORE..with wpvp...and ADD YODA AND CHEWBACA race to the dam game...and add more classes to the game my if bioware would of done all this I would of stuck around and never left game...pst if any developers want to make a new star wars mmo...whisper me plz I have ton of ideas...hurry up plz lets get this game out like 5 years ago already...
Capitán América
"I only know one truth."
That is Adam Driver voice/ Kylo Ren.
Emviel X
I'm so sick of Star Wars
It's everywhere
I don't even care about the new movies anymore cuz they'll never stop
Peter Panda
Why does Rey need training if she is Mary Sue. Oh wait is she training Luke?
de drie hamsters
Luke is probably gonna die BC it says: the LAST jedi
Keith Cashin
Reach out and touch Force, your own, personal, Jedi.
Shaunwan Van Wyk
Why did Episode 4, 5 and 6 come before 1, 2 and 3?

Because in charge of planning, Yoda was.
Orkun Sevengil
There is too much darkness in this trailer.Nothing is visible.
i havent watched the 7th movie.
the way things are going im not gonna watch the 8th too.
Stein Polse
If Mark Hamill's Luke isnt going to be badass in this... well its gonna be a dissapointment
Shuriku 卍
Don't classify the lightsabers into ways of life, classify the people into the lightsabers.
Matthew Bay
Hmm... female jedi fighting oppressive "white male" sith with the help of black man...
My favorite movie franchise turned into another sjw propaganda
still a better love story than twilight
Tom Kar
May the force be with you... Always!!!!!
Cant wait for the Last Jedi !!!!!!
top 10 anime teaser
2 months and I still get goosebumps
Mohamed Ali
John Williams back at it again
Fusion Gamer




Sam Foster
I once thought of the title years ago when I was swinging around a toy light saber in the front yard. I never thought this would become the official title for this film...
viper team
Paul Miller
Bevor she sais the balence,i think we saw a hidden or old Jedi Tempel under the Earth,because After this scene we saw Rey touching the old Jedi Night thing,which is probably in the old jedi Tempel or in Lukes destroyed academy
Megan Sommerdorf
Love it soooo much can't wait to see it. I'm a really big Star Wars fan. 😍
Anthaleus Decriseus
Jesus Christ.

Williams is so important to the feeling and setting!!

I think only the guy who scored Jurassic Park could possibly replace him.
Luke Skywalker is gonna get killed in this movie, i just know it
When John Williams dies Star Wars dies along with him
nicklas jarnefall
Star Wars: the force awakens
Star Wars: the last jedi
Star Wars: we found another jedi
Faisal123 Arafat
Luke:I only know one truth
Me:What is it
Luke:It's time for the jedi to end
Arian 354
I can't wait another 10-15 years for the Prequels of Sequels (Episodes 10, 11 , 12).

If .......... TFA = ANH
Then..... Ep.10 = TPM
Ep.11 = AOTC
Ep.12 = ROTS

Episode 10
Young Ben Solo is sent by his Mother General Leia Organa to her brother Luke Skywalker who has started the new Jedi order and Ben is Luke's right hand. Ben doesn't build his own lightsaber but he takes his uncle's Blue Lightsaber, which was his father's before him but (so Grandfather to Ben), but Ben still doesn't know that Anakin/Vader is his Grandfather. Probably doesn't even heard of him. Also a new politician called snoke (an alien specie) is going to be the new senate.

Episode 11
Ben has grown up and he is a very powerful jedi. Luke has trained a lot of Jedi but his main padawan is Ben. General Leia Organa reveal to the republic that her father was Darth Vader cause of her political career, which was a secret that the only people that knew it so far was she, her husband and his best friend and her brother. Ben didn't know it until he heard his history and he soon wanted too finish what he started. The End of the Jedi.

Episode 12
The galaxy is facing a new danger which hasn't been famous yet which is called "First Order". Behind the goodness of the senator snoke, there's darkness inside him! He's an ancient Sith known as wise...or should I say, Darth Plagueis the Wise? Snoke knows that young Ben is related to him. The old "Chosen one" known as Anakin Skywalker is Snoke's creation. Even though he's made out from Midi - Chlorians, Snoke is his father. He doesn't reveal to Ben that he is his Grand-grandfather but he says to him that he is an old dark side user and that through him he can become very powerful. Ben agrees without telling Snoke why he really wants to become a Dark side user. Now Ben has been killed buy the new Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren turn some of Ben's classmates to the Dark Side. Then they do a team known as the "Knights of Ren". Sadly the rest Jedi are getting assassinated except from one, Luke. Sadly Luke has to face him in a fight where he wins but Kylo didn't get injured. Leia and Han are very sad and the Snoke is becoming the Supreme Leader of the "First Order". Luke is getting away, far away because he feels that it was his fault for all this madness. But before he leaves he tells to her sister, and his best friend Han that there is still hope for the Jedi, and hope for the Galaxy. He secretly had with a female Jedi a daughter called Rey. He left her on Jakku, a planet with bery bad people, to see if one day she finds him. If she do she would be a Big hope for the Galaxy. The he leaves hoping that one day, she and the mighty Recistance will crash the First order and the Dark Side for ever.

All of these theories are mine which are combined with theories like "Rey Skywalker", "Snoke=Plagueis", "Plagueis=Anakin's father" and "Ben's classmates= Knights of Ren". If these theories are going to be confirmed in the next two movies we could see in some years the Sequels's Prequel a story like this.
Star Wars Clips
I can't wait to watch it!!❤❤❤
Albert C.W. Chessa
I've never heard the Force theme being played so...mournfully :(
Nicolas Bellingham
It is so much bigger
inSe Play
Oh, no THE LAST JEDI. and there are Rey and Luke. So that means one of them will die. :<
Dogfights 12
soooo this is the last star wars movie
Chandler Andrews
I love fantasy movies!
Dynamite Gamer
Kristopher Banueloz
Guys if the Jedi end the dark side will finally win
It's time for the Sith to rise once more as it should have been.
Gracie Reece
When I first heard the ending, I got goosebumps so hard.
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