Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Arriving in your galaxy December 15.

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Who's here after seeing those dank new mag covers?
Lucidity March
OMG I can't wait!!!!! 😭😭😭
John Smith
f word you disney ruining locas arts franchise like that really not nice of u .....
MR Revenant
What a year for science fiction !
annoying gamer
when ah when ?!?!?!?
Sounak Biswas
anyone know epi ix name ? well I know Star Wars Episode IX : Shadow Of The Force
Looks lame just like force awakens.
William Roberts
What is the music in the background please
Han solo dies
Warrior Buddhist
I only know one truth, Batman's not really in this movie, he cameos once but he's not really there.
King Sora2XXX
Luke: Then the First Order will be defeated by Ewoks.

King Eazy E
Luke is going to take it hard when he finds out who dies
Blue Creek Gaming
I don't know about anyone else, but that looks like a group of walkers in the distance at 1:17.
Cookie Zombie
Cookie Zombie
Finn needs to be killed I don't like him at all not being racists
Sebastian Shu
Is this real I mean is there only one jedi left?
Richard Hirviniemi
He remaind too a little
StarWars Guy
when luke says its time for the jedi to end he
means he will end the jedi to get those power
Snježana Koprek
25 000 don't like last Luke's words.
Alex Mitscherlich
Der Film wird bestimmt richtig geil
Joseph Gainey
'i only know one truth the jedi must end' does anybody know what that means or why he said that i want to know why?
Clashgaming Clashgaming
Tuxedo Trooper
every time I watch this I get more chills then a rebel on hoth
cole hilton
its going to copy the empire strikes back
Roma Romana
So...Heres my prediction...about Rey
We all know that Luke is confirmed to be The Last Jedi
Now one might ask but what about Rey?wont she become a jedi?
I predict That When Luke says"Its time for the jedi to end" He means that another group of peacekeepers should be made
We know the jedi isnt the perfect group because they have commiteed some hanious deeds like the sith
An example of this Is how The Jedie(not sure if im spelling the old order correctly) Were formed to the Jedi
So yea thats my prediction
The Joker

Spoiler Alert

BB-8 Dies....
Mustafa Amin
Legend has it, whenever the logo is red, Vader burns somehow
AgentCJ 0930
If there are none jedi remaining who will stop the sith from taking over the galaxy?
Cole Williams
I just want to know who the hell Snoke is🙄
Luke is gonna make the galaxy great again.
This is my theory:

The next movie is called 'The LAST Jedi'. we know Luke is a Jedi and that Ray is now becoming a Jedi. If it's called The Last Jedi, It's making it pretty obvious that Luke is gonna die. Why else will it be called The Last Jedi? Is Ray gonna die. Most likely (100%) not gonna happen. So I think that since it's called the last Jedi, Luke will die.
Connor Bryant
These Star Wars teasers need to stop scaring me, The Force Awakens made me jump 7 feet in the air and The Last Jedi made me jump 8.
/b/ 28282
So that's it huh? We're some kinda Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi?
overall predictable
I don't remember my name
Star Wars: Revenge of the First Order as it Strikes Back
Justin Bleber
snoke is the father of darth vader
With all due respect and honesty, I most likely won't be watching it; for as long as I could possibly remember, I've almost ALWAYS been SO much more of a rather hardcore Star Trekker than I'll EVER be a Star Wars person. If I DO ever see it -- which I see as most unlikely -- I'll most likely take my maternal grandfather, who's ALWAYS been SO much more of the Star Wars enthusiast than I'll EVER be, to see it. And if I DON'T ever see it -- which I see as most likely -- I'll just pay my respects to it.
So is this the finale or?
Aiden Law
1. My friend said he hated star wars
2. My friend got ran over by a taxi
3. I lost my taxi license
Tarkin Did Nothing Wrong
1:16 are those podracers?
Candy Van Man
You guys wanna see a joke?

Read more
Am I the only one that actually loves Force Awakens? It gets way too much hate.
"Not canon the new Star Wars movies should be.
If written not by George Lucas are, never enlisted as canon must be." (With Yoda voice)
Like all these star wars comics that were not approved as canon by George Lucas, they are considered Legends. George Lucas had a vision for the story, this is not his vision, therefore this is not Star Wars, this is something else, at least it is not canon.
Either you like it or not, even if he sold everything to disney, he will always own Star Wars.
Natércia Matos
Benicio del Toro's voice!
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I've Been Trained In Your Jedi Arts
By Count Dooku
Nexus Hexus
Why no 21:9 aspect ratio? Black bars on top and bottom on my Predator x34. Sad.
pathlesshen8929 pathlesshen8920
every time the logo is red it means anakin or Vader is going to be burned REVENGE of the sith anakin burns in lava star wars return of the jedi Vader's body gets burned star wars the last jedi ???? maybe his helmet gets burned?
pathlesshen8929 pathlesshen8920
omg can't wait to see how they blow up this death Star!
Chris Cabral
the force is coming!
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