PewDiePie Comes Out As Gay On Twitter Then Changes His Mind

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The news initially came from fellow youtube channel  Drama Alert on a seemingly slow news day. Drama Alert AKA  Keem,  tweeted PewDiePie AKA Felix, asking for an interview seeing that nothing else seemed to be going on.  PewDiePie got wind of the situation and actually replied saying “next big story Ill make sure you’re first to break it”

That’s when a fan replied on the twitter thread saying “Pewdiepie is actually Jewish” and he then replied to that AGAIN, simply saying “im gay” 

Following that ALL OF THAT PewDiePie then took to his own  twitter to say QOUTE: “life hack: suck all the dicks” 

One user followed that by asking “how much money would it take for you to blow a guy until completion” 

PewDiePie REPLIED AGAIN SAYING: ‘the way yt ad rev is, not much’ 

If you happen to be living under a rock… A bunch of mainstream advertisers recently pulled their ads from YouTube after learning MANY ads were being placed before controversial content, giving companys a bad rep. YouTube is currently “reworking” how they place ad’s in hopes of winning advertisers back but at the moment – YouTubers are seeing up to 1/5 of their usual income. 

Back to the story-DRAMA ALERT THEN tweeted the thumbnail he of the video he was going to later post to YT of pewdiepie kissing another guy and PewDiePie replied YET AGAIN SAYING 
‘I wish I was gay because then yt would love me again’ 

AND FINALLY When reminded that YT recently restricted ‘gay’ content recently – he decided that he was indeed ‘straight again’ 

I personally love that he spends so much time reading and replying to people but besides that, if you can’t tell, it’s a joke… 

I do like that he can be so open about joking that he’s gay I fell that shows  in reality he’s not homophobic… BUT what do all of you think about this? Another one of his funny Jokes… OR TOO MUCH? Let’s chat in the comment section below, and make sure you’re subscribed to our channel.  I’m Ryland Adams - Thanks for watching – see you soon 

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He stated at the end of the video that it was a joke. This video is such a waste of time and so clickable. SMH
Zachary Degraide
this video is trash.
lmao you guys think pewdiepie would come out on tweeter?? u guys need to stop
Suicide - Topic
Pewdiepie Is Gray.
It's a joke
It's a joke
Salma Mostfa
I didn't understand a thing then is he GAY OR NOT
Wtf it's just pewds being pewds...
Jordan Davis
What's to much about this?
McKenzie Davis
U r kidding me right?
NinjaX SSB
How to not get a joke
Levi the llamacorn
Wtf is this shit
Rachel Henry
How is this news, gay jokes are the center of the internet
Rj The Raccoon
He jokes....

Frickin' grownups trying to change things around and ruin peoples lives.
Immie Hale
I like how he jokes about this stuff but doesn't make it homophobic
Annnnnnnnnd you can tell they ran out of news ideas.
TwentyOnePilots Trash
eliana kirwan
Do the media not understand the concept of sarcasm? How sad
Clever News: PewDiePie Comes Out As Gay On Twitter
WSJ: "Oh yes, another article to make!"
Claudiø Gønzález
I just saw this and I actually was going to be like "wtf he is being sarcastic" "wow shit content" etc but I just realize Ryland fucking Adams is telling this "story" :( Why?
Pooga Likestoslaythatpussy
It's pewdiepie what do you except
Amy Brooks
Faithful Poison
It's just pewds acting like pewds..😂😂
Izaya Orihara
The video started and I pressed on it because I know it was a joke so then I hear a familiar voice. I think then a couple miliseconds pass and I'm like 'IT'S SHANE'S BOYFRIEND RYLAND WHO IS SO ADORABLE'.
yung gore
probably was just kidding
Lol Pop
I'm actually crying,, simpletons think that he's serious
This was the most pointless video I have ever seen. come one clever news
Unicorn Queen that ryland?
Omg it is
Aesthetic Nerd
Ok this is kinda believable after he posted his k-pop reaction😹😹
Useless Jack
Isn't this guy Shane Dawson's Boyfriend?
Useless Jack
huh an equal like & dislike ratio.
Luna Serena
This guy fuckin hates pewdiepie and its so cringey 😂😂 pewds is a giant meme
Summer time
I started laughing after seeing this in my recommendations then freaked out because I saw Ryland.
MaryIsWickedAwesome !
It's Felix what else do you expect, he is sarcastic 99.9% of the time
Denniel Escoto
Well he came out as gay like a hundred times -_- Obviously every one is a joke
dayum son
How do you morons have over 3 million subscribers smh
yoongify ;
ya'll stupid as fuck. it's pewds
yoongify ;
are you fucking kidding me
wow that's gay
okay but am i the only one who reads "clevver news" with eridan's voice ?
Sabrina Draws
Um.... we all know that he's joking I mean it's pewdz
Joshua is Dun an angel bYE
do these people not know the meaning of the word joke I'm
guys, hes kidding
Eden Farar
jesus christ it's a joke
daniel lester, good suggestion
If youtube blocks gay content... why aren't Dan and Phil blocked
daniel lester, good suggestion
That was Shane Dawson's boyfriend???
Daniel Dream
omg of course pewds did that lol (omg if they responded to this comment i would die)
line eyes
i don't really think he was being serious..
Ruby Embers
I will never be over the fact that I heard someone read in a news reporting voice as if they were reporting politics a tweet that said "How munch money exactly would it take for you to blow a guy until completion"
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