Prince William Speaks of When He Found Out Diana Had Died

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Prince William reveals death of mum Princess Diana prompted him to speak out about mental health

Elvie Villardo
William and Harry are both a good sons of Princess Diana, and of course they will never forget their mommy...she will forever live in their heart and soul, Diana is a good mother...she give all she got to love, nurture them and take care of them. These boys will be forever love by the people around the world.
Audrey Pard
The only explanation is Charles is so daft in the head from inbreeding he wants to be with an old repulsive chain smoking alcoholic whore. Camilla is horrid, from her rotted teeth, gin soaked whiskers, riddled with former STD’s and mole poxed wrinkled skin together with obviously dropped breasts! She has nothing whatsoever to offer the world. What a tragic embarrassment Charles is by cavorting with the despicable Camilla. Depraved telephone calls are published where Charles states he wants to be her TAMPAX as he was too stupid to use a secure line. Then the legality of his ‘marriage’ is questionable as this was not undertaken by Anglican clergy as required under English law for members of the Royal family. The sooner these two wanton adulterous parasites are removed from the face of the earth the better!
esperanza sanchez
melanina trom
Korger Yu
They always looked happy with her.
Elizabeth Francis
thanks for sharing this - it has meant a great deal to me as I feel exactly as he does but had never, up to now, heard someone express it so succinctly thanks!
Olivia Ortiz
I could not even attempt to understand his anguish, seeing his mothers pic, videos, documentaries ECT.ECT; everywhere but not having her in person, must be the worst; specially seeing what a loving, caring mother she was with her children. Every look towards the boys is full of so much love, one could only long for that king of dedication from parents. but this has probably made them better persons due to THIER so great loss! God bless Diana's seed, hopefully they will, by the grace of GOD through Christ Jesus unite for ever more again. :)
Butnamphet Kaewkar
king perry cnough
John Iovine
he is not speaking there is music its annoying why write he is going to speak about if if he is not
lisa bradford
anyone who thinks the shock of losing a loved one shouldn't last that long hasn't experienced it personally. shock, pain, all of it lasts and changes your life in so many ways. kudos to William and harry for being open and honest about deaking with the death of their mother. by doing this, there's no telling how many people they will help.
Lara Snider
She is my hero, her ability to love her boys, all of you lit up around each other. Thank you for sharing her with us. I think that if you are allowed the privacy to talk to someone you can trust, might help. My heart shattered when I saw you and your brother behind the horse drawn carriage that held your Mum. I am so sorry you had to do that. Bless your happy family, and lovely wife. Shock, then the realization of trauma, is really hard. Yet, it is absolutely to be expected. Realizing something is hurting you, and those thoughts that don't go away are slapping you. If you can, be kind to yourself, just like you are with your little ones, and know, you are never alone, and are having an absolutely normal reaction to a horrifying abnormal situation.
Saima Patel
love you William may God bless you and your little family. ....your mother is very proud of your people and peace will come to you
Why do I HATE the word shocked? It's like the first word dumb people use to describe something. "I was shocked!"
Arabella S
Unfortunately, Charles is a worthless inbred idiot of a man, who’s repeatedly disgraced himself actually admitting to serial adultery on national television, talking to plants and even stating during a telephone call (that was broadcast worldwide!) that he wanted to be his wretched old old prostitutes Tampax! Clearly, Charles together with his wholly inappropriate meddling in Politics, has now demonstrated beyond doubt that he is totally unsuitable to follow his mother as Sovereign. Charles is an affront to his mother and grandmother, both of whom have been exemplary in their service to this country. Sadly, although Charles has been spending literally millions of taxpayers money on 'spin' to improve whore Camilla and his own obviously tarnished image this is an absolute total waste. The British public are simply not so easily fooled and whatever plastic surgery, clothes and jewellery he ‘dumps’ on the wretched transvestite looking Camilla trollop, the phrase "cannot make a silk purse of a sow's ear" comes to mind! In various foreign newspapers and British tabloids, it has been suggested that Charles now shows signs of early Alzheimer’s. He acts that way, giggling like a spastic schoolgirl on occasion. Naturally, presently royal staff keep this fact concealed, but the truth will eventually be exposed together with his orchestration of Princess Dianas murder
Diana was the most wondeful lady, Mother and now Grandmother taken from us all far to young and in a way that I have stong feeling about...... RIP Diana watch over your boys and grandchildren xxxxxx
Muriel Hamilton
SIR Jimmy Savile, royal party organizer, bff of Charles and received NINE honors and awards from 1972.
Nory Garcia
Can't read such small print 😕
Terry Lee
he needs closure. how come he doesnt talk to a psychotherapist n help move on? it is unhealthy to carry "shock" for so many yrs.
Mary Lawson
I don't know but believe Prince Charles married Diana for heirs. She had a hard time I think and the Queen didn't make life easy for her. Diana was such a giving and loving mother and person. So sad. Wish Diana could see the wonderful family of Prince William and Kate. And Harry such a goodlooking young man in his own right. I miss her too.
assault and battery
What an obvious pair of blood sucking scumbags. They MUST know, they MUST know, that their father and their grandfather had their mother killed, but, they go along with it, for the protocol ( and the money and lifestyle )
Margaret Spurlock
I have lost both my parents but it's my mother I miss the most and it's been over 30yrs ago you have a very special bond with your mother and Prince WILLIAM was 15 when she died I remember it all like it was yesterday so why shouldn't he
May Coats
A wonderful natural mum.her sons won't ever forget her.
Michael Hastie
Of course both boys loved Diana, what child doesn't? What surprises me is that both boys never said anything about the whore Camilla when it came public she was screwing their father (Williams father) behind their mothers back. If that had happened to me, I would have nothing to do with my father or the whore. But the again, they are royalty so they wouldn't want to rock the boat and lose their luxury life paid by us commoners. The royals will do and say anything to keep their FREE lifestyle. It really annoys me to see both boys laughing and joking with the whore as if she was part of their family. But like I said royals will do anything to keep their luxury status paid by the taxpayers.
KLM Hooked Moore
Losing your mother in childhood is something you carry with you for the rest if your life. It's an emptiness that never leaves you.
Keetii Heta
Prince William all you do is hold on to your mother in your "Heart" she will always be with you.
Toni S
This is why Kate is doing everything she can to honor and memorialize Princess Di. She realizes the deep love her husband has for his mom. And the fact that they were not allowed to grieve or speak of her after her death. He was not allowed to properly process it. Only to put it away. Now that those reins are loosened, he is allowed to publicly and properly grieve her. I feel for his struggle. Their love and bond was STRONG!!!Very visible in the way they looked at each other. Only to be woke from sleep to be told you will never see that look from her again. DEVASTATING!!!!😓
Can you please tell me about the music you chose for this video. I love it.
Geisa Brocklehurst
So sad what the princes had to go one deserve to go through something like this....very sad.
Geisa Brocklehurst
You need to talk to someone that you can confide all your emotions because to suppress will not help you but make you feel despair.
We all loved Diana - and we always will.
sina mumuta
no good time with out a loving mother,a hand to hold a shoulder to lean on ,a hands to hold,a smile if love ,feet of Charity
Emeline Sass
So sad for Diana's sons & it is true, you never get over it, but you can deal with it,
prince William and Harry don't let your heart be troubled, your exceptional beautiful mom eat he's over you daily!!!
Wynne White
Shock / Trauma .... once experienced does live in a cellar level and if possible ~ (& I do truely believe) we will find ways to integrate and release (meditation has helped me) !❤❤❤
A great campaign for Mental Health including response and awareness,, unfortunately, the high profiles behind this campaign will also drive the industry behind psychotropics that are more often than not prescribed alongside providers of Mental Health services .... I invite you to view the following documentary "Making A Killing"
Lulu 4U
Prince William your mother was loved dearly by most! So disheartening that she was murdered!
Alexandra Anita
U will never ever find women like diana in this earth she's very soft. The most soft women voice manner I've ever see. sweet and innocent back then.
Eileen Pollock
A friend whose mother died when she was a child told me 50 years later, "I never expected to be an orphan at the age of 12." She never got over it. So I have a clue about Prince William's feelings. You never get over the loss of a parent in childhood. Knowing her, she is permanently damaged with a sense of deprivation.
mandy dandy
So the press office says look you three you're living off the tax payer
three of you are unemployed, you had better come up with something good
to bullshit the English. Let's do mental health they will love us for
that & harry can give a sob story how he was depressed we can call
it mental illness
40,000 elderly mothers are allowed to die every year from cold because they can't afford heating
I believe Prince William and Harry are very honest about their feelings and this honesty is a sign of nobility. They do realise they hold positions of privilege and do not take for granted what duties they face in life. Her Majesty the Queen lost her father when she was a relatively young woman and was forced to take on so much which she did with enormous grace and humility. I believe the United Kingdom should be proud of their future King.
Catherine Murphy
I guess the poor guy's shocked as he most probably knows the real cause of her death.....................
Emily Cigliano
Well William and Harry were the most important thing in her life. Huge loss for children to lose their mother. At least William, Harry and Kate support one another but the boys heartstring will always be pulled when thinking of her. I am dealing with a death too and don't have much support. It's tough. Best wishes from California.
Shiela Visavadia
very sentimental ...grown up to become fine young men
wondering star
Its very sad when children lose their parents!
Paula Johnson
Very sad memories. Poor Diana leaned on young William much harder than she should have. Thankfully, he was strong and caring enough to deal with it.
joanne olsen
I still miss a Diana. I saw her and Charles at expo '86 twice. A great Mother and Princess
Vana Štambuk
princess Diana was so beautiful inside and outside william harry kate and kids too
Lisa Yohe
every time she looked in the direction of those boys, utter love spilled from her eyes
Valma Cardwell
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