Sammy Tc
Do a tag team with the big show and jhon cena on 1 team and on the other team roman rance randy oten on the other
He kinda looks like El generico
ash unknown
sami zayn is a assholw
Football Debuts
Who wants Sami zayn and Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins and dean ambrose
Kuba pro Fąs
Tag team sami zayn i kevin owens?
Mohammad Imtiaz
I'm calling it Sami is gonna dumb out of Kevin.
Malik Floyd
I'm guessing Sami Zayn must've liked Kevin as a friend.
Halil Ayik
When is chris jericho coming back? Really want to see him fight owens again.
Megga Tigga
That explanation was unexpected, I forgave just after.
Gandang Demonya
Sami Zayn sounds like CM Punk when he talks
Himai 88
josie ramirez
Gurvinder Singg
I like owens &sami's friendship.......
So sweet friendsssssss
Michael Ivey
Burn n hell Sami for low blow I hope randy Orton beats the hell out of u
Michael Ivey
U suck Sami Kevin will use u like he did Jericho best friends they were he turn on him to get what he wants
Italo José Zomer
This is a great storytelling, this is why I love Pro Wrestling.
ElectroGames 195
Anthony Okafor
kevin owens sucks i wish shane Mcmahon actually beat him
The amount of people that just simple do not care.
After all of that, there was about 8 people clapping...
Mary Casson
Sami is stopping looooowww
2:29 when brockli leasner wins the wwe title
Heath Slater 3:16
Sami should turn on Owens
Anandha Kannan.K
WWE title to Sami and US title to Kevin.
Julius Taylor
He reminds me of Seth Rogen! Lol!
Sonny Bill
Because theyre secretly Gay and have sword fights with each other at night ... 😒
Dietersen Petersen
i really start to like zayne
Aidrick Ordanel
I want sami zayn vs shane o mac
Aidrick Ordanel
I hate sami zayn
Tyler Heldmann
Shane always says smackdown is the land of opportunities Sami proves otherwise if it was the land of opportunities he would have been given chances Smackdown pooches talent and tries to compete with raw I dont blame Kevin for wanting to go back to raw
Ni Ello
I’m glad Sami zayn is a heel. Maybe he might finally win a title
TFIL Please tell me
Sami: I saved my brother cause it was the right thing to do

Sami 2017
Bet Sami Zayn turns on KO and kick starts their feud again
Kevin Breslin
New Jericho.
Devdhar Bhuarya
but i still says why sami why?
Sah Trickshots
Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens Renitute😄😊
Sohaib Jamil
WWE just sucks at writing good guys.
THE Special
#RESPECT for Sami
Black Thor 386
Sami Zayn about to catch these hands when Shane McMahon returns.
gabriel antonio mendez ortiz
Soy de España pero sami zain es un hijo,de su mai
carl johnson
the person that we are going to blame is shane i mean sami was right he's got a point there shane should have care and thanking sami for warn shane about kevin if he was none of this would have happened.
This is a path to make a great Tag Team champion
Zain Parvez
Raw has gone more better because the shield return🤜🏼👊🏼🤛🏼
Friendship is Magic! Smackdown just became The Kevin Owens Show Co-Starring Sami Zayn!
FF 1959
Shane knew Shield was going to reunite and their tickets is going to explode.
So he made another guy reunite.
El Generico and Kevin Steen have reunited, Jon Moxley and Tyler Black are Raw tag champs and Claudio Castagnoli is part of a team that is feuding with them, WWE's tag team division has become an ROH wet dream :D Love it!
what the hell samy
SMARK smark
Shane will problably beat sami sadly
My Tag Team in 2k is me, Sami Zayn and KO
bertha iiyambo
i heat him for doing it fk
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