5 Celebrities Who Rejected Bahubali Movie You Can't Belive!! |2017

Here THe LIst Of 5 Celebrities Who Rejected Bahubali Movie 

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Farhad Fhadii
hahaha its a Tamil movie i think... not an Indian so video maker sir... you really got sucked
gt usharani
but the fact of sridevi actually rejected
Arun richu
they all know about there role after watching this video......
Atul Chaudhary
fake fake fake fake....
sumit mukherjee
thank god they rejected or else... the movie... would go super flop
mukesh soni
in stars k reject k karan hi bahoobli movie hit hui :p coz anuska,prbhash,ramaya,in stars k liye hi ye role fit the
Masti Matargasti
ऐसी कोई बात नहीं है ये गलत दिखा रहें है
abhi nav
actually the role is for prabas himself
1)he gave years for film
2)prabas and mouli decided to work together b4 itself, as there are close frnds
Vrinda Ch
Um.... this is a Tollywood movie. So don't just go j putting your choices as the actors who rejected the role. What bullshit!
Hrithik Roshan is very bad actor Prabhas good he deserves the picture
Arnav Mane
This is all fake
Nikesh Grg
they didn't get chance..wht rubbish
Personal Viewing
Do you do research or write the crap u shit our everyday. Irresponsible, uneducated content writer. At least spell check.
I'm glad to hear tht they reject
Krishna Roy
Good that these asshole rejected this movie because the present cast played the role in bahubali -1 & -2 suited us a lot and i think this is the best cast ever in indian cinema cant wait to see mahabharat by rajamouli
Abhi Abhishek
Ramya Krishna instead Sridevi is the only real in this video........!!!!!!
This is all utter rubbish
Learn Something New
aisa kuch nhi tha
Ravi Isukala
Modhumpally Meenu
Hritik roshan is good for hijra role..john abraham prabhas rana look manly than him.
Jyotish Ramachandran
fake news... only Sridevi got an offer and she rejected. thanks to her that the movie got a great actor like Ramya Krishnan in the role of rajmata shivagami. The only person in your dreamlist who could have even remotely challenged the acting power of the original caste would have been Nayanthara in the role of devasena. Anyway there too Anushka did her role very well.
senthilraja anG
It's fake
Mehbub Hossain
all did very good tnk god big celebs rejected
vivek roy
Prabhas only suits the king role .......wtf fake news
jerry puri
Fake 👋
Completely fake
risu riswan
Arnav Dixit
how can this happen they all know how to speak tamil?
Subrat Nayak
jhutha kanhike
Cynthia Seecharan
most of this is untrue..........Prabhas was always Baahubali.....
well deserved r the current cast who kept the role above money, tym and all language barriers. finally,,, the role of bahubali was only designed keeping in mind the face of prabhas
Santhosh G
Absolute nonsense......useless comparison
it's good that all mentions have rejected the offered roles or else film would have been disaster.... as bahubali's each and every character have done perfect justice beyond expectations ... thanks for a masterpiece Rajamouli sir.... Hit like if you all agree
Abid Ayat
it is very good that they were not
Pro Gamer
Lmfao its a telugu movie and bollywood actors even csnt speak it shts
Ugyen Phuntsho
this not for north actor. move itself from south so all should be from south you stupid
venky venkat
if the 5 Celebrities Who Rejected bahubali but they selected in bahubali they the movies wil athar flap
thank God they didn't select the dumb actors and actresses
Zubair Wani
holy shit bollywood actors are not worth bahubali movie they are such a waste
Akula Raviprakash
who said you about that you jerks
are you willing to steal the credit you bastard
Pramod Patil
even though it is true then thank god they rejected the roles
Pramod Jaiswal
prbhas ke alava ye role kisi pe nahi suit karta salooo
Pramod Jaiswal
prbhas ke alava ye role kisi pe nahi suit karta salooo
Pramod Jaiswal
prbhas ke alava ye role kisi pe nahi suit karta salooo
Shridhar Deshpande
chutya channel. fake video
Indraneel Joshi
full fake. Anushka was first choice. And Tamannah was roped one yr after movie shooting by Rajamouli
Gaurav Singh
sonam ko reject kr ke achha kiya
Clash Clans
Shankar Karthikeyan
yes bro rajamouli asks hrithik first
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