Isabella Clark
I love u so much Logan!
Rainbow six Seiger
you got that on my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( ' ○ •○ ' ) yeah
SML Parodys
Where the flip do you get those
falah Zayn
Music at the beginning of history Xu name it
Glenda Balch
Shut up
shay ray
Just came for frank
Danny 1223
Looks like shit
Sun Car
When logan said "El Diablo😂😂😂
Nevaeh Aleman
Oh my gosh your hair is not the best
lol his dog wanna be a pornstar
Aishani S
This was on my birthday
alicia Lang
I love you
How the heck did a steam review bring me here?
Curly Berli
Remember the time when Logan didn't wear his own merch everyday.
Kevin Alba
Where is Ayla
Very frugal.
Best Compilations TV
Lyrics to Logans Outta My Hair music video is available on my channel now ??
Emma Noye
I know this is really late and the vlog's been out for a while but, why didn't you show Maverick HIMSELf!?!
Logan said I'm the lps that stands for littlest pet shop
Mustafa Sulub
hey logan paul if you see this shout out to me logan and i love you my name is mustafa sulub i like kong da savage and maverick and even new dog logan you are a savage and to me you are the best youtuper in the wold i like you more then jake you brother love you logan and the cool bus is amazing help me help you song was the best song the i ever leaned in 5 mines love you and love your family
Mustafa Sulub
i every time when i am mad i like to go to YouTube then which logan paul and jake paul video that makes me happy
Mustafa Sulub
i like Jake Paul but he don't make is video like Logan Paul is a great YouTube and i like to see both of them in my dream i see logan paul and jake paul right next to
Mustafa Sulub
i want to meet logan paul
Mustafa Sulub
logan paul is my best youtuper
maverick for live
Hey. Guys im a big fan of logang and if i can get 100 subs it will mean a look for my life pls sub
my son thinks Logan should make hoodies for young children
omg I wish I could afford that but I cant anyway keep up the good work be savage not average I've subbed and dinged the bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Logang and Evan YEA YEET
Jordan Griffin
Ok so I'm a "sucker for quotes" and the minute he said that quote I got overly excited because I screenshot quotes and make them my lock screens and I love that quote I read it everyday. (Just felt like sharing that info.)✌👅
not wes
Stop bragging about your money
Rocha Adriano
Hey Logan give me a favor and put Franke on yours vlogs every-fuckin-day that guy is hilarious!! X'D please?
Yeti Hamster Studios
Evan actually does make your vlogs a lot better :)
фрейд тв
есть Русские?)
Ashley V
He filmed this on my bdayyy
Allan Bradley
I know what your room looks like in your dad/Greg house u have a bed with cars all over it with a bunch of things that u won like in 🏈
King Rillyza
Logan paul is the best YouTuber ever he inspires people to pave they’re own path
Weareohsyesweare AJ
You look better with the mop...
Emma The gamer
HOW MUCH!!!!!!!
I don't know if I should subscribe or not..
memes are life
click for prizes
Teen Warhead27
Did you ever make a MAVERICK pillow
HaCkS AnD LiFeHaCkEr
Kevin Hermida Araujo
We like evan
asking why kong is more popluar than me
Alyssa Hernandez
It's funny how I honestly don't like Evan😂 he annoys me soo much (no hate, I'm just stating my opinion)
Dustin Nguyen
The Penomenal One
IT looked as if kong was humping the stuff animal
maria nava
Every like saves Evan
Imogen 12057
Evan: ‘You from the 80’s’
Logan: ‘No I’m from Ohio’
Imogen 12057
Mop genetics 😂
Laurenz Caesar
How to wake up ''watch your dog get horny"
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